Ylisandroth & Quafong appeared during Season Three.


-Human Guise: Sandra Roth Shipman
-Monster Category: Demon
-Key Relationships: Exerted mind control over Brad Caulfield and his friends. She briefly befriended Buffy Summers.
-Unique Attributes: Has six-eyes
-Most Monstrous Moment: Attempted to sacrifice Willow, Xander, Oz, Brad Caulfield and his friends to achieve her feeding ritual.
-First Appearance (Comics): Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12: "A Nice Girl Like You" (Aug 18, 1999)
-Current Status: Deceased

-Name: Quafongg [pictured below]
-Monster Category: Demon
-Key Relationships: Formed a bond with Brad Caulfield after Ylisandroth
-Unique Attributes: Can bestow his physical appearance and powers onto his acolytes
-Most Monstrous Moment: Forced Brad to kill his friends in exchange for granting his wishes
-First Appearance (Comics): Buffy the Vampire Slayer #16: "Food Chain " (Jan 05, 2000)
-Current Status: Unknown


Quafong    Ylisandroth is a the lower being of the demon world. In order to survive on this plane, she must obtain energies from others. She uses the black arts to surround herself with admirers and feeds off of them. Ylisandroth approached a Sunnydale student, Brad Caulfield, who was willing to do anything to prevent his sickmother from dying. With magicks and Caulfield's weak breakable mind, Ylisandroth posed as Caulfield's girlfriend Sandy Shipman, and gathered his friends for her necessary feeding ritual.

    While posing as a human, Ylisandroth followed Caulfield through the day, taking up classes at Sunnydale High, where she befriended Buffy Summers. Not being able to understand why Sandy would hang around a jerk like Caulfield, Buffy thought that Caulfield was using magics to control her after she overheard him talking about wicca candles. Crashing his party that night, Buffy discovered that it was Sandy who was using magic.

    Severing Ylisandroth's ritual link with her intended sacrifices, Buffy watched in horror as Caulfield and the others fell into a comatose state, while Ylisandroth fled the scene. Calling the Scoobies to fix Caulfield and the others' condition, Buffy went demon-hunting. Receiving a call from Giles, Buffy found out that Ylisandroth couldn't survive on this plane without the energies that she needed from her sacrifices. There wasn't enough time for her to start the ritual over again, which meant she'd have to go back for her sacrifices. Buffy raced back to Ylisandroth's house, but arrived too late, as Ylisandroth had already resumed the ritual, and had captured her friends as extra 'fodder'. Unable break the circuit or remove her friends from the pentagon circle without getting them killed, Buffy removed the fan blade from the ceiling and 86'd Ylisandroth.

    Not learning his lesson from dealing with demons, Brad Caulfield raised another demon in her place, turning to Quafongg to save his mother's life. To do so, the demon demanded that Brad kill his friends involved in the ritual of Ylisandroth to keep the scales balanced. Quafongg conferred upon his new worshipper the power to take on the form of a horrific beast. Quafongg promised to fulfill Brad's wishes, but he was really conning Brad and was instead preparing Brad's body for inhabitation himself. After Brad killed two of his friends, Buffy intervened and severed the link between Quafongg and Brad by destroying Quafongg ritual pentagram, which denied his existence in this reality. Brad turned himself in, but even in jail he was haunted by other demons with false promises. Brad was later released from an insanity plea, but was killed shortly afterwards in a demon bar brawl.











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