Adam appeared after Season Six.


-Name: Adam
-Monster Category: The Walking Dead
-Key Relationships: Adam was created by Maggie Walsh, he later became the leader of the Scourge
-Unique Attributes: Adam was a unique creation, patched together by Maggie Walsh out of various parts of man, demon and machine. He was powered by a uranium battery core. In death, Adam became an electromagnetic force of nature, thus becoming industructable.
-Most Monstrous Moment: Oversaw the murder of countless innocents, harvesting their souls into a highly addictive drug.
-First Appearance (Comics - human): Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Haunted #3 (of 4) (Feb 20, 2002)
-Other Appearances (Comics): Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Haunted #4 (as a human), Buffy the Vampire Slayer #49-50: "Note from the Underground" (first appearance as Adam), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (cameo)
-Current Status: Shut down


   Adam was originally a soldier for the Initiative, a federal government operation set up to capture and study supernatural beings, aka Hostile Sub-Terrestrials in order to find ways to neutralize the threat they represent. When their operation was under attack by a one of the lab monsters, possessed by the ghost of the late Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Adam was seriously maimed -- losing his left arm and a large chunk from the left side of his face. With the help of the latest technology, the program's director, Maggie Walsh was able to preserve him until body parts could be located to rebuild Adam. However Maggie had a second agenda. She was working in room 314 to create the perfect soldier for the Initiative. Opening his eyes once again, Adam immediately became a renegade, killing Maggie as his first action, feeling his purpose was to extinguish all life on earth. Taking over the Initiative, Adam planned to make an army of super soldiers and overrun the world, had it not been to interference from the Slayer. Her own powers were not enough to stop him, but after performing a spell that merged the life energy of her allies, Giles, Willow and Xander with her own, Buffy was able to defeat and kill Adam, by removing his uranium battery power center.

    Though he had no corporal form, Adam was far from gone. Storing his memory in the computers of the abandoned laboratories of the Initiative, Adam slowly was able to rebuild himself, this time an upgraded and modified program of his former self. Transcending the boundaries of living flesh, Adam was now a ghost in the machine -- an electromagnetic force of nature. Indestructible. Needing muscle to carry out his new plan, Adam approached the demon fascist group, the Scourge and became their leader. Adam led the Scourge to Sunnydale and had them round up the humans in a concetration camp located in the abandoned Initiative headquarters. Having the Scourge build a pipeline within the laboratories, Adam had the human hostages incinerated, and extracted their pain, misery, loss -- all the good emotions -- and harvested it into a powerful narcotic called soul drops. Selling the drops on the black market, Adam's plan would allow him to watch from afar as mankind became corrupted from the drug and conquer itself.

    Needing a diversion to distract the Slayer from interfering, as well a power source to generate his program, Adam had the Scourge throw a beaten and exhausted Buffy into an arena filled with demons that wanted a piece of her. Adam counted on the countless fighting to cause Buffy to lose control and surrender herself to her anger, but an intervention in her dreams allowed Buffy to become clear-headed again and stop Adam's plan. Buffy managed to escape the demon arena and headed to the Pipeline where she drained the harvesting pit of soul drop energy. Figuring out that Adam was using the gladiatorial fights to power the Initiative generators, as well as his own program, she managed to talk the demons out of fighting by convincing them that they were being manipulated by Adam and the Scourge. Chances for Adam's program to reboot are slim as Buffy had the Initiative caves filled in with cement.


As a computer program, Adam was able to control all the Initiative laboratories from his main database.

He needed an energy source to run his program, relying on the energy emitted from violence.











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