Alexa Landry appeared during Season Four.


-Name: Alexa Landry
-Monster Category: Human Monster
-Key Relationships: Alexa is the sole survivor of the Landry heritage, she was employed by the Council as a demon hunter, she had a brief romantic relationship with Rupert Giles.
-Unique Attributes: With the various magical weapons given to her by the Council, she was more than evenly matched to go up against a variety of demons, vampires or even Vampire Slayers.
-Most Monstrous Moment: Put Cordelia Chase, Wesely Wyndham-Pryce and Quentin Travers in the hospital.
-First Appearance (Comics): Angel #15: "Past Lives" (Jan 17, 2001)
-Other Appearances (Comics): Buffy the Vampire Slayer #29: "Past Lives", Angel #16: "Past Lives", Buffy the Vampire Slayer #30: "Past Lives"
-Current Status: Sent to England for the Watcher's Council to decide her punishment.


    Alexa was one of the finest operatives the Council ever had. The Council of Watchers made her into their ultimate operative. They gave her access to every magical weapon in their possession. Given access to a unique arsenal of tools for the job, Alexa Landry was never a Slayer, instead a particularly talented Council operative. For a brief period, when she first became a field operative for the Council, Alexa became involved with Rupert Giles, years before he became Buffy's Watcher. Giles broke it off when it became clear to him that she enjoyed the visceral aspect of her duties a bit more than was healthy or proper.

    Alexa's ancestor, Sir Andrew Landry, was a fearless vampire hunter who's quest was halted when he crossed paths with the vampire Angelus. During their first encounter, Angelus found Landry's arrogance to be too much, and decided to teach him a lesson by murdering all of his friends and family save for his infant son. The stress and heartache of losing everyone near and dear to him caused Landry to wind up in a mental institution, where Angelus paid him a visit to reveal that his plan would result in his son living the rest of his life in misery, with his father in an asylum and his mother dead.

    Alexa manipulated the Council to achieve the position of field operative, so that she could get the chance to gain revenge against Angelus for sins past. Angelus was now Angel, the vampire with a soul battling for redemption by helping those in need. Alexa hunted down demons in L.A. where Angel lived, and informed teh surviviors that Angel had sent her. This resulted in hordes of demons hunting down Angel, leaving carnage and bloodshed in their wake. With Angel fending off demons left and right, he was unable to protect his human friends, Wesley and Cordelia from a brutal visit from Alexa. Sending Angel's people to the hospital and sending Angel into seclusion, Alexa's revenge plot attracted the attention of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel's former flame as well as the head of the Council, Quentin Travers.

    Alexa's arsenal of magic artifacts allowed her to take on the combined might of Buffy, Angel and their friends. Alexa nearly came out victorious, paralyzing Angel with an Izmir dagger. Before Alexa could dust him, her weapons and supplies were stripped away by Buffy's magically inclined friends Willow and Tara. Relentless to the end, Alexa continued to fight barehanded and was finally taken down by Buffy herself and left in the hands of the Council for decided punishment.


Though human, her arsenal of magical weapons allowed her to be evenly matched against supernaturallly powered beings.

Stripped of her weapons, Alexa' cockiness proved to be downfall just as it did her ancestor.











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