Dracula appeared after Season Seven + during Season Eight.


-Name: Count Vlad Dracula
-Monster Category: Vampire
-Key Relationships: Brief relationship with Drusilla and Darla, Xander Harris (manservant), Harpies, Client of Wolfram & Hart
-Unique Attributes: Unlike other vampires, he could take the form of a bat, wolf, fog, swarm of bees, night panther or an old man.
-Most Monstrous Moment: Attempted to snap Winifred Burke's neck.
-First Appearance (Comics): Tales of the Vampires #3: "Antique" (Jul 25, 2004)
-Other Appearances (Comics): Spike vs. Dracula #1-5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight: "Wolves at the Gate"
-Current Status: Agreeing to release Xander from his trance, Dracula was left alone once more with his mansion, harpies and shipping company.


    When a tribe of gypsies inflicted a terrible curse upon the vampire Angelus, his vampire family, Spike, Drusilla and Darla brought vengeance to the tribe and slaughtered them. However, the gypsy clan had a dark and powerful supporter in Count Dracula, who was outraged over the slaughter of the gypsies and sought revenge against the vampires. Upon confrontation, Dracula began a rivalry with Spike that lasted for over a century, after he cavalierly tossed a signed first edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula intro a fire, which had cost Spike eleven quid.

    In 2003, Dracula came to the L.A. Wolfram & Hart branch to handle the matter of losing his estate to the destruction of Sunnydale, and was astounded to find himself face to face with a non-corporeal Spike and Angelus (now Angel) who was the CEO of the branch. Spike found himself pleased about his ghostly state if it meant he could spend his time following Dracula around and tormenting him endlessly, so Dracula decided to put an end to their feud by paying Spike the eleven quid that he owed. Dracula managed however to get the last laugh since Spike couldn't pick up the money because he was a ghost.

    Leaving Los Angeles, Dracula returned to his native continent Europe, where he kidnapped Buffy the Vampire Slayer's best friend Xander. Having lived a long time all alone, Dracula felt rather depressed and sought to alleviate his grief by having some company around. Placing Xander under a trance to be his faithful manservant, Dracula knew Buffy would come to rescue her friend and eagerly awaited her arrival. Along with two 'Scythe Activated' Slayers, Buffy duked it out with the 'Prince of Darkness', as the other Slayers tried to rescue Xander. While fighting Buffy, Dracula lamented how he had become a joke and warned Buffy that she too would become antiquated one day. Buffy simply ridiculed Dracula for his "mid-life crisis". He eventually agreed to release his "manservant" from his trance, but not before bidding him an emotional goodbye and genuinely thanking Xander for the time they spend together.

   Later, a band of vampires possessing abilities similar to Dracula's executed a raid on the Slayer headquarters in Scotland, successfully stealing Buffy's Scythe. With no other leads, Xander was dispatched to seek Dracula's aid, where Dracula revealed that, while intoxicated, he had lost his powers in a bet with a Japanese vampire, wagered against a Kawasaki 21000 motorcycle. Outraged with both himself and his opponent, Dracula agreed to assist in the assault on Tokyo, dispite his disgust with Buffy Summers and her "army." Upon arriving in Scotland, Dracula aided Willow Rosenberg in preparing a spell to counter the magical plans of Toru, leader of the Japanese vampires. Toru sought to undo Willow's spell from years before, and remove the powers of the Slayer from the masses of girls that now composed Buffy's army. Dracula fought in the battle at Tokyo, killing many of Toru's underlings, and providing a magical sword that was able to counter Toru's spell and remove the mystical powers that the vampires possessed. It is unclear if Dracula regained his power after the battle. He soon returned by boat to his home.


Dracula has the usual powers and weaknesses of a vampire, in addition to the ability to transform into any night animal of his choosing or fog. He also has facility to hypnosis, and can survive a stake through the heart.

He also has some of the vulnerabilities of a Buffyverse vampire: direct sunlight will cause combustion that will eventually kill him if he stays out in the sun's rays for more than a few seconds. In addition, certain objects of religious significance to Christians -- specifically Bibles, crucifixes, and holy water -- can burn his flesh.











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