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NEWS POSTED August 30, 2007

Brian K. Vaughan's Faith in No Future For You Buffy Season 8 News
TV Guide released a mini interview with Brian K. Vaughan, where he talks about his next-week debut on Buffy Season Eight and also reveals one page from the upcoming issue.

Scott Allie speaks to Slayerlit about working on Buffy Season Eight Here.

Angel After the Fall by David Messina GrahamCrackers.comAngel: After the Fall #1 Variant Cover
To the left is David Messina's variant cover to Angel After the Fall #1. Click Here to view the image larger.

Brian Lynch is opening up the floor to questions about his upcoming gig on Angel: After the Fall at his Myspace page, which can be found Here.

NEWS POSTED August 26, 2007

Angel After the FallAngel: After the Fall #1 Franco Urru Variant Cover
Brian Lynch revealed Franco Urro's variant cover to Angel: After the Fall #1 on his MySpace blog. Click Here to view the image full size. Lynch also revealed a line of dialogue from the first issue, "It's not work when you love what you do."

It's been announced that Angel: After the Fall #1 will be available November 28 2007.

Brian Lynch has posted on his blog a podcast podcast about 'After the Fall' and more.

Brian K. Vaughan/Buffy Season Eight News
Brian K. Vaughan discusses Faith and his upcoming Buffy arc with Newsarama. Dark Horse has a 6-page preview of the first part of 'No Future For You' Here available September 5th.

Paul Lee's Buffy 'The Chain' Issue 5 inks are on sale Here. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 3 was released last week, a week earlier than the announced in-store date.

Astonishing X-Men #22Astonishing X-Men #22 Available Now
Comic Book Resources has a 6-page preview for the issue. The issue came out August 22nd.

The issue by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday has been reviewed by Comics Nexus. IGN.com has also released a review for the issue.

NEWS POSTED August 21, 2007

Buffy Variant Cover #8Buffy Season Eight #8 Georges Jeanty Alternate Cover Revealed
Click Here to view the variant cover for Buffy #8.

Diamond released their monthly Direct Market Sales Charts and Market Share report Friday, this month for titles that went on sale in July 2007, in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5 clocked in at the 12 spot.

FaithSneak Peak: Jo Chen's Buffy Cover
The Buffy Zone has a Faith desktop wallpaper available for download painted by Jo Chen based on the upcoming cover for issue #9. Click Here to view.

Solicitation for Buffy Omnibus Volume 3
Omnibus 3The third volume of our Buffy omnibus series follows the gang through harrowing trials and tribulations--slaying vampires, going to high school, and young love. Angel has lost his soul and found it again, Xander and Cordelia kiss and make up, and Willow and Oz confront his inner beast. With so much romance in the air it seems only natural that we would catch up with Spike and Dru in the short story "Who Made Who". We meet the twisted duo in Brazil following a brutal break-up involving Dru's sire and former love interest, Angelus. Available January 08 2008. Click Here to view Brian Horton's cover.

NEWS POSTED August 15, 2007

Spike: Shadow Puppets #3 Available Now
To the left is the Retailer Incentive Franco Urru cover for Spike: Shadow Puppets #3.

IDW Publishing announced that Angel: The Curse TPB, Angel: Old Friends TPB, Spike TPB, Spike Vs. Dracula TPB will all be receiving second printings in November 2007.

Buffy #8Buffy Season Eight #8 Solicitation
Faith hits the ground running after she infiltrates the estate of a rogue Slayer, that is until Buffy pops in and is confronted by her longtime nemesis. Certainly, chaos ensues. A smash hit, Season Eight continues to enthrall readers with writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man; Pride of Baghdad; Lost), artist Georges Jeanty (The American Way) and Buffy creator and Executive Producer Joss Whedon all at the helm. Available November 07 2007. Click Here for Jo Chen's cover.

Buffy: The Long Way Home Reprints
Dark Horse has sent the first arc of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight back to the presses; a fourth printing for #1, a third printing for #2, and a second printing for #3 and #4. #1, 3 and 4 feature full bleed covers, while #2 encompasses a frame around the edges. Click on the thumbnails below for full size views.

Buffy #1 Fourth PrintingBuffy #1 Fourth Printing Buffy #1 Fourth Printing Buffy #1 Fourth Printing

NEWS POSTED August 13, 2007

Solicitation for Angel: After the Fall #1
Angel After the Fall #1 Photo COverThe official continuation of the Angel series! When last we saw Angel and company, they were charging into battle against Wolfram and Hart's Senior Partners and facing down endless demons in a dark and rainy alleyway... Now, IDW Publishing presents the story of Angel: After the Fall, as presented by Angel co-creator Joss Whedon, with a creative team hand-picked by Whedon himself, the Spike: Shadow Puppets team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru... Picking up where Season Five of the TV show ended, the first issue in this maxi-series looks at who lived after that climactic battle, who died, and what happened to all of Los Angeles in its wake. Available November 2007. Click Here to view Tony Harris' cover.

Buffy Season Eight News
Wizard Magazine #191 ran a roster of the 'Bit Players' in the updated Buffy-verse: Amy Madison, Ethan Rayne, Andrew Wells and Warren Mears.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #1 maintains the number two spot for a third month in Wizard's "Hot 10: Comics" list, while Whedon maintains his no. 2 spot on the "Hot 10 Writers" list. Meanwhile, Whedon's free sci-fi comic, Sugarshock, hit no. 4 on EW's Must List for this week.

Whedon revealed in an interview that Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #10 will mostly focus on Buffy and Willow talking.

NEWS POSTED August 09, 2007

Site News
The Buffy and Dawn Season Eight biographies in the 'Who's Who' section have been revised, while the Willow Season Eight section has been added to her biography. An Andrew Wells biography has been added in the 'Other ' biography. Other updates include: graphics change to the 21st Century banner in 'History of the Slayers' section, and a new affiliate. We also are offering a contest at our MySpace page Here.

NEWS POSTED August 03, 2007

Buffy Omnibus Vol. 2 by Brian Horton and Paul LeeBuffy Omnibus Vol 2 Cover Revealed
Dark Horse has revealed the real cover for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 2, new artwork from the old Buffy Vol. 1 cover artist team: Brian Horton and Paul Lee. Click Here to view a 22-page preview.

The second volume comes out Sept. 12. Click Here to view Brian Horton's cover full size.

Angel: The Premiere EditionAngel The Premiere Edition Available
By Scott Tipton, Jeff Mariotte and David Messina. This oversized hardcover collection includes each and every issue from The Curse, Old Friends and the latest Angel adventure, Auld Lang Syne. Weighing in at over 350 pages of Angel-awesomeness, this is the must-have collectible Angel fans have been waiting for. Click Here to view Jeremy Geddes' cover full size.

Monster Guide Revamp"Buffy Comic Monster Guide" website update
New biographies for Season Eight baddies General Voll and Yamanh of Hoht, plus tons more. Click Here to redirect to the site.

Site News
We have added a Shout Box section to our site for those of you who want to chat with the webmaster or other Buffy fans out there. Click Here to redirect to this section of our site.

NEWS POSTED July 29, 2007

Breaking News: Angel Season Six A Go
Angel: Season 6 A Go!Angel: After the Fall, the upcoming 12-part + series in November will pick up the Angel franchise following the cliffhanger at the end of Season 5. Angel creator Joss Whedon was named as the “Watcher” on the series, which will be written by Brian Lynch, and illustrated by Franco Urru, with covers by Tony Harris. . Whedon was reluctant to do the series until he read Lynch’s Spike: Asylum, which got him thinking that he could do the series with Lynch, as he liked Lynch’s sensibilities on the characters.

Newsarama has full coverage of the news.

Comic-Con: Joss Whedon Panel Report
As Buffy Season Eight continues, Joss announced that he is already plotting a Season Nine. Also: Werewolf Oz is coming back! He wouldn't say how or when, but he did say bet on it. Other Joss bits: Something will happen with Fray!

NEWS POSTED July 27, 2007

Buffy #5: The ChainTales of the Slayers site revamped
Click Here to redirect. The site has been refitted to the HMC server with an all new site design, updated and new biographies and graphics.

SlayAlive.com has obtained an exclusive six page look at Buffy Season Eight #6 Here.

Astonishing X-Men #22 Covers Revealed
On August 22nd, the next chapter in Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's ground breaking series "Astonishing X-Men" finds its way to stands. Previously unseen, Marvel Comics has provided CBR News as Comic-Con rolls on with a first look at Cassaday's covers to "Astonishing X-Men" #22. Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

Astonishing X-Men #22 Astonishing X-Men #22

New Joss Whedon Online Comic
Dark Horse announced its partnership with networking site MySpace Buffy #5: The Chainto produce original webcomics on the firstWednesday of every month. Under the umbrella title of Dark Horse Presents, the first story is called Sugarshock, an original story by Joss Whedon with art by Fabio Moon.

NEWS POSTED July 26, 2007

Buffy #5: The ChainBuffy Season Eight #5 "The Chain" Available Now
Dark Horse shipped "The Chain," which focuses on one of the 'decoy Buffys,' a week earlier than originally scheduled. Buffyverse Comics has a review of the issue. For a six page preview, go to Pop Culture Shock.

In other news, Scott Allie spoke to Slayerlit where he commented on the “Antique” story in Tales of the Vampires (which established that Xander, post-Sunnydale, was in the thrall of Dracula for nearly a year) perhaps fitting into the new continuity, and that readers will find find out soon.

Serenity: Those Left BehindSolicitation for Serenity: Those Left Behind HC
Penned by Whedon and Brett Matthews, a Firefly show writer, the ragtag crew takes on a scavenger mission with the promise of a big payoff. Only too late do they realize the gig is orchestrated by an old enemy eager to remake their acquaintance. Sporting a new cover by Adam Hughes, this oversized collection shows off the work of penciller Will Conrad and colorist Laura Martin, and the array of pinups by phenomenal guest artists. In addition, over a dozen backup pages delve into the work and art behind the scenes-original material assembled especially for this hardcover edition. Avilable Nov. 14. Click Here to view the cover by Adam Hughes.

NEWS POSTED July 18, 2007

Spike: Shadow Puppets #2Spike: Shadow Puppets #2 Available
In other news, IDW will be revealing the first cover image as well as the artist for Angel Season Six aka Angel: After The Fall, at their Comic Con panel Friday July 27 at 11:30am. Stay tuned for more news on this story as it develops.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1 Available Today
The definitive comics collection of all things Buffy starts here. Dark Horse has put up a 26 page preview for the Omnibus. Click Here to view it.

For more information Click Here.

Art of Angel: The Premiere Collection Available
Spike Shadow Puppets #1IDW brings all the covers, variant art and photo incentives together and presents them in this handsome, oversize hardcover edition. Includes all the art from The Curse, Old Friends, the five Angel Spotlights, Masks, Auld Lang Syne and Spike stories like Spike vs. Dracula, Asylum, Old Wounds, Old Times and Lost & Found. Artists include comics luminaries like John Byrne, Igor Kordey, Sean Phillips, longtime Angel artist David Messina, Franco Urru and many more! Click Here to view the cover full size.

Buffy Season Eight News
Diamond released their monthly Direct Market Sales Charts and Market Share report, this month for titles that went on sale in June 2007, and Dark Horse and Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to impress, with its fourth issue rounding out the top 10.

Georges Jeanty will be a guest of honor at Gaylaxicon, the international gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & friends Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Gaming Convention, held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 5th through the 8th.

NEWS POSTED July 11, 2007

Solicitation for Buffy Season Eight #7
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #7 by Georges JeantyFaith’s out to kill a Slayer. Lady Genevieve Savidge is one of the most dangerous women on the planet. If she’s left unstopped, the British heiress will usher in the apocalypse. Faith has accepted Giles’s offer of an early retirement package for this gig—but the wetworks will have to wait till she’s infiltrated Savidge’s mystically protected estate. The blockbuster Season Eight continues with multiple Eisner Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan , the stellar art of Georges Jeanty, and Buffy creator and Executive Producer Joss Whedon.

Click Here to view Jeanty's cover. Jo Chen's cover is located in the Season 8 section.

Dark Horse Buffyverse News
Dark Horse will host Joss Whedon's panel at the Comic-Con 2007 Convention in San Diego on Saturday, July 28 from 4:45 - 5:45 pm.

Buffy Season Eight editor Scott Allie announced on his Dark Horse blog that Buffy Vol. 1 artist Cliff Richards is returning for at least one issue with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #10. Joss Whedon will be writing this issue.

NEWS POSTED July 03, 2007

Whedon's Runaways #27 Available This Week
Buffy #7Comic Book Resources released a dialogue free-preview of the issue Here. For dialogue, Click Here.

ComiXtreme has reviewed Joss Whedon's Runaways #27. Click Here to read it.

Runaways #25 "Dead-End Kids," by Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan is now available for your online perusal in full. You can read the issue at Whedonesque.

A Dinner with Joss Whedon
Whedon has joined with Dark Horse Comics and eBay to offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a private dinner with him at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month. Beginning July 2nd and running through July 12th, fans will have the chance to bid on seats at his table. There will be additional offerings as well, including signed editions of Dark Horse's upcoming "Serenity" hardcover collection. Full details can found Here.

Site News
If you're a DC Comics fan or like femme fatales, this site's for you. Collecting Harley Quinn.

NEWS POSTED June 26, 2007

Paul LeeBuffy Volume One Artist Paul Lee Returns to Season Eight
Paul Lee of "Dawn and Hoopy the Bear" fame returns to Buffy with the Season Eight tale "The Chain." Paul Lee frequently collaborated with Brian Horton over art and cover chores for many Buffy comics, and even went solo for #46's "Withdrawal" and #51's aforementioned 'Dawn and Hoopy the Bear.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight News
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #1 maintains the number two spot for a second month in a row in Wizard's "Hot 10: Comics" list, bringing in more non-comic readers and driving demand for the sold-out first print.

In other news, IF Magazine gives Season Eight Buffy comic #4 an A-.

Steven S. DeKnight will be writing issues #20-23 of Buffy Season Eight.

Georges Jeanty revealed to Comic Book Bin among other things that he is committed to the full run of Season Eight.

NEWS POSTED June 18, 2007

Buffy #6 Georges Jenaty CvrBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight News
To the left is Georges Jeanty's cover for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #6. Click Here to view full size.

According to ICv2.com, Buffy #3 shipped an estimated 106,634 copies to North American comic book shops (10,000 more than Buffy #2 did the previous month). There were also some very healthy re-orders for the first two issues.

Spike Shadow Puppets #1 Available This Week
Spike Shadow Puppets #1 Retailer Incentive CoverWriter Brian Lynch and artist Franco Urru (Spike: Asylum) reunite for a miniseries that sees Spike and Lorne heading off to Japan to stop the latest Japanese kids' show - Smile Time! Click Here to view the retailer incentive Franco Urru cover.

Brian Lynch discusses his work on Angel Season Six and Spike: Shadow Puppets with Fractal Matters.

Fractal Matters has also posted an advanced review of Spike: Shadow Puppets #1 Here.

Solicitation for Spike: Shadow Puppets #4
Spike Shadow Puppets #4He's been kicked, beaten, stabbed, blown up, and worst of all, turned into a puppet. Now Spike has to battle Smile Time for the fate of every child in Japan! But Smile Time has one more trick up their adorable, murderous felt-covered sleeves--puppet versions of ALL of Spike's friends and foes! It's a battle royale, puppet-style, courtesy of of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru! Click Here to view Franco Urru's cover.

Astonishing X-Men #23 Delayed
Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #23 has been rescheduled for September 26 2007 .

NEWS POSTED June 13, 2007

Spike Shadow Puppets #1Angel: Auld Lang Syne TPB Available Today
While tracking a mysterious cult in Los Angeles in hopes of solving a kidnapping, Angel finds himself face to face with some familiar visages—faces he shouldn’t be seeing! As if that isn’t confusing enough to our embattled vampire with a soul, what is Spike doing lurking around in the shadows? Find out for yourself in this collection featuring the greatest head-to-head Angel/Spike battle ever, courtesy of Scott Tipton and David Messina.

The Long Way HomeBuffy Season 8: The Long Way Home TPB Solicitation
Since the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers -- newly legion -- have gotten organized and are kicking some serious undead butt. But not everything's fun and firearms, as an old enemy reappears and Dawn experiences some serious growing pains. Meanwhile, one of the "Buffy" decoy slayers is going through major pain of her own. Buffy creator Joss Whedon brings Buffy back to Dark Horse in this direct follow-up to season seven of the smash-hit TV series. The bestselling and critically acclaimed issues 1-5 are collected here for the first time. Available Nov. 14. Click Here to view Jo Chen's cover full size.

Solicitation for Buffy Season Eight #6
The second arc of Season Eight starts here. Brian K. Vaughan takes over writing duties and dives headlong into what Faith is up to -- infiltration, assassination, and nonstop Cleveland. The fugitive Slayer is given the assignment that could change her life . . . if Giles's specialized training doesn't make her want to end it first. Joss Whedon stays on as Executive Producer in this first part of "No Future for You." In stores on Sept. 8. Click Here to view Jo Chen's cover.

Buffy: Panel to Panel SolicitationPanel to panel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, captivating cult phenomenon and one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of the last decade, burst into the comics realm in August of 1998. Nearly every year since, the rich thematic material of good vs. evil, Slayer vs. vampire, friendship vs. isolation, and black vs. the new black has been explored at Dark Horse in over a hundred different issues -- and by the biggest luminaries in the business. The stunning visuals unachievable on a small-screen budget have come to life, realized by Chris Bachalo, J. Scott Campbell, Jeff Matsuda, Mike Mignola, Terry Moore, Eric Powell, Cliff Richards, Tim Sale, and Ryan Sook, among others. Take a look back at the most dynamic and memorable line art and paintings from the first ten years of the Slayer in comics. Available November 14.

NEWS POSTED June 06, 2007

Buffy #4 by Georges JeantyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #4: The Long Way Home Pt. 4 Available Today
Buffy #4 is reviewed on A Comicbook Orange on , as well as by Herc at Ain't It Cool News.

In other news, Brett Matthews, upcoming co-writer of Joss Whedon's Serentity: Better Days mini-series, commented to Wizard Magazine #189 that the series is set to come out in the later half of this year, around September.

NEWS POSTED May 23, 2007

Buffy Variant SKetkhNewsflash: Buffy's Still Hot
Georges Jeanty's hyper-rare retailer sketch variant cover of Buffy #1 landed at no. 4 on Wizard Magazine #188's "Top 5 Premium Comics" list with an est. value of $45, while Buffy #1 itself has landed at no. 2 on the "Hot 10 Comics" list. The buzz surrounding Whedon over Buffy Season Eight and Runaways has kicked him up a notch to no. 2 on the "Hot 10 Writers" List. In other news,

Click Here to view Jeanty's Buffy sketches.

Serenity: Better Days News
More details have surfaced about the upcoming Serenity mini-series: It will take place prior to the movie, but after the show Firefly, and will be reunite Joss Whedon with "Serenity: Those Left Behind" artist Will Conrad.

The premise will focus on the Serenity crew aquiring a job so lucrative that it will let the entire crew retire. The pressure of pulling of a job with such high stakes begns to wear away the team, and they slowly begin to break apart as the storyline progresses.

Brian K. Vaughan's Season Eight "Faith" Arc
FaithBrian K. Vaughan (Runaways) will be taking over from Joss Whedon on Buffy Season Eight with issue 6, with an arc that will focus on bad girl slayer Faith. A recent interview with Buffy cover artist Jo Chen in the offical BtVs/Angel Magazine revealed that the arc will feature Faith taking her own father to the 'Enchantment Under the Sea' dance during a trip to 1955, which promises to elate readers.

NEWS POSTED May 22, 2007

Runaways #28Astonishing X-Men #23/ Runaways #28 Solicitations
RUNAWAYS #28: “Dead End Kids” continues, as super-star Joss Whedon and rising star Michael Ryan continue their landmark run. Pun intended. Love is in the air as the Runaways try and run back from 1907. Part 4 (of 6). Available August 2007.

ASTONISHING X-MEN #23: Pencils and Covers by John Cassaday, “Unstoppable” reaches its penultimate chapter! The end is near. The situation is dire. The outlook is bleak. But Cyclops has a plan. Part 5 (of 6). Available August 2007.

April 2007 Sales Charts Reports
Diamond released their monthly Direct Market Sales Charts and Market Share report, for titles that went on sale in April 2007. Dark Horse's Buffy #2 came in at number 12 for the month, while Joss Whedon's Runaways #25 also managed to finish in the top fifty, reaching to number 42.

NEWS POSTED May 19, 2007

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight News
In Wizard Magazine #188, an article called "BUST A GUT" features what's left of Sunnydale (see picture below) as one of comics' worst real estate markets.

The Hellmouth

Spike: Shadow Puppets #3 Solicitation & Spike Shadow Puppets #3Updated David Messina Cover
IDW released an updated version of David Messina's cover. Click Here to view full size.

GWell, now they did it. Smile Time has turned Spike into a puppet. But if they think that's gonna stop him, they don't know Spike. Half as tall. Twice as mad. Five times as adorable. It's wall-to-wall, puppet vs. puppet, hard-hitting action courtesy of the Spike: Asylum team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru! Available August.

NEWS POSTED May 16, 2007

Buffy #4Buffy Season Eight #4 Preview
Dark Horse has released a four page preview of Buffy Season Eight #4. Click Here to view now.

In other news, Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight with Stakes & Salvation, giving great insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Click Here to read.

Spike: Asylum TPBSpike: Asylum TPB Available Now
The 5 issue mini-series from IDW Publishing is available now, complete with cover gallery and page commentary. By Angel Season Six co-writer Brian Lynch and Franco Urro.

Click Here to view Franco Urru's cover.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight News
IGN proclaimed Buffy Season Eight as one of the summer's hottest comic books. Wizard Entertainment also chimes in with the love for the series on their Heat Index, "action-packed and overflowing with Whedon's patented snappy patter."

In other news, Mania.com proclaimed Xander's Head Popping off as April 2007's "Great Comic Moment."

NEWS POSTED May 08, 2007

Solicitation for Buffy Season Eight #5
Buffy's new position as leader and figurehead of the world's five hundred most powerful women has made her a bigger target than ever before. "The Chain" tells the story of one of the decoy "Buffy" Slayers, a tale personally important to series creator Joss Whedon. Guest artist Paul Lee (Conan, Tales of the Vampires) pencils the first standalone issue of Season Eight. Available August 01 2007.

From left to right: Jo Chen's cover, variant covers by Georges Jeanty and Paul Lee. Click the thumbnails below to view the images full size.

BtvS #5 BtVS #5 BtVS #5

Monster Guide Revamp"Buffy Comic Monster Guide" website revamped
Click Here to redirect. The site has been refitted to the HMC server with an all new site design, updated biographies and graphics, plus bios for Season 8 baddies!

NEWS POSTED May 06, 2007

Buffy #2 2nd PrintingBuffy #1 3rd PrintingBuffy Season Eight #1 Goes to Third Printing, Buffy #2 Goes to Second
Click Here to view the cover to the third printing of Buffy Season Eight #1.

Click Here to view the second printing cover of Buffy Season Eight #2.

Karl Moline's FrayJoss Whedon's Fray News
The Fray miniseries is once again in high demand. Click Here to redirect to our sister site for more information.

NEWS POSTED May 04, 2007

Buffy #1 3rd printingBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #3 Available Now
Dark Horse has posted a preview for Buffy #3 Here.

Herc at Aint' it Cool News posted a page-by-page review of the issue.

TVSquad gave a score of 6 out of 7 in their review.

Astonishing X-Men #21Buffy #1 3rd printingAstonishing X-Men #21 / Runaways #26 Available
Both issues are written by Joss Whedon. Click Here for a preview of Astonishing. Click Here for a preview of Runaways.

Newsarama posted an advanced review of Runaways #26.


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