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NEWS POSTED April 29, 2008

Buffy/Fray Crossover News
Artist Karl Moline, who co-created futuristic vampire slayer Melaka Fray with Joss Whedon for the Dark Horse spinoff miniseries, "Fray: Future Slayer" in 2003, returns to the fray in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #16. Comic Book Resources interviews him about his return.

Scott Allie teased that the four-issue Fray arc will "begin with Buffy getting stuck in the future, and confronting Fray... Something very big changes for Dawn in this arc." CBR News also spoke with Season Eight assistant editor Sierra Hahn about the upcoming Buffy/Fray crossover.

The Fray arc will be followed by an issue by Jeph Loeb, which revisits the Buffy animated series that never happened. "It's Buffy sort of revisiting her high school life, but drawn in the style of the [would-be] animated series.

Several one-off issues will be written by Jim Krueger, Jane Esponson, Doug Petrie, Drew Greenberg, and Steven DeNight. "The world of Buffy is going to change, for the worse. If the slayers are looked on as terrorists now, it's only going to get much much worse."

The latest issue of Previews released a retailers incentive print (see below) of Buffy #16-19 drawn by Karl Moline.

Buffy #16-19 Retailers Incentive

Whedonverse Chart News
The Whedonverse comic book chart positions have been revealed for March 2008 at ICv2.com. Buffy #12 took 6th place, with the help of the Buffy/Satsu romance hype for #12, Serenity: Better Days #1 came in at no. 26 and Angel: After The Fall #5 took 31st place.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer News
Scott Allie announced at this month's New York Comic-Con that Dark Horse will be producing a Buffy themed Tarot Card deck with painted art by Paul Lee. Click on the thumbnails below to view some of the artwork. Click Here to read an interview with him at ComicMix discussing Buffy, Fray and Serenity.

Magician Death Temperance Devil

NEWS POSTED April 20, 2008

Spike After the Fall #1 Solicitation
Spike: After the Fall by the Sharp BrothersSpinning out of the "First Night" events in Angel: After the Fall comes the official story of Spike's first months in hell. How did he come to be here? Why is Illyria with him? And exactly how did he come to set up shop in a certain famous mansion in Beverly Hills? It's all the hell, none of the Angels in the first of four issues courtesy of the After the Fall team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru, who provides two special Spike covers offered in a 50/50 ratio -- one featuring Spike's human face, one in all its vamped-out fury! Aussie art team The Sharp Brothers offer a special "grindhouse"-inspired incentive cover, too!? Available July 2008.

ICv2.com revealed new details of Spike: After The Fall about Spike's road to Hugh Hefner-hood and Beta George's role in First Night.

Click Here to view the Sharp Brothers cover to #1 (above) without the "Grindhouse" effect. Click on the below thumbnails to view Franco Urro's cover to #2, The Sharp Brother's cover to #3, and an interior black and white preview from issue #1.

Spike After the Fall #2 Spike After the Fall #3 SPike: After teh Fall #1, Interior Page

Angel After the Fall News
Ryall posted a preview page on his blog of Nick Runge's artwork in Angel After the Fall #9, featuring Lorne.

Click on the below thumbnails to view larger versions of Alex Garner's cover for Angel After the Fall #9 (which pays subtle homage to Jack Kirby's cover for The Incredible Hulk #1 from 1962), Stephen Mooney's 'Retailer Exclusive' covers for Angel: After The Fall #8 and 9.

Angel After the Fall #9 Angel After the Fall #8 Angel After the Fall #9

Whedonverse Eisner Nominations
Joss Whedon, Sugarshock! and Buffy Season Eight have been nominated for 2008 Eisner Awards: Buffy nominated for "Best Continuing Series" and "Best New Series," Sugarshock! for "Best Digital Comic" and Joss for "Best Writer."

NEWS POSTED April 09, 2008

Buffy: Bisexual or Marketing Ploy?Serenity Better Days #2 Available
Click Here to view a three page preview of the issue.

In other news, Joss Whedon, Sugarshock! and Buffy Season Eight have been nominated for 2008 Eisner Awards. Buffy is nominated for "Best Continuing Series" and "Best New Series," Sugarshock! for "Best Digital Comic" and Joss is up for "Best Writer". Click Here for more information.

Angel After the Fall #10 Solicitation
Angel After the Fall #10Months ago, Los Angeles went to hell. Or maybe hell came to Los Angeles. Find out the truth once and for all. Plus, someone's been manipulating everyone from the start. Angel would very much like to meet him, and he'll tear through every demon in LA to do so. Meanwhile, Spike has something important to tell Wesley, Illyria has a new role, and what the hell is Gunn keeping in the basement? Out July 2008. Click Here to view Alex Garner's cover.

Buffy Season Eight #16 Solicitation
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #16On a hot tip, Buffy and Willow head to Manhattan hoping to unlock the secrets of Buffy's mysterious scythe, but something goes terribly awry when Buffy suddenly finds herself transported to an unknown world, and into the path of future Slayer Fray. Buffy creator Joss Whedon teams with his Fray co-creator Karl Moline in "Time of Your Life." Available July 02 2008.

MySpace Comic Books has an exclusive preview of the first four pages from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #16.

Click Here to view a larger version of Georges Jeanty's cover. Jo Chen's cover is in the Season Eight section.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 1MySpace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 1 TPB Solicitation
The first six issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents includes Joss Whedon's complete rock'n'roll saga Sugarshock!, a fun-filled story about a quirky girl named Dandelion, and her love of music (and hatred of Vikings). This volume also includes a wide range of established comics talent, and stories from newcomers who saw their professional debut in MySpace Dark Horse Presents. Available September 17 2008.

Click Here to view the cover by Fabio Moon.

NEWS POSTED April 02, 2008

Buffy #13: Wolves at the GateBuffy Season Eight #13 Available Today
Dark Horse posted a three page preview of Buffy Season Eight #13.

In other news, IGN Comics and Ain't It Cool News gave generally favorable reviews to Buffy Season Eight #13.

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie speaks with Comic Book Resources and ComicMix about Season Eight.

Georges Jeanty discusses Buffy Season 8 with Horror Yearbook Here.

Angel After the Fall #6 by the Sharp BrothersAngel: After the Fall #6 Available
The release date for Angel After The Fall #7 has been pushed up to May 7th from in its original date, May 28th, according to TFAW.com.

IGN reviewed Angel: After The Fall #6, giving it 7.8 out of 10.

Chris Ryall posted a couple of new pages from Angel After the Fall #6: First Night on his blog.

Angel After the Fall #4 Second printingAngel: After the Fall #4 Second Printing Available Today
Click Here to view the new cover treatment of Franco Urru's cover.

Joss Whedon Marvel Comics News
The latest Diamond Distribution revealed that Giant Size Astonishing X-Men and Runaways #30 have been delayed Until May 21.

NEWS POSTED March 17, 2008

Angel After the Fall #5Angel: After the Fall #5 Available This Week
Angel After the Fall #5 comes out a week early this Wednesday. Click Here to get a sneak peak.

The After the Fall #5 cover to the left is by Rebecca A. Wrigley. Click Here to view full size.

Brian Lynch announced on his MySpace blog that the series will run for more than the previously announced 12 issues.

Angel: After the Fall #8-9 Solicitations
Angel After the Fall #9 by Nick RungeAngel ships bi-weekly in June! First up, Angel: After the Fall #8, concludes the stories of what happened to Angel's friends and family during their first night in hell. In this issue: Gwen begins to fulfill her destiny, Gunn begins his journey down the darkest path imaginable, and LA's citizens deal with being cast into Hell.

The second of two Angel issues arriving this month, brings a new artist, Nick Runge. The gang's all here as the forces of evil attack from all sides. But Angel's not just fighting for his own life, the fate of someone he never thought he'd see again hangs in the balance. Click Here to view Runge's cover.

Angel: After the Fall HC Solicitation
In Angel's final television season, his world ended... but his story didn't. Picking up where Season Five of the fan-favorite TV show left off, this first softcover collection looks at who lived after that climactic battle, who died, and what happened to all of Los Angeles in its wake. Click Here to view the cover. Available June 2008.

Whedonverse News
Buffy Season Eight Vol. 2: No Future You TPB has a release date of June 04, 2008.

Georges Jeanty, Scott Allie and others comment on the reaction to Buffy Season Eight #12 at Southern Voice.

Whedonverse comics continue their solid performance in the charts for February. Buffy #11 was 14th and Angel: After The Fall #4 was 37th. Joss' penultimate issue of Runaways came in at no. 55.

Happy 9th Birthday Comic Book Guide to BtVS!
Happy 8th Birthday Comic Book GuideOur site hit its 9th birthday on March 14. Be on the lookout soon for massive updates to the 'Who's Who?' section of our site as well as well as to our Comic Book Monster Guide sister site. Thanks to anyone who's ever stopped by this site or added us as a buddy on our MySpace page. You can make our day and send some birthday love our way via e-mail.

NEWS POSTED March 12, 2008

Buffy: Bisexual or Marketing Ploy?Serenity Better Days #1 Available
Serenity: Better Days #1 hits stores today. Click Here to read Fractal Matter's advance review of the issue. Co-writer Brett Matthews talks to IGN.com about how the mini-series came about.

Dark Horse has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive advance look at Serenity: Better Days #2, on sale April 9. Dark Horse also revealed the Making of a Comic: Serenity Better Days #1.

Spike After the Fall News
IDW will be launching a Spike: After the Fall miniseries July by Brian Lynch and Franco Urru. Spike: After the Fall will spin out of the “First Night” events seen in Angel: After the Fall and events in issue #7, and tells of Spike’s first few months in hell and co-stars Illyria, and will run four issues. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of Franco Urro's initial and final cover for issue #1 and Charlie Kirchoff's "Grindhouse" alternate cover.

#5: Gwen #6: Connor, Spike, Lorne #7: Wes and Ghost Wes

Angel After the Fall News
Newsarama revealed that Angel After the Fall #6-8 tell stories of how the cast of characters were affected by the fight in the alley that ended the series. #6 will feature Spike, Connor and Lorne; #7 features Wesley and a surprise return of a Whedonverse character while #8 will feature Gwen, the effect of LA being thrust into hell on the city’s residents and the fate of Gunn. #9 will pick up from #5's cliffhanger and will feature the new art team of Nick Runge and Art Lyon. #8 and #9 both will ship in June.

Buffy Season Eight News
The Oregonian interviews Joss Whedon and Scott Allie in a handy overview of Dark Horse's Buffy Season Eight. Scott Allie has updated his Buffy Zone column on the Dark Horse site with his input on the recent Buffy #12 controversy.

In other news, Buffy Season Eight #21-30 will be written by a combination of Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie, Drew Greenberg, Jim Krueger and one other TBD. Best-selling New York Times author Brad Meltzer (“Justice League of America”) will be writing the penultimate arc, somewhere between #31-35. Jeph Loeb (“Hulk” and “The Ultimates 3”) will be writing a single-issue story for #20, the book right after the Fray arc. Joss Whedon will write the finale, #36-40.

NEWS POSTED March 7, 2008

Buffy #15: Wolves at the GateBuffy Season Eight #15: Wolves at the Gate Solicitation
Having traveled from her base in Scotland, Buffy ventures to the heart of Japan in order to reclaim her stolen scythe, in Drew Goddard's conclusion to Wolves at the Gate. Along the way, Buffy and the legion of Slayers join forces with the irresistible Dracula to defeat a tight-nit group of nefarious vampires, in which the Slayers suffer a massive hit.

Click Here to view Jon Foster's cover.

Buffy: Bisexual or Marketing Ploy?Buffy #12 Controversy Coverage Continues
ABCNews.com speaks to Joss Whedon and comic book experts about the controversial scene of the story.

MTV has a word with the Drew Goddard, Joss talks to Newsarama about Season Eight and issue #12 specifically, and editor Scott Allie is interviewed at Comic Book Resources.

Serenity News
Joss Whedon's return to the world of the Browncoats with this month's Serenity: Better Days three-issue miniseries, has generated heat for the Serenity prequel mini from 2005, which had multiple variants featuring the cast by top talent, and currently have an estimated value at $20.

NEWS POSTED March 5, 2008

Buffy #12: Wolves at the GateBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #12: Wolves at the Gate Pt. 1 Available Today
The story has generated a considerable amount of discussion already... Click Here to read Joss Whedon's response in the NY Times.

Buffy Season Eight has been ranked third among the Best SF/F Books of 2007 by the editors of SF Signal.

Jon Foster's cover to Buffy #14 won the Gold in the Comics Division during 16th Annual Spectrum Awards!

Angel: After the Wedding Variant Angel Wedding Variant Cover
In Wizard Magazine #198, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #1 has dropped off the Hot 10 Comics list, while the Angel: After the Fall #1 Harris cover currently holds on at no. 4, with a $5 value. Joss Whedon ranks no. 3 on the Hot 10 Writers spot, with his involvement in Serenity Better Days.

The limited-to-200 Wedding variant of Angel: After the Fall #1 is ranked no. 3 on the Top 5 Premium Comics list with a value of $50.

Click Here to view the cover by Franco Urru.

Whedonverse News
Newsarama blogged about the ending of Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men and what happens to a specific character. Click Here to read the spoiler-heavy article.

NEWS POSTED February 29, 2008

Buffy #16 by Jo Chen Jo Chen's Buffy Season Eight #16 Cover Revealed
Season Eight cover artist Jo Chen returns to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #16. Click Here to view the cover, which she posted on her MySpace.

Dark Horse Online posted "Antique", from the Tales of the Vampires mini-series to promote Drew Goddard's "Wolves at the Gate" arc.

After the Fall Director's CutBuffy: Bisexual or Marketing Ploy?Angel After the Fall #1 Director's Cut Solictation
Angel: After the Fall, picking up where Angel: Season Five ended, hit the ground running and has been a hit ever since Joss Whedon's characters first stepped into a Los Angeles cast into Hell. Now, experience again the beginning of the story in this special edition that also includes writer Brian Lynch's complete script and his writer's annotations, too. Alex Garner provides an all-new painted cover for this special issue. Available in May.

Click here to view Alex Garner's cover.

Angel After the Fall SlayAlive Covers Revealed
Below are the Angel: After the Fall Time and Space Toys/SlayAlive retailer variant covers for issues #5-7 respectively. Pencils and inks by Stephen Mooney, colored by Lisa Jackson. Click on thumbnails for full size.

#5: Gwen #6: Connor, Spike, Lorne #7: Wes and Ghost Wes

Angel AFter the Fall #7Angel: After the Fall #7 Solicitation
Angel lost the battle. Los Angeles was sent to hell. The story of what happened during that fateful first night concludes. The answers you've been waiting for, the stories you wanted to see. Heroes will fall, new champions will rise, and you'll also see the long-awaited return of... right, like we're going to tell you here. Available in May.

Click Here to view Mike Oeming's cover.

Serenity: Better Days Triptych United
Serenity: Better DaysClick Here to view the three Adam Hughes covers for "Serenity: Better Days" compiled as one.

Click Here for a five page preview of Serenity #1.

NEWS POSTED February 15, 2008

Buffy Season 8 #14 Alternate Cover Revealed
DawnzillaGeorges Jeanty has been nominated for Best Artist in the 2008 Glyph Comics Awards for his work on the Buffy Season 8 comics. The winners will be announced at the May 16-17 East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia. Click Here to view Georges Jeanty's variant cover for Buffy #14 full size.

Leave Your Spandex @ The Door blog reviewed Buffy #11 Here.

Buffy Season 8 was nominated for Kids' Choice Award. The award ceremony will be shown on the Nickelodeon network on March 29th 2008.

Angel AFter the Fall #4Angel After the Fall #4 Available Now
Mark Stoddard of The Nexus reviews the first four issues of Angel After the Fall Here.

The estimates of the sales by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during January 2008 saw Astonishing X-Men #24 take 5th place, Buffy Season Eight #10 at no. 15 and Angel: After The Fall #3 at no. 38.

Runaways #29Runaways #29 Available Now
Comic Book Resources has a six page preview of the issue. Click Here to view it.

Whedon spoke with Wizard Magazine about his end to Astonishing X-Men, Runaways and what the future holds for Buffy and pie.

NEWS POSTED February 14, 2008

Serenity #3Buffy Season Eight #14 Solicitation
The Scoobies' mysterious new foes have obtained a powerful instrument that may destroy everything that Buffy has worked so hard to build. Acclaimed screenwriter, Drew Goddard (Lost, Cloverfield) continues his fun-filled romp through Tokyo with Wolves at the Gate part 3.

Available May 07, 2008. Click Here to view Jon Foster's cover.

Serenity #3Serenity Better Days #3 Solicitation
Better Days concludes with a brutal showdown when one of Serenity's crew is taken captive and tortured. The gang must put their enduring differences aside and work together to save one of their own, even if it may mean losing the cash prize of a lifetime. By Joss, Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad. May 14th.

Click Here to view Adam Hughes' cover.

Angel First Night Artwork Revealed
IDW editor Chris Ryall posted pages from First Night, an array of short stories, all handled by different artists and each one finally revealing what these characters the night of the big, apocalyptic fight in the alley at the conclusion of Angel Season 5. The pages in question deal with "Wesley" (art by Nick Runge) from "Lorne" (art by John Byrne, colors by Len O'Grady) and "Spike" (art by David Messina, colors by Ilaria Traversi).

John Byrne revealed to Newsarama that he'll be drawing a Lorne story for Angel First Night.

Click on the thumbnails below for full size views.

Wesley First Night Pin Up Lorne Spike

NEWS POSTED February 07, 2008

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #11 "A Beautiful Sunset" Available Now
Comic Book Resources has posted five pages of issue #12, the first in Drew Goddard's four-issue arc, "Wolves at the Gate" Here. Dark Horse posted a puzzle game on their website of Georges Jeanty's cover to publicize the issue's upcoming release.

Fans over at SlayAlive.com put together a list of questions about Season Eight, Serenity and more which Dark Horse editor Scott Allie answered.

Daniel Osbourne Alert(?)
OzAccording to comics gossip columnist Rich Johnston something major is going to happen in Buffy #12 and retailers have been urged to order extra copies. With the story arc titled "Wolves at the Gate,' and Dark Horse editor Scott Allie's announcement last year that Oz was slated to return to the fold at some point, this issue may mark his reapparance.

NEWS POSTED January 30, 2008

Buffy Omnibus Vol. 3Buffy Omnibus Vol. 3 Available Today
The third volume of our Buffy omnibus series follows the gang through harrowing trials and tribulations--slaying vampires, going to high school, and young love. Collecting the Buffy stories "Play with Fire," "Spike and Dru," and issues #1-#8 of the original Buffy series. Click Here to view Brian Horton's cover.

NEWS POSTED January 25, 2008

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15Buffy Season Eight #15 Cover
Scott Allie updated the Buffy Zone editorial to discuss Cloverfield and Goddard's 4-issue upcoming arc on Buffy. Click Here to redirect.

IGN has a seven page preview of Buffy #11.

Diamond's 2007 Year-End sales charts have been released, and Buffy's first six issues make Dark Horse's only appearances in the Top 100.

To the right is Georges Jeanty's alternate cover to Buffy Season Eight #15.

Solicitation for Angel After the Fall #6
First Night begins! What happened on the very night Los Angeles went straight to hell, the incident that ended the Angel television series with such a shocking cliffhanger? Why did the team go their separate ways? And how did Connor rise up to become one of Hell’s greatest champions? This first issue of a two-part series-within-a-series has the answers you’ve been waiting for! By Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch and a host of comic’s greatest artists, including John Byrne, Sean Galloway, David Messina, and more!. Available April, 2008.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the covers for Angel After the Fall #6: Angel: First Night by colorist Art Lyon, and Rebecca Wrigley's joining covers for Angel After the Fall #6-7.

First Night Pin Up Angel After the Fall #6 and #7

Astonishing X-Men #24 Available Now
Astonishing X-Men #24: Kitty PrydeIt took four years to produce 24 issues, but most fans agree that Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s run on Marvel’s flagship mutants was worth the wait. With Astonishing X-Men #24, which hit stores January 23,

Whedon and Cassaday put the finishing touches on their collaboration with the end of “Unstoppable,” an arc that sees the team still stuck in the middle of a contentious Breakworld. Click Here to view Cassaday's alternate cover. IGN.com has a review.

NEWS POSTED January 16, 2008

Solicitation for Buffy Season Eight #13
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13 Drew Goddard (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Lost, and the writer of Cloverfield), continues his story arc “Wolves at the Gate,” which has Buffy and the gang fighting a team of über vamps in Tokyo. In order to better understand their mysterious new foes, Xander must recruit an old ally to join in their cause to defeat this new danger. Click Here to view Georges Jeanty's cover. Jon Foster's cover is in the Season Eight section.

Joss Whedon continues as executive producer, Georges Jeanty (The American Way) as series artist, with Jon Foster on covers. Available April 02, 2008.

Angel After the Fall #3Angel: After the Fall #3 Available
Brian Lynch Ain't It Cool News about Angel After the Fall. he announced separately online that extremely rare Wedding variant covers of Angel After the Fall #1 (200 copies) are being signed by him and auctioned. Click Here to view Franco Urru's cover.

Popsyndicate.com and Buffyverse Comics both posted reviews of Angel: After the Fall #2.

Solicitation for Buffy Omnibus Volume 4
Buffy Omnibus Vol. 4Volume Four of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus series concludes Buffy's high school career, wrapping up Season Three of the show's storyline. Collected in this volume are: The complete "Bad Blood," saga written by Andi Watson, the first attempt at making a "season" of the comics, where Buffy battles a sultry vampire who hungers for a lot more than blood; the first comics work by Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series writer Doug Petrie, and critically acclaimed artists Eric Powell, Ryan Sook , and Cliff Richards, whose stories follow the Scoobies through their final year at Sunnydale High; and includes the first Angel miniseries, The Hollower, written by acclaimed Buffy novelist, Christopher Golden. May 02 2007. Click Here to view Brian Horton's cover.

Angel After the Fall #3Serenity Better Days #2 Solicitation
The second issue of Serenity: Better Days follows Mal and his rag-tag crew on a short-lived vacation, where they explore their fantasies and confront long-forgotten enemies. Whedon reunites with Brett Matthews (Lone Ranger) and Will Conrad (Conan and the Midnight God), his collaborators on Those Left Behind.

Click Here to view Adam Hughes' cover.

NEWS POSTED January 03, 2008

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #10Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #10 Available Now
"Anywhere But Here" features Robin Balzer, winner of the "Buffy is My Life" essay contest. Comic Book Resources looks at how Robin's appearance came about. Comic Book Bin has a review of the issue. Newsarama also posted a review of the issue.

MySpace Comic Books has a 5 page sneak peak at Buffy Season Eight #10.

Buffy Vol 2: No Future For You TPB Solicitation
No Future For You TPBWhen a rogue debutant Slayer begins to use her power for evil, Giles is forced to recruit the rebellious Faith, who isn’t exactly known for her good deeds. Giles offers Faith a clean slate if she can stop this snooty Slayer from wreaking total havoc--that is, if Buffy doesn’t beat her to it.

Georges Jeanty remains at the top of his game as series artist, and Whedon continues as Executive Producer in this direct follow-up to Season Seven of the smash-hit TV series. Collecting issue #6-10 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight series. Available May 14. Click Here to view the cover.


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