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NEWS POSTED August 31, 2009

Wizard #217 Buffy Season 8Wizard Magazine #217's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tie-In Cover Revealed
J. Scott Campbell returns to Buffy six years after doing the cover to the Buffy: Chaos Bleeds one-shot with the cover for Wizard Magazine #217.

The issue is available September 30 2009 in comic shops. Available everywhere October 13 2009. Stay tuned for the full version.

Angel #29Angel #29 Cover Revealed
Chris Ryall revealed Jenny Frison's cover to Angel #29 on his blog. Angel #28 solicited for December 2009 release will be on the back cover of that month's Previews catalog.

Click Here to view the cover as well as Brian Denham's interior art, with colors by GuruFX.

NEWS POSTED August 26, 2009

Site Updates: Buffyverse Comic Trivia
Georges Jeanty's DawnWe've updated the Buffyverse Comic Trivia section, which features a compiled Wikipedia-worthy series of facts of things you may or may not have known about the Buffy and Angel comics! Sections include "Cameos by Pop Culture Figures," "General Trivia," "Cover Homages to Pop Culture", "Cover Variants," and a "By-The Numbers" bullet list of whose contributed what to the Buffyverse comics.

Click Here to view it. Have we missed something? E-mail us or Shout Back below and we'll put it in!

Preview for Angel vs. Frankenstein
IDW editor Chris Ryall has posted a few pages of artwork for October’s Angel vs. Frankenstein one-shot by John Byrne. Click Here to view it.

NEWS POSTED August 21, 2009

Angel #27: "Boys and Their Toys" Solicitation
Angel #27By Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney. Angel and Spike, who is now convinced he is Angel -- are thrown into a new kind of Hell as their battle at the comic convention gets hairy. Well, Furry, at least. Brian Lynch concludes his run on Angel, paving the way for next month's all-new creative team (while Lynch hops over to the upcoming Angel Annual and a new Spike series...)

Click Here to view Stephen Mooney's rejected cover which featured the Groosalugg. Available November 2009.

Angel: Only Human #4Angel Only Human #4 Solicitation
Unlike Illyria, this Old One is in its original form... and the resulting battle between the two former lovers stretches from one end of Texas to the other! Ever wonder just how powerful Illyria is when she doesn't have to worry about Angel or Spike or Wesley whispering sweet restraint in her ear? Gunn turns to the only help he can find to help Illyria defeat the Old One: a very familiar... scarecrow? Available November 2009. Click Here to view David Messina's cover.

Angel: After the Fall Volume 2Angel: After the Fall Volume 2 Softcover Solicitation
First Night begins! What happened on the very night Los Angeles went straight to hell, the incident that ended the Angel television series with such a shocking cliffhanger? Why did the team go their separate ways? And how did Connor rise up to become one of Hell's greatest champions? Click Here to view Alex Garner cover.

By Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, art by John Byrne, Tim Kane, David Messina, Stephen Mooney and Nick Runge, cover by Alex Garner. Available November 2009.

NEWS POSTED August 19, 2009

Angel: Smile Time HCAngel: Smile Time HC Out Today
From the same team behind IDW's bestselling series, Angel: After the Fall, comes three tales about the fan-favorite puppet characters. Includes the re-adaptation of the fan-favorite episode Smile Time, the comic book sequel miniseries, Shadow Puppets, and a standalone story that sees Puppet Angel and Nina on their first (and only) date.

Click Here for more information.

MySpace: Harmony Comes to the Nation'Harmony Comes To The Nation' - A Buffy Tale
Harmony returns in Jane Espenson and Karl Moline's online comic over at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

Angel Annual Color Covers Revealed
Stephen Mooney will signing at the British International Comics Show October 3-4. Comic Related and Buffyverse Comic Reviews posted interviews with Mooney, where he discusses his various projects including Angel.

Nick Runge posted colorized versions of Stephen Mooney's covers for the "Last Angel in Hell" Annual.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the covers full size.

Angel: Last Angel in Hell Cover A Angel: Last Angel in Hell Cover B

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3Georges Jeanty's Manhunter Back-Up Feature in Batman: Streets of Gotham #3 Available Today
Batman: Streets of Gotham #3 continues a regular ongoing co-feature starring Manhunter written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Georges Jeanty.

Jeanty spoke to SlayAlive Q&A style about Buffy Season Eight Here.

Buffy Season Eight News
Jo Chen informed us exclusively that she will be returning from her hiatus to do the covers for Buffy Season Eight #31 and the Willow one-shot.

Scott Allie both spoke to SlayAlive Q&A style about the most recent issue of Buffy Season Eight. Allie commented that there will be a Season Nine, and it has been planned out.

Serenity News
Patton Oswalt, who guest starred on Dollhouse, announced at last month's Comic Con that he will be writing a Serenity story centered on the character Wash.

NEWS POSTED August 12, 2009

Buffy Season Eight #30 "Retreat" Solicitation
Buffy Season Eight #30 "Retreat"The war between Twilight's minions and Buffy's army rages in the Tibetan mountains. Bereft of their magic, the girls--Wiccans and Slayers--face an epic battle in which they have no hope of victory. Buffy has already done the retreat thing once, plus also put herself and her army into hiding... What can she do now that there is no magic to help them escape from another losing battle? Series artist Georges Jeanty, acclaimed television writer Jane Espenson, and Executive Producer Joss Whedon conclude Season Eight's biggest story yet! Click Here to view Jeanty's cover. Click Here to view Adam Hughes's cover. Available November 14 2009.

Dr. Horrible One-Shot Solicitation
From the Joss Whedon-helmed webmovie Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog comes the origin story of the next greatest supervillain of all time... Dr. Horrible! In this one-shot comic, Zack Whedon and artist Joelle Jones (Token) establish how a young, impressionable, but brilliant Dr. Horrible was drawn into a world of crime. Readers are reacquainted with the charming, brawny, crime-fighting superhero extraordinaire Captain Hammer when Dr. Horrible crosses paths with his greatest enemy in an all-out showdown of immeasurable proportions. Special guest appearances include Dr. Horrible's love interest, Penny; his sidekick, Moist; and a meter man. Fans of Joss Whedon and the smash-hit musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will not want to miss this! - Includes two alternate covers by artist Kristian Donaldson (DMZ, Supermarket) and a pin-up from superstar artist Gene Ha (The 49ers). Available November 14.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the covers full size.

Dr. Horrible #1 by Joelle Jones Dr. Horrible #1 by Kristian Donaldson Dr. Horrible #1 by Gene Ha

Willow Part of the One-Shot Wonders
Willow One-Shot by Jo ChenThis fall, Dark Horse Comics is releasing a one-shot starring Willow. revealed a promo piece that icnluded Willow for the upcoming one-shot by Joss Whedon and Karl Moline, which is due in December 2009.

In other news, Dark Horse has posted a 2-page preview of Buffy Season Eight #28: Retreat Here.

Angel #28 interior by Brian DenhamAngel #28 interior by Brian DenhamAngel: Only Human #1 Available Today
Spinning out of the events of Angel #23, Gunn and Illyria embark on their very own four-part miniseries.

Newsarama has a four page preview of the issue.

NEWS POSTED August 08, 2009

Angel #28 interior by Brian DenhamAngelverse News
Angel: After the Fall, Volume 1 finally arrived as a trade paperback this week, more than a year after the hardcover collection was released. Click Here for more information.

IDW Editors Chris Ryall and Mariah Huehner are interviewed by BuffyFest, discussing what's in store for the Angelverse and give a first look at Brian Denham's interior art. Click Here to view it.

Spike's new series will begin in January 2010.

Angel: Only Human #3 (of 4) Solicitation
Angel: Only Human #3Another Old One roams the Earth! And don't think he's going to go easy on Illyria, his ex. (Considering she's the one that enslaved him several hundred thousand years ago, it doesn't look like a reconciliation is in the cards.)

All this and a glimpse into Gunn's past, revealing the very first time he ever met a vampire... in his beloved Grandmother's kitchen.

By Scott Lobdell and David Messina. Available October 2009. Click Here to view David Messina's cover.

Angel: Not Fade Away TPB Solicitation
Angel: Not Fade Away TPBBefore Angel: After the Fall… there was Not Fade Away. The final episode of Joss Whedon’s beloved Angel television series has been adapted into a three-part miniseries that leads to a climactic battle in an alleyway that fans now know was only the end of the beginning! This collection includes the three-part story, plus the script for the ‘Not Fade Away’ television episode, accompanied by spot illustrations. Click Here to view the cover.

By Joss Whedon, Jeffrey Bell, Scott Tipton and Stephen Mooney. Available October 2009.

Spike: Omnibus Solicitation
Spike: OmnibusLearn more about the bad boy of the Buffy-verse in Spike's earliest stories like Lost & Found, Old Wounds and Old Times, then read along as Spike battles that lord of the undead in Spike vs. Dracula, and finally catch up with Spike as he heads to the Asylum on a work-for-hire mission before heading to Japan to stop maniacal puppets in Shadow Puppets. It's more Spike than you can shake a sharp, wooden stake at! Click Here to view cover.

By Peter David, Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton, Franco Urru and more. Available October 2009.

Fallen Angel #4 by Johnny AtomicFallen Angel: Reborn #4 Solicitation
Did you ever get everything you’ve ever wanted? Well, so has Illyria. On the devastated remains of New York City, Illyria stands triumphant. But what of the Fallen Angel? Did she try to stop Illyria…or did she wind up aiding her? And who will wind up having the final victory? Look for the Johnny Atomic cover!

By Peter David and J.K. Woodward. Available October 2009. Click Here to view Johnny Atomic's cover.

Angel #26: "Boys and Their Toys" Solicitation
By Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney. Somebody has made a movie based on Angel's adventures in hell! Angel and Spike go to a comic con to see how badly Hollywood has mangled true events, only to find themselves surrounded by supernatural evil at every turn. Can Angel tell the difference between an evil demon and a 14-year-old fanboy dressed as an evil demon? Is there a difference? Available October.

NEWS POSTED August 04, 2009

Additional Angel Report from Comic Con '09
Drusilla Watercolor by Mark McHaleyBill Willingham will be joined by artist Brian Denham on Angel #28. The issue is titled "The Crown Prince Syndrome," available in December.

Angel: A Hole in the World will be a five-issue mini-series written by Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande, also launching this December.

Mark McHaley, who provides some of the art for the Drusilla two-parter, sold signed copies of a watercolor painting he did of Drusilla at Comic Con (image on the right). Click Here to view it large.

Below are the covers for Angel #28 by Jenny Frison, black and white cover A and B for Angel: Last Angel in Hell Annual by Stephen Mooney, and J.K. Woodward's incentive cover for Fallen Angel #3. Click on the thumbnails for full views.

Angel #28 by Jenny Frison Last Angel in Hell Cover A by Stephen Mooney Last Angel in Hell Cover B by Stephen Mooney Fallen Angel #3 Incentive Cover

Buffy Season Eight #27 Available This Week
Buffy Season Eight #27 RetreatNewsarama has posted a four page preview Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty's Retreat arc.

In other news, BuffyFest has posted a podcast interview with Buffy editor Scott Allie at the Comic Con.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Volume 3 trade paperback was released recently, containing the Buffy Season 8 stories Harmony Bites! and Vampy Cat Play Friend, as well as Serenity: The Other Half and Moist: Humidity Rising. Click Here for more information.

Angel #24 Convention Cover by Sam ShearonAngel #24 Available This Week
Chris Ryall posted a five page preview of the issue on his blog. Click Here to view it.

The cover to the left is the Sam Shearon Comic Con convention cover to #24. Click Here to view it.

Juliet Landau talks "Angel" comics and other projects at FearNet at San Diego Comic Con, where she revealed that she will be recording a song based on Spike and Dru among other things.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 4 TPBMySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 4 TPB Solicitation
The fourth volume of the online comics anthology MySpace Dark Horse Presents continues to bring you a wide range of genres and classic characters in the Dark Horse tradition. Joss Whedon teams with Season Eight cover artist Jo Chen for a special Buffy the Vampire Slayer story. Zack Whedon and Jim Rugg spotlight Penny from Dr. Horrible.

Click Here to view cover. Available Jan 06, 2010.

Angel Vs Frankenstein #1Angel Versus Frankenstein
One-Shot Solicitation

Writer/artist John Byrne returns to Angel for this special one-shot featuring a new spin on a classic horror confrontation. Out of darkness and nightmare he comes for what he claims is rightfully his-but Angeluss is there before him. Two legendary monsters. One goal. Who will claim the prize?

Click Here to view cover. Available in October.

Fallen Angel #2Fallen Angel #2 Available This Week
Chris Ryall posted a five page preview of the issue on his blog. Click Here to view it.

In May 2010, IDW is releasing an archive collection of the first 21 issues of Fallen Angel. Issues #16-21 have never been collected before..

Click Here to view J.K. Woodward's alternate cover for Fallen Angel #2 (image to the left).

NEWS POSTED August 01, 2009

Bill Willingham takes over with Angel #28
Eddie Hope Pin-Up by David MessinaIDW revealed at the Angel Comic-Con panel that Bill Willingham (Vertigo's Fables) will be taking over as writer for the Angel ongoing starting with issue #28. Willingham revealed that Angel would be disappearing from the pages of his own book and that Connor would be taking over in his dad’s place for a while. Comic Book Resources spoke with him about the writing gig.

Bill Williams will be telling back-up stories in each issue, featuring a new character, left over from the struggles in Los Angeles, named Eddie Hope, a demon who hunts down the worst folks in L.A. who remain tainted by the effects of Hell on Earth. The back-ups will be drawn by David Messina, who revealed a first look at Hope in an interview with Buffyverse Comics, where he also talks about his work on Angel: Only Human mini-series.

Brian Lynch Angel Report from Comic Con '09
Brian Lynch informed readers at the IDW Comic-Con panel of a new tongue-in-cheek two-part story where Angel and Spike actually infiltrate San Diego Comic-Con because a movie has been made (in the comic) about Angel and his heroics after saving Los Angeles from Hell in the aptly titled Last Angel in Hell. The movie itself will be depicted in the 40-page Angel Annual in December 2009; the annual boasts Angel-centric meta-fictional advertisements as well.

Lynch will then leave the Angel title, to work on a Spike monthly with Franco Urru in 2010.

Click Here to view the full IDW Angel panel report from Comic Con, which covers the Drusilla two parter, Fallen Angel: Reborn series, Angel:Only Human, Angel: A Hole in the World (by Scott Tipton) and more information about Willingham's Angel run.

Click on the thumbnails below for full views of Angel #26 by Nick Runge and Stephen Mooney, Angel #27 by Stephen Mooney, and Spike #1 by Franco Urru respectively.

Angel #26 by Nick Runge Angel #26 by Nick Runge Angel #27 by Stphen Mooney Spike #1 out in 2010

Fallen Angel: Reborn #1Buffy Comic Con Panel '09
It was announced at the Comic Con Dark Horse panel that Joss Whedon and Karl Moline (Fray) will be working on a Willow One-Shot, with covers by Moline and Jo Chen. It will take place prior to Season Eight to explain the Snake Woman back story. Click Here for more information.

Scott Allie updated the Buffy Zone, with news of another Buffy short story by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline for Dark Horse Presents #25, whenever and wherever that sees light again.

Dr. Horrible Comic Con '09 Report
J. Scott Campbell's Dr. HorribleAs part of their One Shot Wonders which highlights the company's "biggest characters and properties in standalone comics," Dark Horse will be publishing a full length Dr Horrible prequel comic book later this year, which will be written by Zack Whedon and drawn by Joelle Jones. Click Here to read the press release.

Joëlle Jones posted character sketches for the upcoming Dr. Horrible comic on her blog.

Scott Allie confirmed that Felicia Day (who played Vi on Buffy and Penny on Dr. Horrible) will be writing 'The Guild' comic book based on the web series.

To the right is a skech by J. Scott Campbell, artist of the Buffy: Chaos Bleeds comic.

NEWS POSTED July 23, 2009

MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 3 TPBMySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 3 TPB Available Today
The third volume of the online comics anthology MySpace Dark Horse Presents digs deeply into Dark Horse's broad range of genres and iconic characters, including Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible. Click Here for more information.

Buffy GelaskinDark Horse Gelaskins for the iPhone
Dark Horse is releasing Gelaskins for your iPhone and laptops featuring some of Dark Horse’s most popular properties, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Click Here for more information.

NEWS POSTED July 18, 2009

Exclusive: Other Angel Drusilla #25 Covers!!!
IDW editor Chris Ryall has provided us exclusively with the other covers to Angel #25 by Franco Urru, Sam Shearon plus a photograph cover. (Until now only Nick Runge's cover had been revealed, and a low-res b/w version of Franco Urru's.) Click on the thumbnails below for full size views. posted a five page preview of Angel #24, available later this month. This is the first part of the Drusilla story which is penned by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch.

Angel #25 Drusilla by Franco Urru Angel #25 Drusilla by Sam Shearon Angel #25 Drusilla Photograph Cover

Georges Jeanty's Buffy #29 Cover Revealed
Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 Dark Horse posted Georges Geanty's alternate cover for Buffy #29: Retreat, a homage to DC Comics' Sgt. Rock and the Howling Commandos. Click Here to view it.

Dark Horse has also posted a 2-page preview of Buffy Season 8 #27. Click Here to view it.

Season Eight cover artist Jo Chen gives an interview with SlayerLit about her work on Buffy. Comic Book Resources posted Chen's cover for Star Wars: Invasion #4.

Buffy's Warren Mears in DC Comics Crossover?
Last week's Batman: Streets of Gotham #2's Manhunter co-feature, from writer Marc Andreyko and artist Georges Jeanty, chronicling Kate Spencer’s adventures in Batman’s city, featured the villain Jane Doe, a villain who has the appearance of a skinless woman.

Looks like Georges Jeanty is rendering Jane's appearance based on Buffy baddie, skinless Warren Mears. The image below features Jane Doe (left) and Warren Mears (right) and the eerie resemblance.

Jane Doe vs. Warren Mears

NEWS POSTED July 15, 2009

Buffy Season Eight #29 "Retreat" Solicitation
Buffy Season Eight #29 RetreatOz's temple in the Tibetan mountains is no longer a safe retreat for Buffy and her troops. Discovered by Twilight's magical agent, Amy, and bereft of their own magic, the army is preparing for a human war with guns, grenades, missiles... and MANPADS -- it's not a laughing matter. People are about to die.

But even without her own magic, Buffy is still a Slayer--the Slayer--and she has to lead the way to victory. Or at least ... live to fight another day. Click Here to view Massimo Carnevale's cover. Available October 7.

Angel After the Fall Vol. 4Angel: After the Fall Volume 4 HC Available Today
The excitement of After the Fall continues in this latest offering from Whedon and Lynch! This volume collects together issues #13-17 of the series. By Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, Stephen Mooney and Franco Urru.

Click Here to view the cover by Alex Garner.

Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 Available Today
Fallen Angel: Reborn #1Peter David and J.K. Woodward's Fallen Angel returns this week, and she's bringing Joss Whedon's Illyria from “Angel” along for the ride. Click Here to view Woodward's alternate cover.

Indie Pulp and CBR News both spoke with Woodward about “Fallen Angel: Reborn” #1.

Newsarama posted a preview of the issue with dialogue balloons. IDW editor Chris Ryall posted an additional page on his blog.

Joss Whedon's Sugarshock! Solicitation
SugarshockOriginally presented in the first online issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents, for which it won the Eisner Award for Best Web Comic, Sugarshock tells the story of a rock band led by charismatic but crazy Dandelion Naizen, a hyperactive singer/songwriter possessed of a mean hatred of Vikings (don't ask) and a mission for a secret government agency that may only exist in her head. But when her band, which includes a robot bass player, is enlisted in an intergalactic battle of the bands--emphasis on battle--Dandelion gets to prove herself as both singer and soldier. Dark Horse has more information. Click Here to view Fabio Moon's cover. October 21 2009.

NEWS POSTED July 08, 2009

MySpace Dark Horse Prents #24: Buffy Season 8: Always DarkestAngel: Not Fade Away #3 Available
IDW editor Chris Ryall posted a 5 page preview for the 3rd and final issue of the comic adaptation of 'Not Fade Away'. Click Here to view it.

Buffyverse Comic Reviews interviews Scott Tipton, who discusses his history with IDW and Angel as well as his new project, an "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" 5-part adaptation which launches in November.

NEWS POSTED July 03, 2009

'Always Darkest' - A Buffy Season Eight Tale
MySpace Dark Horse Prents #24: Buffy Season 8: Always DarkestJuly's "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" #24 features a new Buffy tale by Joss Whedon & Jo Chen! But it's not on MySpace. Comic Book Resources spoke with editor Sierra Hahn about the project and the publisher's relationship with the beleaguered social networking giant.

Season 8 editor Scott Allie was interviewed by Metal Crypt where among other things, discusses briefly with Buffy contest winner Robin Balzer.

Georges Jeanty's ManhunterSeason 8's Georges Jeanty's Manhunter Work
As previously reported, every issue of Batman: Streets of Gotham will feature a Manhunter co-feature, from writer Marc Andreyko and artist Georges Jeanty. Click Here to view inks and finished pages from Jeanty and inker Karl Story. The next issue is available July 15.

NEWS POSTED June 29, 2009

Buffy Season Eight #26 Available This Week
Buffy Season Eight #26: RetreatJane Espenson and Georges Jeanty present Buffy on the defensive in "Retreat." Newsarama has an expanded preview of Buffy Season 8 #26.

Eisner-nominated cover artist Jo Chen does a very special Buffy story in this week's MDHP Issue 24, as well as this week's cover to Star Wars: Invasion #1.

Buffy Season Eight Vol. 3: Wolves at the Gate TPB was nominated in the British Fantasy Society's "Best Comic - Graphic Novel" category.

Angel #23: After the Fall - EpilogueAngel #23: After the Fall - Epilogue Available This Week
Featuring the return of the Angel: After the Fall team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru, Comic Book Resources has a five page preview of the issue.

Fallen Angel writer Peter David discusses with BuffyFest about Illyria's role in the world of Bette Noire. Click on the thumbnails below to view full size Nick Runge's covers to issues #1-3 of Fallen Angel: Reborn respectively.

Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 Nick Runge Fallen Angel: Reborn #2 Nick Runge Fallen Angel: Reborn #3 Nick Runge

NEWS POSTED June 24, 2009

Angel #24: DrusillaAngel #25 "Drusilla" Solicitation
Juliet Landau continues her two-part Angel adventure that returns Drusilla to the fold in a bloody big way! Laundau, Lynch and Urru conclude Dru's adventure inside a special asylum, where she either just presided over an insane rampage, or imagined the entire thing... Available in September.

Juliet Landau promotes her story at SFX Magazine, interviewed by Tara Bennett, and also at SlayerLit.

Angel: Only Human #2Angel: Only Human #2 Solicitation
By Scott Lobdell and David Messina. They consider themselves the purest strain of demonsóthey are the Scourge! This race of demon supremacists are determined to liberate an enslaved Old One from the nether-bowels of... Texas! Fortunately Illyria and Fred are on hand to make sure that doesn't happen. That is, if she's not distracted by a passionate kiss from Fred's long ago prom date!. Available September. Click Here to view Messina's cover.

Fallen Angel Reborn #3Fallen Angel Reborn #3 Solicitation
By Peter David and J.K. Woodward. Across a frozen wasteland trudges Illyria, searching for the second of the three symbols of her power that will restore her to the all powerful demon goddess that she was... and the only one who can possibly stop her is the Fallen Angel. Presuming, that is, that she wants to. Available September 2009. Click Here to view J.K. Woodward's cover.

Angel: Blood & Trenches TPBJohn Byrne's Angel: Blood & Trenches TPB Solicitation
Blood & Trenches: In Europe, war ravages nations, but a greater darkness than human conflict calls Angel back across the ocean from his distant home in Americaóbodies of combatants found drained of blood, and signs of an ancient evil once more abroad in the world. An untold tale of Angel's WWI exploits!. Available September. Click Here to view the cover.

Angel: After the Fall Volume 5 HC Solicitation
Angel: Blood & Trenches TPBSpringing out of Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch's Angel: After the Fall storyline, novelist Kelley Armstrong comes aboard to explore the many repercussions following the explosive last issue of Angel: After the Fall. Artist Dave Ross also joins up to present the first arc of "Aftermath," wherein we learn who lived, who died, and who will be forever changed from the experience. Available September 2009. Click Here to view the cover.

NEWS POSTED June 17, 2009

Angel Aftermath #22 Available Today
Angel #22This issue marks the end of Kelly Armstrong's run on the series. Comic Book Resources has a five page preview of the issue.

In other news, Diamond Comics' Distributors this week released their Market Share Report and preliminary Sales Charts for comic books and graphic novels sold in May 2009. Buffy #25 "Living Doll" got the 14th position whilse Angel #21 lead the Top 50 Indie Comics chart.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #1Georges Jeanty Manhunter Back-Up Feature Available Today
Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 features a regular ongoing co-feature starring Manhunter written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Georges Jeanty. Click Here for more information.

Dark Horse released a three page preview of Buffy #26: Safe, featuring artwork from Jeanty Here.

NEWS POSTED June 10, 2009

Angel Drusilla News
Angel #24; Drusilla, Page 17 Chris Ryall released a page, courtesy of Franco Urru and Fabio Mantovani from the Drusilla arc in the pages of Angel Here.

Ryall also revealed he will be announcing the new ongoing Angel writer at the IDW panel this weekend at Comic-Con.

Comic Book Resources spoke with Ryall about the upcoming Angel: Only Human mini-series.

Angel #24; Drusilla, Page 17Angel: Blood And Trenches #4 Available Today
The concluding issue of John Byrne's Angel WWI epic! Half a mile above the blood soaked battlefields of France, Angel must face an ancient and terrible evil, while the fate of an Empire hangs in the bal

For a preview of the final issue, Click Here.

Buffy Season Eight, Dark Horse Related News
Star Wars: Invasion #1Dark Horse released a series of sketches and comments from Jo Chen, showing the steps that turn a conceptual sketch into a cover for her cover to Star Wars: Invasion #1 Here.

Scott Allie participated in another Q&A with our affiliate site, SlayAlive, where he revealed that there will be an upcoming Willow one-shot and other stories similar in vein to Tales of the Vampires.

Buffy Season 8: Wolves at the Gate has been nominated for a British Fantasy Award in the "Best Comic - Graphic Novel" category. More details can be found on the British Fantasy Society website.

Fabio Moon and Gabreil Bá talk about the process of creating the cover for "Tales of the Vampires" on their blog.

NEWS POSTED June 07, 2009

Buffy Season Eight #28 "Retreat" Solicitation
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires One-ShotThis month revisit Team Buffy and her army of Slayers at Oz's temple in the mountains of Tibet. Among the yaks, the Slayers and Wiccan troops attempt to suppress dangerous Magicks through meditation and hard labor. Buffy embraces this new lifestyle, but not everyone is convinced that leaving Magicks behind will solve any problems: among them, a resistant Willow, a doubtful Andrew, and a concerned Giles. For Buffy, the world has not been so peaceful... so honest... so full of feeling... in a long time -- too bad it's not going to stay that way! Available September 02.

Click Here to view Georges Jeanty's cover. Jo Chen's cover is located in the Season 8 section.

New Avengers: The ReunionBuffy Season Eight News
Season Eight cover artist extraordinaire Jo Chen illustrated last week's New Avengers: The Reunion. Click Here for more information.

Upcoming writer Brad Meltzer talks a bit about his Buffy Season Eight arc with Comic Book Resources.

Fray/Buffy: Time of Your Life artist Karl Moline illustrates next week's B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs #3.

Penny: Keep Your Head UpPenny: Keep Your Head Up - A Dr. Horrible tale
Zack Whedon and Jim Rugg tell Penny's back-story in the latest issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

Spike Omnibus News
IDW will be releasing a Spike Omnibus later this year, which will include: Lost & Found, Old Wounds, Old Times, Spike vs. Dracula, Asylum, & Shadow Puppets.

NEWS POSTED June 03, 2009

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires One-ShotBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires Available Today
Newsarama has a first look at this Season 8 Interlude tale. Newsarama also got to speak to the author Becky Cloonan about the one-shot Here.

Jane Espenson talks Buffy Season 8 with Comic Book Resources, discussing her upcoming arc "Retreat" and reveals some some preview art from #26.

Angel #21: AftermathAngel: Not Fade Away #2 Available Today
IDW editor Chris Ryall has posted a five page preview of the issue Here.

In other news, given the furor over the recently announced non-Whedon affiliated 'Buffy' movie, Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney give fans a unique take on what an 'Angel' movie would look like sans Joss Here.

NEWS POSTED May 28, 2009

Angel #24: DrusillaAngel #24 "Drusilla" Solicitation
"Drusilla" herself, Juliet Landau, enters the comics Whedonverse by co-writing alongside Brian Lynch a special two-parter that brings Drusilla into the After the Fall universe. As an added bonus, each issue will feature a special back-up pictorial with Landau, too. Written by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch, art by Franco Urru, covers by Sam Shearon, Franco Urru and Nick Runge. Available August. Click Here to view Sam Shearon's cover.

Angel: Smile Time HCAngel: Smile Time HC Solicitation