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NEWS POSTED March 23, 2010

Angel #31Angel #31 Available Now
While Connor tries to get his devoted army of demon soldiers under control, a new player steps up, and Illyria decides not to take Angel's continued absence lying down. Meanwhile, Eddie Hope finds out that being a force for justice has some major consequences..

Angel #31 came out last Wednesday. Click Here to view a five page preview.

Serenity: Float Out One-Shot Solicitation
Serenity: Float OutAcclaimed writer/actor/comedian Patton Oswalt brings back one of Firefly’s most beloved characters in this special spotlight issue! Always ready with a brilliant aerial maneuver and a terrible one-liner, Wash was pilot of the Firefly-class ship Serenity in Joss Whedon’s cult-classic TV series before being killed in the movie. Float Out includes three brand-new stories of Wash in a series of exciting smuggling raids, each providing a hair-raising escape or daring last-minute rescue! Featuring a cameo that will leave Serenity fans reeling, this special one-shot presents new tales of the Serenity universe’s past and tantalizing hints about its future! Available June 02. Click Here to view Frank Stockton's cover.

Buffy Season Eight News
TFAW posted a video from Emerald City ComiCon of Dark Horse Senior Editor Scott Allie making announcements about Buffy Seasons Eight and Nine and the upcoming Serenity comics. Comic Book Resources posted a transcript of the Dark Horse Panel Report.

In the break between Buffy #35 and 36, there will be a one-shot centered on Riley the purpose of which will be to explain a lot of the plot developments that have recently happened in "Season Eight." #36 will be out in September where Joss Whedon will conclude the writing of the final five-issue arc.

Scott Allie also spoke recently with Ain't It Cool News about the Whedonverse comics..

Buffy MugBuffy Mugs Solicitation
Buffy and the gang are back. This time they make an appearance on two sure-to-be-coveted eleven-ounce mugs. Both mugs feature classic Season 8 Buffy-comic cover art. You, too, can be a supernatural sleuth, or just drink coffee like one! Available August 18.

Click Here to view image full size.

The Guild #1The Guild #1 Available This Week
Internet phenomenon The Guild comes to comics, courtesy of series creator, writer, and star Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)! Felicia Day spoke with MTV Splash Page about bringing The Guild to comics and reveals two preview pages of The Guild #1.

This week also sees Dark Horse releasing The Dr. Horrible Comic Book App, which brings the comic straight to your iPhone. Click Here for more information.

NEWS POSTED March 10, 2010

Angel: A Hole in the World #4 Available Today
Angel: A Hole in the World #4After recovering her full powers, Illyria sets out to reclaim her position as ruler of the world, seeking her vast army that exists between our plain of existence and has been awaiting her return. Meanwhile, Wesley discovers Gunn’s horrifying role in Fred’s death and enacts his own kind of justice.

Pendragon's Post has posted a preview of the penultimate issue of the "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" adaptation.

Angel: Immortality for DummiesAngel: Immortality For Dummies Hardcover Cover Revealed
Chris Ryall posted on his blog Jenny Frisson's cover to the Angel: Immortality For Dummies hardcover. It will collect Angel #28-32.

Click Here to view the cover.

Serenity: the Shepherd's TaleSerenity: The Shepherd's Tale
Three years in the making, Dark Horse announced today that "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale" will dock in stores this November. An original hardcover graphic novel co-written by series creator Joss Whedon and his brother, "Terminator" and "Dr. Horrible" writer Zack Whedon, and illustrated by Chris Samnee, "The Shepherd's Tale" will reveal the intricate backstory of Derrial "Shepherd" Book, the soft-spoken preacher with a dark past. Allie and Samnee discuss the original hardback at Comic Book Resources.

Serenity: Float OutSerenity: Float Out One-Shot
Dark Horse has also announced a "Serenity" one-shot by Patton Oswalt and Patric Reynolds, which is expected to ship in June titled "Float Out."

MTV Splash Page discusses with Patton Oswalt about the upcoming Wash comic, and reveals Jo Chen's cover for the one-shot.

Oswalt also discusses Serenity over at Techland and reveals another cover by Frank Stockton.

Buffy #3Buffy Season Eight News
Comic Book Resources continued its monthly feature "Behind Buffy Season 8" with Brad Meltzer's commentary for Buffy #33.

Scott Allie participated in one last Q/A for Buffy #33 SlayAlive. Buffy #33 is the comic book discussion podcast iFanboy's Pick of the Week.

ComicsBeat revealed that Buffy Season Eight is still the best selling "indie" comic selling around 47,000 copies in January.

NEWS POSTED March 03, 2010

Buffy Season Eight #33 Available Today
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #33: Twilight part 2Acclaimed novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer continues his pivotal story arc! In this issue, Buffy finally confronts Twilight one on one!

Newsarama has posted preview pages for the issue along with an interview with Brad Meltzer about the Twilight-reveal. Buffyfest interviews Scott Allie about Twilight.

Season Eight artist Georges Jeanty participates in another SlayAlive Q/A for Buffy #32. His cover for Felicia Day's The Guild #1 comes out this week.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 6: Retreat TPB Buffy Season Eight Vol 6: Retreat TPB Available Today
Buffy Season Eight Volume 6 showcases the first retreat of the Slayer legion. Vampires have solid footing at the top of the totem and Slayers have been crushed to the bottom -- in short, no one likes Buffy anymore . . . least of all this season's mysterious Big Bad, Twilight, who is hot on her magical trail!

Click Here for more information.

Spike: The Devil You Know #1Spike: The Devil You Know #1 Artwork Revealed
IDW editor Chris Ryall revealed on his blog Franco Urru's colored cover for the Spike mini-series: Spike: The Devil You Know. It's written by Bill Williams, who's handling the "Eddie Hope" back-up strips in Angel now, with art by Chris Cross.

'Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem 2' Comic
Tales of the VampiresPart Two of the Tales of the Vampires by Jackie Kessler can now be read at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

NEWS POSTED February 18, 2010

Angel #33Angel #33 Solicitation
Now that Angel is back in the fold, Connor must readjust to life as the Chosen One's son. Lu ckily, he has an army of demon women at his beck and call. But nothing could really prepare anyone for what Illyria has in mind. Available in May.

Click Here to view Jenny Frisson's cover.

Angel Barbary Coast #2Angel: Barbary Coast #2 Solicitation
The New World is turning out to be more than Angel bargained for as he's confronted with a monstrous, mythical beast, and continues to try and find a "cure" for his painful new soul. But when the earth begins to shake, Angel finds himself facing the cause of one histories great "natural" disasters. Available in May.

Click Here to view Franco Urru's cover.

Angel: Last Angel in Hell Vol. 6 HC Solicitation
Last Angel in Hell Vol. 6In possibly the craziest Angel volume yet, we find out what happened to Gunn, Drusilla, Angel, and Spike in the aftermath of the Fall, which includes comas, insane asylums, a comic con, and even Angel's movie adaptation. With stories by fan-favorite writer Brian Lynch and a two-issue arc co-written by Drusilla herself, Juliet Landau, this collection shows you just how insane Angel's world can get. Available in May.

Click Here to view Stephen Mooney's cover.

Spike: After the Fall TPB Solicitation
Spike: After the Fall TPBPoet, vampire, murderer, lover, hero, prisoner, slave-Spike has been called a lot of things. But, by the time this fight is over, he'll have one more name: Lord! Or "dust"... maybe we'll just call him dust, considering how it seems things are going in his immediate future. But after enjoying this collection of the four-issue Spike: After the Fall series you'll be looking at the events of Angel: After the Fall in a whole new light, courtesy of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru! Available in May.

Click Here to view Tony Harris' cover.

NEWS POSTED February 16, 2010

Angel #30Angel #30 Available This Week
Things are not going so well for either our famously intrepid hero or his 'merry' band of assistant heroes. Spike and Gunn finds themselves committing rooftop shenanigans, Connor is in over his head back at the office, and Angel is starting to wonder if anyone is going to find him before he dies of boredom. And just what is Connor 'chosen' for, anyway?

Comics Continuum has a six page preview of the issue.

NEWS POSTED February 09, 2010

Buffy Season EIght #35Buffy Season Eight #35 "Twilight" Solicitation
Brad Meltzer concludes his blockbuster run on Buffy Season Eight! After last issue’s climactic encounter between Buffy and the unmasked Twilight, the Slayer army’s entire mission has been altered and the true nature of the threat they face has been revealed.

Click Here to view Jo Chen's cover. Click Here to view Georges Jeanty's cover. Available May 5.

Buffy Season Eight News
Comic Book Resources starts a new monthly feature called "Behind Buffy Season 8" with Scott Allie's commentary for Buffy #31 and #32. Amongst the insight into various panels, there's a teaser page from Buffy #33.

Scott Allie also discusses Buffy #32 over at his monthly Q&A with SlayAlive.

NEWS POSTED February 03, 2010

Buffy Season Eight #32 Available Today
Buffy Season Eight #32Series artist Georges Jeanty, acclaimed novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer and executive producer Joss Whedon begin the buildup to Season Eight's climax in the storyline that finally reveals the identity of Twilight!

io9.com reviewed Brad Meltzer's writing debut in Buffy #32 as "a return to form for the series". Other reviews have surfaced from UK IGN and CBR News.

Georges Jeanty discusses Buffy with Comic Book Resources and Ultim'Art Convention.

'Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem' Comic
Tales of the VampiresPart One of a new Tales of the Vampires by Jackie Kessler debuts today at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

Angel Hole in the World #3Angel: A Hole in the World #3 Available Today
Courtesy of IDW, Comic Book Resources shared an exclusive 5-page preview of the fan-favorite episode adaptation by Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande.

IDW editor Chris Ryall posted another so-far-unannounced Angel-related project in the works, starring Spike and is being drawn by Chris Cross, with inks by Marc Deering. Click Here to view the image on his blog.

NEWS POSTED January 26, 2010

Buffy Season Eight #35 Cover Revealed
Buffy Season Eight #35Georges Jeanty talks with SlayAlive and Comics Alliance about the Twilight reveal and shows the cover to Buffy Season Eight Twilight Part 4 #35. Click Here to view Jeanty's cover.

Scott Allie spoke with SlayAlive and iFanboy in a podcast interview where he talks about Twilightgate and news regarding Season Nine.

The American Library Association picked Buffy Wolves at the Gate TPB as one of their 2010 graphic novels that met "the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens".

Angel #33Angel #33 Cover Revealed
IDW editor Chris Ryall posted Jenny Frison's cover for Angel #33 on his blog.

Click Here to view Jenny Frison's cover.

NEWS POSTED January 19, 2010

Angel Barbary Coast #1Angel: Barbary Coast #1 Solicitation
A recently souled Angel is on a quest for a "cure" in San Francisco when, of course, something goes horribly wrong. Seeking out a Chinese healer, Angel encounters a mysterious girl with a strange tattoo, and quickly learns that life in early 1900s America is full of surprises... Available April 2010.

Click Here to view Dan Panosian's cover. Franco Urru's cover is located in the Angel @ IDW section.

Angel #32Angel #32 Solicitation
As more vampires start running around Hollywood, Connor and crew must figure out a way to stop the carnage and deal with his little merry band of demon girls. Meanwhile, Angel has it out with his captors, before learning that things really can get weirder than he thought. Available April 2010.

Click Here to view Jenny Frison's cover.

Angel A Hole in the World #5Angel: A Hole in the World #5 Solicitation
The harrowing conclusion to two fan-favorite episodes follows Angel, Wesley, and Spike as they try to stop Illyria from resurrecting her army and taking over L.A. But it’s Illyria who makes a shocking discovery no one was prepared for when she finally steps into her temple, just as Angel discovers there’s no way to resurrect Fred. Available April 2010.

Click Here to view Elena Casagrande's cover.

NEWS POSTED January 18, 2010

Preview: Tales Of The Vampires: Carpe Noctem
Tales of the VampiresThe Buffyverse short story “Carpe Noctem” which will be seen in MySpace Dark Horse Presents #31 in February has been leaked early on MTV Splash Page where you can read the first eight pages.

Click Here to read an interview with author Jackie Kessler about her Buffy Season Eight webcomic.

Buffy Season Eight News
A preview for Buffy Season Eight #32 has been posted courtesy of Newsarama.

Geeky Reflection takes an indepth look at how the big Twilight reveal could impact on the 'verse.

Meanwhile Georges Jeanty spoke about Twilight-gate with SlayAlive.

NEWS POSTED January 13, 2010

Buffy Season Eight #34 Twilight Solicitation
Buffy Season Eight: Twilight Vol 7 TPBTwilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together in a bizarre twist! Click Here to view Georges Jeanty's cover. Click Here to view Jo Chen's cover. Available April 7. Beware, heavy spoilers.

CBR News goes into Twilight's reveal, revealing the cover to the seventh trade paperback by Jo Chen.

Buffy Season Eight #31 Available This Week
Buffy Season Eight #31Scott Allie spoke about Twilight-gate with BuffyFest, and later apologized for the reveal on his Dark Horse blog.

Joss Whedon spoke with MTV about the Twilight reveal, as well as in a three part interview with Comic Book Resources Here and Here.