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NEWS POSTED December 28, 2006

Astonishing X-Men #19Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #19 Available Today
Whedon and Cassaday's final story arc of Astonishing X-Men begins with issue #19, part one of "Unstoppable." After dealing with Cassandra Nova and the Hellfire Club, the X-Men are off to protect the Earth from certain destruction by Breakworld.

Pop Culture Shock has a four page preview of the issue. Click Here to redirect to view.

Angel: Spotlight TPBAngel: Spotlight TPB Out Today
This special collection compiles five one-shots focusing on different members of Angel's supporting cast, each from a different creative team -- Peter David and Nicoloa Scott focus on Illyria; Dan Jolly and Mark Pennington handle Gunn; Scott Tipton and Mike Norton feature Wesley; Jeff Mariotte and David Messina present Doyle; And Jay Faerber and Bob Gill offer up a tale of Conner. Click Here to view the cover.

NEWS POSTED December 24, 2006

Geroges Jeanty's Alternate Cover Jeanty's Variant Issue #1 Cover
Scott Allie revealed more details about Buffy Season 8 to Newsarama.

*Joss Whedon will be writing the first, middle, and last arc.
*The second arc will feature Faith, and it'll be written by Brian K. Vaughan.
*Jeph Loeb will be writing the third arc

Click Here to view a larger version of Georges Jeanty's alternate cover to issue #1.

The Monster Guide"Buffy Comic Monster Guide" website updated
Click Here to redirect. All the old biographies have been revised, along with new artwork and two new bios.

NEWS POSTED December 21, 2006

Dark Horse 100 CoverDark Horse 100 Cover
This spring, Dark Horse will be sending 100 winning retailers 10 free alternate cover versions of the season's most anticipated new series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The copies have a cover reproduced from the original pencil art of the variant cover from artist Georges Jeanty.

Simply register to win on the Dark Horse Retailer registration site and 100 lucky winners will be drawn at random. Click Here to view a larger version of the cover.

Buffy: the Next SeasonBuffy Season Eight Comic Book Writers Announced
In an interview with Wizard Magazine, Joss Whedon announced Brian K. Vaughan is on board to write an arc. Doug Petrie, who wrote Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ring of Fire GN, was announced on Whedonesque that he will join the writing staff.

NEWS POSTED December 17, 2006

Diamond's Buffy Season 8Buffy Season Eight gets spotlight in Diamond Comics' PREVIEWS
The new season gets the front cover spot of the publication, which is mainly used by retailers from the US and importers from all over the world. January '07 PREVIEWS will be on sale December 22. Click Here to view the cover full size.

Spike Asylum #4Spike: Asylum #4 Out This Week
Spike: Asylum #4 scheduled to come out December 20. This issue features a guest appearance by Lorne, everyone's favorite musical empath demon. Click Here to view Franco's cover. Matt Bush's is in Spike@IDW.

Spike: Asylum writer Brian Lynch announced on his MySpace profile that he has another book with Asylum artist Franco Urro coming out from IDW in May 2007.

Bruce Timm's SlayersSite News
To the right this sketch of Buffy, Faith and Kendra by Bruce Timm, a writer and artist working in comics, most well known for his contributions building the modern DC Comics animated franchise. Click Here to view the image full size.

In other news, We've Moved! We are now officially a member of the Hellmouth Central family. Check out the Introduction section for information on our move.

NEWS POSTED December 12, 2006

Angel: Old FriendsAngel: Old Friends Cover Gallery Available This Week
When Joss Whedon's Angel's adventures continued within the comics scene, he didn't come alone. Carrying on his continuing new adventures were some of the best artists in comics, including Dustin Evans, Zach Howard, Lee Kohse, series artist David Messina, and many more. This special collection offers up all the cover art, including hard-to-find variants and photo covers, from all five issues of Angel: Old Friends in one beautiful volume.

Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #21 Solicitation
Written by Joss Whedon, Pencils & cover by John Cassaday. "Unstoppable," part 3 of 6. Ord and his people of Breakworld lead the charge to take down the X-Men and S.W.O.R.D. And when this fight's over... Not everyone is coming back! Available March 14 2007.

NEWS POSTED December 11, 2006

Joss Whedon reveals more details @ Fanboy Radio
Fanboy Radio host, Scott Hinze, managed to get Joss Whedon to spill some more beans about the upcoming comic:

*Xander has been confirmed as the third Scooby to appear in the initial arc.
*Riley and his wife may show up but nothing is set right now as the writers of the comic are going to start with the core characters.
*The Immortal will also be showing up. (Previews from the comic revealed that it was not Buffy who was dating the Immortal as revealed in Angel TV episode "The Girl in Question," but rather another Slayer posing as Buffy.)

Click Here to listen to the full interview with Joss.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Eighth Wonder
In an exclusive interview with the official Buffy & Angel magazine, Senior Managing Editor for Dark Horse Comics Scott Allie revealed more information about the upcoming Buffy comic:

*The initial storyarc will be four issues.Buffy & Angel Issue #28
*This first arc will only feature Buffy, Dawn and one other Scooby member. Willow and Giles won't be appearing until later.
*Though IDW holds the rights to Angel and Spike, Joss will still be able to use the characters at some point in his run.
*Despite fan demand, Allie decided not to bring back über-Buffy artist Cliff Richards, realizing that the relaunch needed a fresh look.
*Allie hinted that Georges Jeanty will not be the only artist pencilling the series.

NEWS POSTED December 09, 2006

Site Updates
The Xander biography in the 'BtVS: Who's Who?' section has been updated with a new Season Seven - Eight section that highlights Xander's recent history under the thrall of Dracula. Look for tons of updates to the biographies once the new Buffy comic comes out. The 'Slayers Through The Ages' section has been also been somewhat revised. In other news, We're moving! By the new year, we will have left Geocities and moved to the HMC family, who have been so kind as to offer a place to hang our hat - this move will allow for more webspace, as well as bringing in more viewers. Keep watching this space for more information about our move.

'Unstoppable' Astonising X-Men Variants
X-Men Variant: CyclopsMarvel Comics has given a first look at John Cassday's variant cover for this month's Astonishing X-Men #19, beginning the "Unstoppable" arc. The variant covers will ship in a 50/50 ratio with the regular covers of the series, and each variant issue, up to #24, will feature a different member of the "Astonishing" team. Each of the six issues will fit together to make one large image. Astonishing X-Men #19 in stores December 27. Click Here to view John Cassaday's #19 cover.

Angel & Spike: The Premiere Editions
These oversized hardcover collections collecting all of IDW's Angel and Spike related series (sans Angel: Spotlight). Weighing in at over 350 pages of Angel-awesomeness, this is the must-have collectible Angel fans have been waiting for. The Angel collection is available August 25 2007, while the Spike collection will be available June 25 2007.

sNEWS POSTED December 08, 2006

Buffy @ TV GuideThe Complete Joss Whedon Q&A
Joss Whedon was recently interviewed by TVGuide.com about the upcoming Buffy Season 8 comic. Click Here to read the interview, along with a five page preview of the first issue.

Serenity Returns To Dark Horse
As previously reported, Joss Whedon will be resurrecting his 'Firefly' franchise with a new mini-series, Serenity: Better Days. Comics Continuum reported that Adam Hughes will be providing at least one cover.

NEWS POSTED December 07, 2006

Georges Jeanty Interview @ HMC
The Upcoming Buffy artist sat down with Buffy fan-site HMC www.HellmouthCentral.com for an exclusive interview, answering Buffy fan questions.

"When I found out that Joss was writing the first arc, my excitement rose even more. That Georges Jeanty was going to be doing the art on it, well, that just put the icing on the cake..." Hooked? Click Here to read it.

Speculation: A Glorious Return(?)
GloryBack in November, Georges Jeanty informed HMC that he had to watch Season Five of Buffy to reference a specific scene in the upcoming comic, which is set in Season Eight. Now Dark Horse has revealed through their solicitation for the first issue that an old enemy is returning to bring misery to the Scoobies.

Could hell-god Glory be the mystery villain? Portrayed throughout Season Five and an episode of Season Seven by actress Clare Kramer, Glory was killed off in the Season Five season finale, and made her comic-debut in a brief cameo in the Buffy comic, "Chaos Bleeds" which served as a prequel for the video game of the same name.

Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1 Retailer Incentive Cover by David MessinaAngel: Old FriendsAngel: Auld Lang Syne #2 Available This Week
By Scott Tipton & David Messina. Click Here to view David Messina's cover. Click Here to view the retailer incentive cover. Stephen Mooney's cover is located in the Angel@IDW section.

IDW Publishing's Spike Wallpaper
Auld Lang Syne #2IDW has released in their wallpaper gallery, a scene from Angel: Auld lang Syne #2, where Spike struggles with his "demons." The wallpaper comes in three sizes: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1024x786.

2009 UPDATE: The wallpapers have been removed from IDW's site.

Buffy Wizard News
Buffy Season Eight will be a highlight in the upcoming Wizard #184 2007 Preview Issue, hitting comic stores December 20 and on newsstands January 2, 2007.

NEWS POSTED December 05, 2006

Solicitation for Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol. II #1Fans got a preview of what life was like for Buffy after Season Seven in the short story "Antique" published back in 2004's Tales of the Vampires mini-series. Now Joss gives fans what they've been asking for - Buffy Season Eight!

Since the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers-newly legion-have gotten organized and are kicking some serious undead butt. But not everything's fun and firearms, as an old enemy reappears and Dawn experiences some serious growing pains... Available March 07, 2007. Click Here to view Jo Chen's cover art for the issue. Check out the 'BtVs Season Eight' section for more information.

Solicitation for Angel: Auld Lang Syne #5
Angel: Auld Lang Syne #5Angel and Spike put their heads together to discover who's been manipulating them from afar! And what better way to get to the bottom of things than some good old-fashioned breaking and entering! It's an all-vampire museum heist! Written by Scott Tipton (Spike: Lost and Found) with full art and colors provided by David Messina (Angel: Old Friends). Stephen Mooney (CSI: Dying in the Gutters) provides a variant cover, too." Available March 2007. Click Here to view David Messina's cover.

Solicitation for Angel Scriptbook Vol. 2 TPB
Angel March 2007This collection offers five scripts of some of the very best Angel episodes pulled from its five-season run, including the fan-favorite "Smile Time" and the series finale "Not Fade Away," scripted by Jeffrey Bell and series creator Joss Whedon. Also included are "I Will Remember you," "You're Welcome," "Conviction" and "In The Dark," which were never published as comic book scriptbooks. Each complete shooting script includes original illustrations inspired by the episodes by artist Jeff Johnson." Available March 2007.

NEWS POSTED December 03, 2006

Spike takes a "trip..." ho. ho. ho. we amuse ourselves.Preview for Angel Auld Lang Syne #2
IDW Publishing released a color page from Angel: Auld Lang Syne #2 by series artist David Messina. Click Here to preview. IDW Publishing has delayed the release date of the book to sometime in December.

Fractal Matters interviewed IDW editor Chris Ryall about Spike: Asylum among other topics.

Interview with Angel Writer Scott Tipton
"At the vanguard of the massive resurgence in Angel's popularity as a comic series, Scott Tipton is one of the new breed of writers coming up at IDW. His combination of cerebral plotting, a keen ear for dialogue and a deep, abiding love for all things Angel means he's become the go to guy for fans of the world's most caveman browed vampire. We talked to him about his time at IDW, his relationship with Chris Ryall, what his geekiest posession is and just how rock and roll the life of a comic writer is. The answers may surprise you. He may also be joking..." Click Here to read the full interview.

NEWS POSTED December 01, 2006

Karl Moline's Fray"Joss Whedon Fray" website updated
Click Here to redirect to our sister site.

NEWS POSTED November 29, 2006

Serenity Better DaysJoss Whedon Comic Book News
In addition to relaunching Buffy Season Eight in comic book format for March, Joss is currently wrapping up his run on Marvel's Astonishing X-Men with his final arc "Unstopabble," and following it up with a Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1, slated for later in 2007.

February sees Joss take over for Brian K. Vaughn for a six-issue stint on Marvel's Runways with issue #25, with New Excalibur artists Michael Ryan. In the fall Joss is resurrecting Serenity, with a three issue mini-series titled "Better Days," along with co-writer Brett Mathews and artist Will Conrad, taking place before the movie.

Angel Scriptbook Vol. 1 TPBAngel Scriptbook Volume 1 TPB Available Today
Angel Scriptbook Vol. 1 collects the scripts from 'City of', 'A Hole in the World', 'Spin the Bottle', 'Waiting in the Wings' and 'Five by Five'.

Click Here for more information.

Last Man Standing: Vampirella vs. Buffy
WIZARD answered fan boy dreams by pitting vampire legend Vampirella against the Slayer of vampires.

Who wins? Click Here to find out!

Buffy the Vampirella Slayer

"Buffy" Cover Artist Jo Chen
Jo Chen, most well known to American comic readers as the cover artist of Marvel Comics' Runaways is also the upcoming artist for Dark Horse's relaunch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She gave us the exclusive details that she had recently finished the cover for the third issue. Click here to view her personal website.

NEWS POSTED November 22, 2006

Buzz Parker's 'Fray the Slayer'"Joss Whedon Fray" website updated
Future Slayer, Melaka Fray, made her latest appearance in a pin-up for Dark Horse's 20th Anniversary 25 Cent Issue that was done by Emily the Strange creator Buzz Parker. Click Here to visit to the "Fray" Site.

Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1 Available Today
Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1 Retailer Incentive by David MessinaAngel: Auld Lang Syne #1 by David MessinaKeeping with the grand tradition of the comic book world, IDW launch a team-up mini-series. Angel and Spike. The two vampires with a soul in a new adventure. Fan favourite Scott Tipton writes the story with David Messina drawing it. Click Here to view David Messina's cover. Click Here to view the retailer incentive cover.

EW's Buffy!A "Buffy" comic! Joss Whedon gives us a sneak peek
Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen chats with the cult-TV master about what he sees as "Season Eight " of his beloved show. Click Here to read the article and get a sneak peak at the comic

NEWS POSTED November 16, 2006

Site Update: NEW FORMAT!!!
Buffy News
So I've decided to update the main page (what you're viewing right now) yet again, and make it a bit more user friendly. With the upcoming relaunch of the Buffy Comic a few months away, this page will serve as both an index for updates to this site, as well acting as a source for Buffy comic related news & information. If you come across an article that relates at all to the Buffy comic or other comic work of Joss Whedon, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll post it up right away. Also, please feel free to add us to your friends list on MySpace, and help spread the word!

Buffy, Back From The Dead @ Wizard Universe
"You thought the story of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended with the TV show? Think again! This March, your favorite slayer returns for 'Season Eight,' in a new series from Dark Horse Comics written by the television series' creator, Joss Whedon!"

"Whedon will return to his cult-classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer with superstar artist Georges Jeanty. The series will follow in the tradition of the television show by running in 'seasons,' with a host of smaller arcs within..." Click Here to read the rest of the article.

Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men #18 Available
Astonishing X-Men #18Astonishing X-Men #18, concluding to the arc "Torn," finally came out this week! Click Here to preview.

"Scott has recovered from Emma's attack and shoots the White Queen he finds in the basement with Kitty and Peter. He then proceeds to shoot the rest of the Hellfire Club, explaining "I'm an X-Man. I don't shoot people. I'm just trying to make a point." What point exactly? That the Hellfire Club isn't really there." Hooked? Click Here to read the rest of the review.

NEWS POSTED November 11, 2006

Buffy Omnibus
To coincide with the upcoming relaunch of Buffy, Dark Horse will be releasing a Buffy Omnibus early next year, which will collect the entire BtVs Vol. 1 series in six or seven volumes, in addition to other Buffy-related stories printed in other Dark Horse books with the exception of Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires.

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie informed me that the Omnibus will be arranged by storyline chronology. This most likely means that the first volume of the Omnibus will collect the "Buffy: Year One" storyline that ran through issues 51-63, and short story published in the Dark Horse one-shot Reveal #1, "Angels We Have Seen on High."

Jeph Loeb To Write Buffy
Jeph Loeb
Comics Continuum has reported that Jeph Loeb will be writing an arc of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, the new Dark Horse Comics series picking up from where the television show ended.

Jeph's son, Sam, who passed away in 2005 at the age of 17 after a three-year battle with cancer, had collaborated with artist Tim Sale for the 2004 short story "Some Like It Hot" in Tales of The Vampires #5.

NEWS POSTED November 09, 2006

Solicitation for Angel: Auld Lang Syne #4
Angel: Auld Lang Syne #4 David Messina
Angel and Spike put their heads together to discover who's been manipulating them from afar! And what better way to get to the bottom of things than some good old-fashioned breaking and entering! It's an all-vampire museum heist! Written by Scott Tipton with full art and colors provided by David Messina. Stephen Mooney provides a variant cover, too. Click Here to view David Messina's cover. Available February 2007.

Spike: Asylum #3Spike: Asylum #3 Available Now
Asylum writer Brian Lynch speaks to Broken Frontier about the sereies, as well as the challenges of writing licensed comics, interaction with fandom and some of his favorite Buffyverse episodes and plots Here.

Click Here to view Franco Urru's Asylum #4 cover. Matt Bush's cover is located in the Spike@IDW section.

NEWS POSTED October 26, 2006

Georges Jeanty Buffy HeadsGeorges Jeanty speaks to the Comics Continuum
"I've finished the first issue," Jeanty told The Continuum on at the Motor City Comic-Con in Novi, Mich. "I hope to finish everything by December."

Jeanty said he's enjoyed working with writer and Buffy creator Joss Whedon, who hand-picked him for the project, which picks up from the end of the television series.

"He's a full-script kind of guy. Everything is there," Jeanty said. "But I will talk to him about specifics. He's very, very giving."

Jeanty was originally concerned in dealing with likenesses, but he said that's working out well.

Spike: Asylum #3Angel: Masks Available this week
Click Here to view Zach Howard's cover.

IGN has a sneak peak at each of the four special stories in this Halloween-themed annual. Click Here to view.

Astonishing X-Men #20 Solicitation
Written by Joss Whedon, Pencils & cover by John Cassaday. "Unstoppable" Part 2 (of 6) The secret is out! With the knowledge that Colossus is the mutant destined to destroy Breakworld, what will Ord's next move be?! And what exactly has happened to Cyclops?!

NEWS POSTED July 18, 2006

First Look at New Buffy Comic
Astonishing X-Men Line-UpFrom comics she was born, and to comics she shall return: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's post-cancellation adventures will soon begin anew penned by Joss Whedon himself in the pages of Dark Horse Comics. Here's the cover image by artist Jo Chen. Dark Horse will debut issue 1 at Comic-Con this week. Click Here to view he cover tin full size.

So what's going on in the extended Buffyverse? Well, you may recall the show ended with the creation of an army of Slayers. Now they're organized, and the tide has turned in favor of the good guys. Ah, but you know how much Whedon hates winners: Soon an "old enemy" surfaces, and Dawn starts "experiencing serious growing pains."

Buffy Season Eight News
He wasn't a fan when the show was on the air, but Georges Jeanty loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer now.

Jeanty, who had never watched the show through its seven seasons on The WB and UPN, was Buffy creator Joss Whedon's hand-picked selection as artist for Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Buffy series, which serves as a "Season 8," picking up where the show ended on UPN.

"They were nice enough to send me the DVDs from the last two seasons," Jeanty told the Continuum. "And I really missed out on something, how good it actually is and how comic-related it is." Click Here for more.

EW's Buffy!All Other Article Entries
This isn't all for the Comic Book Guide to BtVs' News Updates - you can read the rest by clicking on one of the below links!

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