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Welcome to the Comic Book Monster Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The purpose of this site is get people more aware of the phenomenon that is Buffy comics. This site acts as an internet encyclopedia of all the various monsters that Buffy has faced in the various Dark Horse related comic book series. This site only features those demons, monsters and beyond that have appeared inthe comics, not on the television show or any of the BtVS related prose novels. Some creatures such as the Master or Spike and Dru have ventured from the hit television show to the comics. Therefore, you'll find bios of them on this site, but only relating to their comics history. For instance, on the television show, the Master's followers are the order of Aurelius, while in the comics his followers are the Eidu Congregation. Can you guess which one will be mentioned on this site? Listed below are news and updates relating to this site as well as site affiliates. Please e-mail me any questions or comments.


A brand new biography for Ragginor (from Dark Horse Presents #150: DHP2K) has been added to the Season Four section. The Harmony Kendall biography has been updated.


Brand new biographies have been added for Lady Genevieve Savidge, The Sephrilian, Twilight, Toru and Harth Fray in the Season Eight section. The Harmony Kendall, Dracula, Amy Madison and Warren Mears biographies have been updated or revised.


Brand new biographies have been added for General Voll and Yamanh of Hoht in the Season Eight section. The Amy Madison, Warren Mears, San Sui, and Stinger biographies have been revised. New sub-biographies have been added for Marty in the Fair Quinn biography, Verona's Mother in the Baron Samedi biography, and the Blood of Carthage in the Vraka biography, along with pictures of each of these monsters. Images have been revised or replaced the old ones in the following biographies: Lothos, Marcus & Mary Lou Sidle, Malignancy Spirits, Fair Quinn, Stinger, Hooligans and Mad Jack.


The Ethan Rayne biography has been completed, based on what transpired in Buffy Season Eight #4. Season One baddie Catherine Madison, mother of Amy, made a brief appearance also in this issue. Props to Georges Jeanty for doing an excellent job of capturing the actress' likeness.


With the Buffy comic currently being rebooted by Joss Whedon to answer what Season Eight would have been, watch this site over the course of 2007 and onwards for new biographies, the first being Amy the Witch, with more to follow! Some of the biographies summarize several characters in one, such as in the case of Ylisandroth or Fair Quinn. Also any of the bios of creatures who also appeared on the television show, most likely contain excerpts from the novel, Buffy: the Monster Book.


In 2007, Buffy the Vampire Slayer sees new life in the pages of a new comic book that reveals what Season Eight would have been had the television show continued, plus its canon and is being spearheaded by series creator Joss Whedon! Watch this site over the course of 2007 onwards for new biographies, the first being Amy the Witch, with more to follow!











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