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One Millions Years B.C.

    Three elders from local villages got together and thought of a plan to rid their village of vampires. They mystically implanted a girl with the essence of a demon. It is suggested that this demonic energy originates from the same source that gives power to the vampires. She had incredible strength, stamina and a predatorial instinct, but lost her humanity in the process.

    The Slayer hunted and killed vampires, but her own people mistook her for a demon, due to her superhuman powers, and expelled her from their vllage out of fear. The Shadow-Men failed to find her, thus she never had someone to guide her. The Shadow-Men's descendants became the Watchers and eventually the Watchers' Council. When this Slayer died, her power passed on to another girl. The Slayer lineage had begun.

    The first Slayer, also known as the Primitive, emerged in the dreams of Buffy Summers, to stop Buffy from the 'damage collision course' that she was on, and showed that her duties as the Slayer were about saving people and not just slaying.

11th Century
    Europe, The Dark Ages: A Slayer is slaughtered by the vampire lord Lothos, who used a minion to lure her out of hiding. The moment she was killed, another girl replaced her.

    France, Gothic Period: Adja was a Slayer from the 11th century, who was sent through time to prevent the demon Karfarnaum from assassinating Buffy Summers, whom Adja's people believed would be the savior of mankind. Karfarnaum managed to pinpoint Buffy's location to Sunnydale, California, but did not know when she lived. Jumping through Sunnydale's various time periods, Karfarnaum finally found Buffy in the year 2000, when she was a student at UC Sunnydale. Adja caught up to Karfarnaum and intervened in time to save Buffy 's life. The presence of two simultaneous Slayers confused Karfarnaum, and mistook Adja for Buffy and killed her.

14th Century
    England, 1398: A young Slayer saved a walled medieval town from the vampire St. Just, easily slaying him and his horde. The entire town bore witness to the fight including young girls who admired her and were inspired by her to stand up for themselves. The men did not like this, so as the 'Righteous' Slayer slept, men broke into her house and grabbed her from bed. They dubbed her a witch, because only a witch could have defeated the vampires so easily and burned her at the stake. Her watcher avenged her death by opening the town gates, allowing legions of vampires to feast on the whole town.

17th Century
    Japan: Yuki Makimura was a Slayer who was turned by the powerful vampire The Master. As a vampire, Yuki gave her complete loyalty to the Master, prompting The Watcher's Council, who were so disgraced by this turn of events, to erase all their records of her time as the Slayer. She served the Master from her station in Japan until learning of his death in 1997 at the hands of Buffy Summers.

    Yuki ventured to Sunnydale where the Master's essence remained, and kidnapped one of Buffy's friends to use as a vessel for the Master to inhabit. Buffy and her friends interrupted the ritual, and destroyed the Master's essence. Blinded by her rage, Yuki became careless and gave Buffy the winning edge she needed to dust her.

18th Century
    Hong Kong, China, 1750: A Chinese prostitute discovered her calling when she was ambushed by a horde of vampires that resided in the basement of the brothel she worked at.

    Paris, 1789: Claudine, a Slayer during the height of the French Revolution, was tricked by her Watcher, a member of the Bourgeoisie, to kill an innocent aristocrat.

19th Century
    Somersetshire, England, 1813: Elizabeth saw that the life of a lady offered many limitations. In order to live as a free woman, she posed as nobleman Edward Weston, and used this guise to lull female vampires into a false sense of security.

    Lucy Hanover: A Slayer during the 19th century, Lucy resided on the ghost roads after her death, helping lost souls find their way to their rewards. In the 21st century, Lucy's spirit was called upon to act as an oracle for Buffy Summers regarding the return of a powerful demon. As a ghost, Lucy had the ability to possess unconscious or dead people, and assisted Buffy in battle to defeat the demon. After the battle, Lucy resumed her duties as guardian of the spirit world.

    Naayee Neizghani: This Slayer, whose name means "Monster Killer," was killed by a vampire that had also killed her Watcher. Their battle was fought on the then-unnamed and yet to be established Sunnydale.

    Xin Rong: China, 1900, Xin Rong was killed during the Boxer Rebellion by the vampire Spike. Xin's family attempted avenge Xin's death by sending her brothers after Spike and Drusilla. They tracked Spike and his partner Drusilla down in Chicago, Illinois, 1933, but were slaughtered in their attempt to kill the vampires.

20th Century

    Africa: A Slayer, during the early 20th century is overpowered and drained by a vampire.

    New York City, 1937: Rachel O'Connor used an unorthodox method of vampire slaying, slumming through the bleak streets of New York, pretending to be blind and slayed with pencils. She was recruited by an undercover anti-Nazi organization (OSS) to stop a Nazi agent from delivering an evil Djinn to his superiors in Germany. No match for the Djinn physically, Rachel tricked the demonic entity into a bottle and sealed it, and left it to rot in a train station locker.

    Anni Sonemblume circa 1938Nuremburg, Germany, 1938: As part of Hitler's Youth, Anni Sonemblume needed to learn what real evil was - vampires or racism. She decided to fight the Nazis as well as vampires and demons.

    Harlem, NY, 1977: Nikki Wood was an African American Slayer encountered a monstrous bat creature that had been shipped to New York by a vampire drug lord. Nikki fought the creature and steered it into a speeding subway train. She was later killed by the vampire Spike.

    Los Angeles, CA, 1996: Buffy Summers was called as the Slayer. Her Watcher Merrick revealed that a Magyar peasant and an Indian princess had both been Slayers at some point. Merrick had trained five other Slayers that were all killed by the vampire-lord, Lothos. Losing Merrick during an initial confrontation with Lothos, Buffy later dusted the vampire and his legion of undead. Afterwards, Buffy moved to Sunnydale, CA, which rested atop a Hellmouth, and was appointed a new Watcher, Rupert Giles. Buffy was briefly killed by the Master, when he drowned her, but she resuscitated through CPR minutes later.

    Jamaica, 1997: Buffy Summers met a Jamaican named Kendra, who revealed to Buffy that she was the appointed Slayer when Buffy was pronounced dead.

    Sunnydale, 1998: Following Kendra's death, a new Slayer, Faith, was called. Faith later betrayed Buffy and allied herself with Buffy's enemy, the Mayor. During a fierce battle, Buffy gutted Faith and put her into a coma.

21st Century
    Sunnydale, 2001: During an apocalyptic battle, Buffy sacrificeed her life to close a magical vortex that was causing dimensions to bleed into one another. Buffy Anne Summers circa 1998She was resurrected 187 days later.

    Los Angeles, 2003: An unnamed 'Scythe Activated' Slayer dusted a vampire before it could kill a hapless old man in bed. Unbeknownst to the Slayer, the vampire was the father of the old man and had no intention of harming him.

    Transylvania, 2004: Buffy, Kira, and another Scythe Activated Slayer broke into the stronghold of the legendary vampire, Vlad Dracula, in an effort to rescue Buffy's friend Xander, who had been placed in a trance to serve as Dracula's manservant. After a brief battle, Dracula finally agreed to release Xander from the trance and returned him to Buffy.

    Scotland, 2005: The Slayer population of the world has gone from two to nearly two thousand. Almost five hundred are working around the world with Buffy's organization in squads.

    The Final Battle: An apocalyptic battle erupted that ended with the Slayer along with all demons and magics banished from this earthly dimension. The line continued - there were girls with the power, but they were never called, never trained.

26th Century
    Haddyn: After centuries of useless, obsessive waiting, the Watcher's Council went mad. When demons and vampires mysteriously began to reappear, a demon named Urkonn sought out Melaka Fray to inform her of her destiny as the latest in the line of Slayers. After halting the impending apocalypse, Melaka killed Urkonn, after deducting that he killed an innocent young girl in order to push Melaka to fight.


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