Buffy #53

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #53
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #53
Viva Las Buffy (Part 3 of 4), Act 3: Dueces Wild

Plot: Scott Lobdell
Script: Fabian Nicieza
Pencills: Cliff Richards
Inks: Will Conrad
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Clem Robins
Cover: Brian Horton & Paul Lee

The story takes place before Buffy the Vampire Slayer's first season

Jeremy's Brief Synopsis:
    Stuck in a "Twilight Zone" episode, Angel fends against the colorless people to find a computer in the manager's office, which the manager of 1996 has been using to make investments in the past to make huge profits off of in the present. Meanwhile, Buffy and Pike meet with the mysterious owners, which prsent touble trouble to the slayer and her pal. This issue is full of surprises and we don't wanna spoil them so go buy the comic! And you won't believe your eyes when Pike finally decides what to do about his situation with Buffy!

Zinna's Review:
    So in the last review I was elusive in describing Angel's role in the whole Vegas caper, well, I won't let you down this time because Issue #53 is finally out and guess what? It's all about Angel…well, most of it.
    Hopefully, you got a chance enjoy Issue#52 because I have to tell you in that issue Angel's cover was blown (he was posing as a casino manger's bodyguard) and the scuffle that ensues ends Angel in the manger's closet. Turns out the closet is the Twilight Zone or since Angel doesn't really watch that show he figures it's a temporal portal that zoomed him back to the 1930s. I say it's the Twilight Zone because everyone is depicted in black and white while Angel remains in his Technicolor glory. If that weren't weird enough this lovely black and white world contains a computer. What on earth would people in the 30s do with a modern-day computer? Well, that's exactly what Angel wants to know, among other things like what the hell is going on? How is he going to get out of this mess? Most importantly, is Buffy all right?
    Yeah, so this issue is a little more about Angel's crush on Buffy than Pike's, except Angel isn't all about talking it over in his mind. He's more about trying to find a way back to her, so that he can watch over her and protect her and whathaveyou, which leads me to believe that he's pretty much accepted his crush. Something, Pike has had a more difficult time accepting, but it really isn't fair to compare the two. Angel is hundreds of years old and he's known evil from both sides and oh he's immortal (assuming he doesn't run around in sunlight, drink holy water, or fall on a wooden stake). While Pike, on the other hand, is just teenage boy in love, just barely coming to grips with puberty let alone the fact that vampires are real and they all seem to want a piece of his girl's action.
    Oh another factor ruining my ill-made comparison, is the little matter of Buffy being completely unaware of Angel's existence. Angel doesn't have to worry about distracting Buffy from her duties. He doesn't have to contend with the host of the problems that later arise when these two really have relationship. If he did, if Angel had worry about all those problems in the very first minutes of realizing he was in love would his internal struggle be much different from Pike's? Oh there's that unfair comparison, again. All I'm trying to say is … thinking of the situation this way (the comparison way), I feel more for Pike's dilemma. Pike wants Buffy but more than that he wants her alive. Pike can't ensure that if he sticks around he can have both. He can't even be sure that Buffy's feelings are mutual. For Angel, Buffy's feelings matter not… at least not yet. She doesn't even know Angel nor is privy to his feelings for her. Even when time comes for them (Buffy and Angel) to mutually love each other, Angel's got that super strength and lifetimes worth of knowledge that make him useful, instead of powerless when it comes to protecting Buffy from what goes bump in the night. Here's the some fodder for the mind remember back in the day when Buffy and Angel (the shows) allowed cross-over events? Remember when Buffy went to Angel to yell him and they ended up killing this demon that resulted in Angel being human? For like a day he and Buffy had bliss until he realized that as human all he could do was get in the way instead of help her fight. Well, human Angel is a better comparison for human Pike. Human Angel had to contend with all the things that Pike is struggling with now&emdash;being unable to fight with super strength and as result having Buffy spend more time than she can afford protecting him, realizing that inevitably time is going to run out and he was going to have watch Buffy die…fighting while he would be powerless to stop it. In fact, in that scenario Angel chose to give up bliss and revert back to status a vampire warrior, because at least then he wouldn't be powerless and while Buffy wouldn't be his at least she'd be alive. Now, I see why Pike's so conflicted.
    Regardless, Angel's obsession is different in that he fancy himself Buffy's guardian angel (rather fitting wouldn't you say) and unlike Pike, Angel isn't really worried that his involvement in the slayer's life will ultimately get her killed. Instead Angel feels responsible for Buffy's well-being. Angel feels like he can swoop in and make everything ok and maybe he could if he weren't in a mess himself. Seems like Angel needs a guardian angel or at least someone a little more computer-literate.
    Elsewhere, Pike's internal struggle continues as he and Buffy are surrounded by angry vamps. Buffy knows when she is outnumbered so she surrenders. Suddenly their captors get a call from the big guys. The big guys want to meet the pretty little lady that's been causing all the fuss. Once we see who the big guys are, it suddenly seems like Buffy would have had a better chance with the mob that captured her or at least a less bizarre experience. Bizarre is putting it lightly. I won't say what Buffy and Pike encountered because the surprise is just too worth it. All I'll say is the big guys prove to be a hand full.
    Let's bring the focus back to Pike for moment. As I said his internal struggle continues as he watches Buffy try to handle the new mess they are in. He instantly notices that Buffy is having trouble staying focused on the task at hand&emdash;kicking bad-guy butt. Her attention is divided between the fight and seeing if Pike is ok. Instead of taking solace in the fact the Buffy must really care about him, he decides that her caring about him makes him a liability. Here is where his internal struggle ends. Does it help Buffy save the day? This is only part 3 of 4, folks. Besides, I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.
    What I will tell you: Buffy is got even bigger problems then her fight with some bad guys? What could bigger than bizarre bad guys? Her snooping little sister, Dawn. As you know, Buffy is currently a runaway, which means there's no one to stop Dawn from going through Buffy's things. You remember how Buffy left in a hurry, right? Do you think she had time to make sure she hid or got rid of anything that might implicate her secret slayer identify? Yeah, there's going to be trouble.
    Speaking of trouble, Giles finds himself (along with his Council colleagues) swimming in a world of trouble when he tries to expose his competitor/colleague's dealings with black majicks. And you thought Giles just woke up one day and got a call to be to a watcher for Buffy Summers. For these guys nothing's ever that simple.


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