Buffy #59

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1. What did Rakagore call himself back in his youth?

Glorious Maximus

2. What are the roles of the Brides of Rakagre?

To spread the word of Rakgore
To appease his sexual appetite
To sup on the souls of the innocent
To sacrifice their life for him

3. What does Buffy discover about about Doctor Primrose?

She's a bride of Rakagore
She's a watcher
She's a demon hunter
She was sent to kill Buffy

4. How does Buffy kill Rakagore?

Slashes him with an axe
Snaps his neck
Deflects his magick blast back at him
"Divorces" his wives from him

5. What happens to the Brides of Rakagore?

They don't remember anything at all
They are discharged the following morning
They kill themselves to be with their husband
They 're doing better since being released from him

6. What does Buffy bring April as a treat?

Burger King
Doublemeat Palace

7. What is Giles' father reaction toward his son's survival of the Blackshed?

Embarassed that his son went through the Blackshed
Ecstatic his son is following in his footseps as a Watcher


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