Buffy #58

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1. What is Buffy's earliest memory of her father?

Giving her a bath
Reading her a bedtime story
Teaching her how to tie a shoelace
Bringing home her new baby sister, Dawn

2. What metaphor does Buffy draw her slayage to?

Growing up
Fear of clowns

3. What offer is made to Buffy during breakfast?

Join a coven
To be discharged

4. What happened to April?

She was discharged
She died unnaturally
No one knows where she is
She killed herself

5. Why doesn't Giles kill the Ripper?

The Blackshed test ends before he can
He wants to embrace what he was
He cannot kill what he once was
He plans to use the Ripper to kill Quentin

6. What book is Buffy reading in the television lounge?

Through the Looking Glass
Alice in Wonderland
Down the Rabbit Hole
The Jabberwocky

7. What does April's father reveal to Doctor Stone?

She killed a boy on the street
She was found sacrificing an animal in her room
She tried to kill her parents in their sleep
She tried to kill herself to stop her from hurting anyone

8. Where do Joyce and Hank find Dawn?

Sleeping in their room
Sleeping in the living room
Sleeping in Buffy's room
Reading more of Buffy's diary

9. Who was Rakagore impersonating as all this time?

Doctor Primrose
Doctor Stone
April's father

10. What does Rakagore want with the coven of women in his chamber?

To sup on their souls
To eat them
To brainwash them to do his bidding
To marry them


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