Buffy #57

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1. What is April's predicament?

She's a kleptomaniac
She feels that she's the messiah
She feels she belongs to a demon
She has an eating disorder

2. What does Dr. Stone want to do with Buffy?

To put her in electroshock therapy
To offer her as the next bride of Rakagore
To analyze her
To release her from the institution

3. What habit does Buffy start to develop at the insitution?

Not eating her pills
Talking to herself constantly
Biting her nails off
Braiding her hair constantly

4. Why does April attack Buffy?

Buffy refuses to submit herself to Rakagore
Buffy refuses to take April's pills
Buffy refuses to give her lunch to April
Buffy refuses to help her

5. What name does Buffy call the guard who pins her down?


6. How does Giles attempt to kill the Ripper?

Beheads him
Impales him
Suffocates him
Slices him

7. Hank tells Joyce that he wants a divorce this issue


8. Which character makes their comic debut this issue?


9. Who is revealed as the servant of Rakagore this issue?

Dr. Primrose
Dr. Stone
Quentin Travers


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