Buffy #55

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1. What kind of creature is Hoopy?


2. What is the name of the video game Dawn plays?

Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Monster Fighter 3
Street Fighter 3
Extreme Carnage 3

3. What are the names of Dawn's other dolls?

Brain, Squeaky Bunny, Mrs. Dumpty and Mr. Gordo
Horton, Mrs. Dumpty, Squeaky Bunny and Mr. Pig
Squeaky Bunny, Horton, Mrs. Dumpty and Mr. Gordo
Brian, Jim, Paul and Mr. Gordo

4. Who is Hoopy's first victim?

The School Teacher
The Delivery Man
The Zookeeper
The School Bully

5. What doll does Hoopy steal for Dawn?

Monster Fighter
Funky Girlz
Winnie the Pooh

6. Who is Hoopy's second victim?

The Delivery Man
Mrs. Olshan
The School Bully
Vampire Punk

7. Why is Dawn grounded?

For running away
Leaving the house without alerting her parents
Talking back to her parents
Stealing the Funky Girlz doll

8. How is Hoopy defeated?

Buffy returns from her trip and beats him up
Dawn wishes Hoopy to leave the house
Dawn wishes Hoopy to attack himself
The local zookeeper barges in with a tranq gunDawn wishes Hoopy to attack himself

9. What becomes of Hoopy?

Kills himself
The horned demon summoner of Hoopy banishes him from the doll
DJ Velatti approaches him, promising him revenge
Moves to a bar and becomes an alcoholic


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