Buffy #53

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1. What does Angel find odd in the 1930's?

A widescreen television exists
Everyone is in black and white
A computer exists
The casino staff carry crosses and holy water

2. Who are the mysterious owners?

Marcus and Mary Loo
Marcus and Mary Lou
Mark and Sandy Sue
Garner and Bugsy Sue

3. What do the owners refuse to anounce themselves as?


4. What's unusual about the owners?

They're Gemini Twins
They're Conjoined Twins
They're Identical Twins
They're Dopplegangers

5. What does Dawn uncover in Buffy's room?

Mister Gordo
Buffy's Stakes
Buffy's Diary
Buffy's Dream Journal

6. How did the male owner get turned into a vampire?

His sister turned him
His vamp casino staff turned hun
His grandfather turned him
He was born a vampire

7. Why does the manager use a time portal?

To erase mistakes of the future
To invest in the future
To kill Garner Sidle before he becomes a threat
To introduce futuristic items to the past, to change the outcome of history

8. How does the story end?

Pike is drained of blood
Pike admits his true feelins to Buffy
Pike and Buffy break up
Pike attempts suicide


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