Buffy #50

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1. How does Buffy get past the sewer guard?

Beheads him with an axe
Sneaks past him
Stakes him
Gives him a multiple choice test, beats the crap out of him

2. Which 'Big Bad' makes (his/her) comic book debut this issue?

Dark Willow

3. What film does Faith ask the Scoobies if they seen?

"The Karate Kid"
"The Breakfast Club"
"Ghost in the Machine"
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

4. What was revealed about the Soul Drops?

They don't actually contain souls
The souls aren't of unborn children
The drug will kill the buyer, once taken, in less than 24 hours
The drug will turn the buyer into a demon in less than 24 hours

5. Which episode is shown in a flashback this issue?

Goodbye Iowa
Seeing Red

6. Where does Buffy enter, when she breaks into the Initiative?

Spike's holding cell
Room 314
The Scourge's Arena of Doom
Adam's secret laboratory

7. How does Buffy drain the incinerator's soul energy?

Finds a control switch, labeled "Drain"
Throws a grenade in the vat, causing it to explode
Jumps into the vat, and finds a big drainage plug
None of the above

8. How does Buffy defeat Adam?

Sprays him with a water hose that short circuits him
Removes his Uranium Battery
Tells the gladiators to stop fighting, which powers Adam's program
Uses reverse psycology to get Adam to shutdown his own program

9. What does Angel tell Buffy?

Wesely is a traitor
She should try to trust Faith
He has a son
She should drop by in L.A. sometime

10. What story does Pike begin to tell the Scoobies?

How he first met Buffy
How Buffy torched her old school's gym to kill a nest of vampires
How they broke up
Her job in Las Vegas


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