Buffy #48

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1. Which combatant does Buffy face in the arena during the issue?

Yuki Makumura
San Sui
Xin Rong
Iron Monkey

2. Which demons from Buffy's past appear this issue?

Glory, Adam, The Master, Drusilla
Lyle Gorch, Mad Jack, The Judge, Ken
Avendschrook, Lothos, Ky-Laag, DJ Vellati
None of the Above

3. Who is Xander's inside link to what the 411 is?

Willie the Snitch

4. What happens to San Sui after Buffy beheads him?

He explodes to dust
He falls dead to the ground
The headless body continues to fight Buffy
The headless body morphs into Buffy's next opponent

5. What did Xander take for granted?

Buffy's winning streak
Life itself
Always being saved by Buffy

6. How does Buffy escape the gladiatorial arena?

She is released after killing all the demons
Angel and Faith come to the rescue
Buffy hacks down the locked door with her trusty axe
An Eval Knieval wannabe comes to her rescue

7. Who's ghost does Buffy see as she escapes from the ring?

Maggie Walsch's
Joyce Summers'
Mayor Wilken's

8. Where is the gladiator ring situated?

Underneath Sunnydale High; the Hellmouth
Underneath Sunnydale; In the Sewers
Underneath Sunnydale University; the Initiative
At the Bronze

9. What does "Evel Knievel" run into with his motorcycle?

A pack of 'Scourge' members
The "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign
The "Now Leaving Sunnydale" sign
The "Best Little Whore House in Texas" sign

10. Who is in the 'Evel Knievel' gettup, that rescues Buffy?

Riley Finn


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