Buffy #47

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1. Who do Angel and Cordelia disguise themselves as to infiltrate Steglar's business?

Angel as a pimp, Cordelia as a prostitute
As Wolfram and Hart laywers
Angel as a gangster, Cordelia as a prostitute
As Bonny and Clyde

2. What language did Cordelia say that Angel was speaking?


3. What happened to Steglar's head?

Buffy decapitated him, yet he lived
Angel decapitated him, yet he lived
He was born with his head deattached to his body
He never explains

4. What is the merchandise called?

Soul Pills
Essence Drops
Soul Drops
Spirit Drops

5. What does Cordelia see in her vision at Steglar's?

Buffy fighting to her death, Angel, Faith and the Scoobies held captive by the Scourge
Buffy lain beaten and bloody, Xander and dawn caged, Angel and Faith driving in his car
Angel is betrayed by Connor and locked in a crate and left at sea
Sarah Michelle Gellar decides to renew her 'Buffy' contract

6. How does Angel free Faith from prison?

Asks Judge Margaret Brown to free her
Breaks into the prison and helps her escape
Asks Wolfram and Hart to free her
Uses a spell to transport her out of the prison

7. What did Brown's daughter do when she got involved with a Pangean Organ Black Market?

Sacrificed her son
Sold her son to pay for her addiction
Abandoned her son in an empty warehouse
Traded her son for a Tickle-me-Elmo doll

8. Which one of the following, from Angel's group, did not appear in this issue?


9. Why do the rest of Angel Investigations not go with Angel to Sunnydale?

They don't trust Faith
Angel denies them, because Cordelia's vision only showed Angel and Faith
They need to stay in L.A. and hold the fort hile Angel's gone
Faith asks Angel to not allow the crew to along with them

10. What is the name on the locker that Buffy's mysterious ally steals biker clothes from?

Xander Harris
Forest Graham
Riley Finn
Evel Knievel


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