Buffy #44

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1. Who intervenes in time to save Spike from Xander?


2. Who proposes to have a Buffy replacement?


3. While slaying, what does the BuffyBot continuously bring up?

Sex lines that she was programmed to say for Spike
That having frends are important
A topic about penguins
All of the above

4. What happens when the BuffyBot is hit by one of the vampires?

Sparks shower from its face
The head falls off
The 'Bot runs away
The 'Bot's sex program is started

5. Where is Dawn attacked by a vampire?

On her house's front lawn
At the Bronze
Buffy's grave site
At Spike's crypt

6. What promise did Spike make with Buffy, before her demise?

To look out for Dawn
That he wouldn't try to raise her
That he would leave town
None of the above

7. What do the Lizard Wizards disguise themselves in?

Business Suits
Human Skin Suits
Clerk Robes
Zoot Suits

8. Which character makes his/her comic-book debut in this issue?


9. How do the Lizard Wizards get information from Spike?

They pay him money
They use a charm spell
They threaten him with stakes and holy water
They ask him nicely

10. What does Willow want in return for helping the Lizard Wizards?

Knowledge of the resurrection spells
Knowledge of how to kill the Luper Demon
Knowledge of how to remove Spike's chip
A "Malibu Stacy Doll"


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