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Spike, circa 1898    In 1880, William Pratt was an ineffectual poet who was called "William the Bloody" behind his back by his peers, because his poems were so "bloody awful." After the aristocratic Cecily rejected his romantic overtures, a despondent William accepted comfort in the arms of Drusilla, only to be bitten and transformed into a vampire. Euphoric with his newfound vampire abilities, and hungry for revenge on his peers, William abandoned the genteel hypocrisy of Victorian life, becoming a rebel, prone to impulsiveness and violence. He adopted the nom de guerre "Spike" because of a habit of torturing people with railroad spikes. (Spike: Old Times)

    In 1898, a tribe of gypsies inflicted a terrible curse upon Spike’s grandsire, Angelus. In response to the curse, Angelus' sire, Darla, along with Drusilla and Spike brought vengeance to the tribe and slaughtered them. However, the gypsy clan had a dark and powerful supporter in Count Dracula, who was outraged over the slaughter of the gypsies and sought revenge on the three vampires. Upon confrontation, Dracula began a rivalry between himself and Spike that lasted for over a century, after he cavalierly tossed a signed first edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula intro a fire, which had cost Spike eleven quid. (Spike vs. Dracula)

    Later, a sect of Astrides demons kidnapped Drusilla, which left Spike to seek assistance from a demon cult called the Blood of Carthage to free Drusilla. Spike made false promises to the cult's leader Vraka in exchange for their help. The Blood of Carthage unwittingly agreed to help Spike, but after Drusilla was freed, Spike double-crossed them and left Venice that night to avoid their wrath. (BtVS: Blood of Carthage)

    During 1900, in one of his proudest moments, Spike killed Xin Rong, a Chinese Slayer, during the Boxer Rebellion, and tore her body apart, scattering the pieces. The vampire was followed by Xin Rong's brothers, who finally caught up to them thirty-three years later in Chicago, where they attacked Spike and Dru at the World's Fair. With the assistance of a Elder God demon, Spike ended the Rong line that night. (Spike and Dru: All's Fair)

    In 1930s Hollywood, during a live performance of the play "Dracula" starring Bela Lugosi, Spike confronted Dracula, thwarting his attempt to kill Lugosi. Spike believed Dracula to die that night in a fiery airplane crash, but sure enough Dracula resurfaced in 1943, forging a temporary alliance with Spike whilst the two were in Berlin, in order to free Darla and one of his brides from Nazi captivity. (Spike vs. Dracula)

   After World War II, Spike ended up in Los Angeles where he worked for a movie boss, carrying out his dirty deeds for him, until he was chased out of town by a group of Mexican Wrestlers known as the Hermanos Nümero. (Spike: Old Wounds)

    In the 1950s, Spike briefly encountered Dracula again in Rome, when an alchemist kidnapped Drusilla. After rescuing her, Spike and Drusilla split up for a few decades, where Spike relocated to New York City during the 70s, joining up with a sect of vampires that fed off of groupies at rock concerts. (Spike vs. Dracula #4, Spike: Rock N' Roll All Night)

Season One
    While in Prague, Drusilla was attacked and severely injured in an attack by an angry mob, leaving her in a weakened and frail condition. Spike cared for her as the couple traveled to a Hellmouth in Sunnydale, California, a place of increased supernatural energy that attracted demons and other supernatural creatures. Spike hoped that the Hellmouth's energy would cure Drusilla, while the presence of a Slayer whom he could fight, only made the town even more attractive to visit. (Tales of Vampires: The Problem with Vampires)

    Along the way, Spike and Dru stopped in St. Louis, Missouri, visiting the Queen of Hearts, a steamboat that had been transformed into a floating casino. Discovering that the casino owner and his employees were actually demons that sacrificed patrons to their deity that resided in the water, Spike and Dru spoiled the party and set the boat ablaze, which killing the demons aboard. (Spike and Dru: The Queen of Hearts)

Season Two
Spike, Season Two    Arriving in Sunnydale, Spike battled Buffy the Vampire Slayer but became temporarily paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for his efforts. When Angel reverted back to Angelus after experiencing true happiness with Buffy, he joined Spike and Dru’s cause, but Spike began to resent him when Angelus pursued Drusilla as a lover and taunted him. (BtVS: Ring of Fire)

    In his search for ultimate power, Angelus revived the samurai demon Kelgor, but his plan backfired when the demon betrayed him and took Drusilla as his girlfriend. Kelgor was eventually killed by Buffy, and Spike, being the pushover that he is, took Drusilla back despite her temporary betrayal. (BtVS: Ring of Fire)

    Becoming increasingly jealous of Angelus' advances towards Drusilla, Spike took Drusilla back to Europe, far away from Angelus and Sunnydale. While in Cicagne, a small fishing village in Italy, Spike became infuriated when Drusilla continued to utter Angelus' name in her sleep. Spike's rage overcame him, as he threw Drusilla out the window into the daylight. Rescuing Drusilla before she could incinerate, Spike left her, feeling she could never forgive his actions. Venturing to Saru, a hidden city near Turkey, Spike took over and became the city's leader. (Spike and Dru: Paint the Town Red)

Season Three
Spike & Dru, Season Three
    Two months as ruler of Saru, Spike was attacked by a fully healed Drusilla who allied herself with Koines, a zombie necromancer. However, when Koines realized his power extended to the undead as well, he betrayed Drusilla, forcing Spike and Dru to form a truce until they could defeat Koines. Casting a spell to open up a portal to the lowest circle of Hell that would draw in any demon nearby, Drusilla created ward necklaces for herself and Spike, but Spike threw his away, believing that Drusilla was trying to trick him. Wardless during the spell, Spike began to wither away, but Drusilla gave him her ward, which saved his life but the portal severely weakened Drusilla. Spike quickly found a villager for Drusilla to feed off of. Healthy again, the vampires put their problems behind them and headed off to Brazil. (Spike and Dru: Paint the Town Red)

    Drusilla terminated their relationship when she decided Spike had gone soft, cheating on him with a fungus demon. Resolved to win Drusilla back, Spike tortured her until she liked him again, but Drusilla grew bored of him again soon after and cheated on him again. Realizing their relationship was done, Spike settled for destroying all of Drusilla's possessions in Rio and framed her for murders he committed while there, instigating a public riot to chased her out of town. (Spike and Dru: Who Made Who?)

Seasons Four - Five
Spike, Season Five    Spike returned to Sunnydale where his (un)life took a pivotal turn after the Initiative, a secret government demon-fighting army, captured him and implanted a microchip in his head that caused crippling pain whenever he harmed or attempted to harm a human being. He discovered that the chip did not stop him from hurting demons, so he fought alongside Buffy and the Scooby Gang whenever it suited him.

    When Buffy accidentally instigated the rise of a demon named Ky-Laag, the Blood of Carthage come to Sunnydale in hopes of defeating it. Having never forgiven Spike for his betrayal in Venice, Vraka allows Spike to to earn his favor by helping them to stop Ky-Laag. After Ky-Laag became dormant once more, the Blood of Carthage departed Sunnydale, and left Buffy to watch over Ky-Laag. (BtVS: Blood of Carthage)

   Spike later became aware that he had somehow developed feelings for Buffy, as he became a more active participant in the Scooby Gang, providing assistance whether she wanted it or not. Disgusted, particularly after witnessing the full extent of Spike's obsession, Buffy rejected him, but still came to rely on him, forcibly having to ask him for his help when demon manifestations of jealousy known as Avendschrook had been attacking her friends. Unable to defeat them herself without becoming tainted by their powers, Buffy required Spike’s help to defeat them, who was immune to their powers due to his lack of soul and compassion. (BtVS: Ugly Little Monsters)

    During an apocalyptic battle, Buffy sacrificed her life to stop an interdimensional bleed. Spike honored her memory by remaining loyal to the Scoobies, fighting at their side and acted as a baby-sitter/father-figure/protector to Buffy's kid-sister Dawn. Blaming himself for Buffy's death, Spike became a wreck and an alcoholic. His grief was so strong that it drew the attention of a lovelorn demon that toyed with his emotions and attempted to convince him to kill himself to prove his undying love for Buffy. The Scoobies saved Spike from dusting himself in time, and standing united, they were able to celebrate Buffy's life instead of mourn her death, which killed the demon. (BtVS: Lost and Found)

Season Six
    After Buffy's resurrection, she and Spike became lovers of a sort, engaged in a twisted sexual but emotionally one-sided relationship in which Buffy did not return his intense, obsessive love. Buffy decided to call it off shortly thereafter, admitting that she was just using him. Spike, his obsession out of control, continued to make aggressive sexual advances, but when she refused him, he attacked her in desperation, apparently intending to rape her. Horrified at his actions, he left town shortly after. The incident came back to haunt Buffy, when she stumbled into his former holding cell at the abandoned site of the Initiative. (BtVS: Withdrawal, Note From the Underground)

    Leaving Sunnydale, Spike arrived in Los Angeles where he confronted Cecily, the woman who had spurned Spike advances back when he was a human, which set in motion the events that led William to become a vampire. Cecily was actually a vengeance demon named Halfrek, who had been 'on the job' that night, and had caused the deaths of the rude partygoers who laughed at William's poetry. Spike discovered that she was in L.A. for someone else who deserved her wrath, a young man, whose ancestor had raped and killed her close friend when she was a human. Playing with Halfrek's emotions to lift the curse, Spike spurned her affections to finally get even with her. (Spike: Old Times)

Seasons Eight
    Following the destruction of Sunnydale, Spike appeared at the Los Angeles branch of evil law firm Wolfram and Hart, as an untouchable, ghostly version of himself. When Dracula arrived at Wolfram and Hart, a Spike realized he could spend eternity tormenting Dracula. Dracula finally put the feud to rest and paid Spike the eleven quid that he owed, managing to get the last laugh since Spike couldn't pick up the money as a non-corporeal being. (Spike vs. Dracula)

    After being brought back as a corporeal being, Spike encountered a retired L.A. detective who believed that Spike had been responsible for the Black Dahlia killings that took place decades earlier. Attempting to solve one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in L.A. history, Spike went to McNeal's apartment but the Black Dahlia killer had already killed the detective. Following a lead, Spike managed to find and defeat the demonic killer. (Spike: Old Wounds)

    When Spike was recruited to find a family’s missing daughter at a rehab facility designed to cure the demonic, he learned too late that it was a trap to keep him there. He had killed her when he was soulless and this was the family’s way of punishing him. While trapped at the facility, Spike faced down the rehab's staff, who hoped to cure his vampire nature, and its clientele, who wanted him dead. (Spike: Asylum)

    When Spike learned that Smile Time, the demonic puppet show that Angel had put a stop to in Los Angeles, was back on the air on Japan, he begrudgingly teamed up with empath demon Lorne to put a stop to it. Ambushed by Smile Time's new crew and ninja puppets, Spike and co. were transformed into puppet versions of themselves. Even as a puppet, Spike managed to stop Smile Time before they could steal the life-force of f every child in Japan. (Spike: Shadow Puppets)

    Spike's protracted, insidious battle of wits with Angel came to an end when they finally came to an understanding and acceptance of their unique brotherhood on their journey to redemption. Their understanding let Spike stand loyally beside Angel in their last battle against the forces of the Senior Partners. (Angel: Not Fade Away)

Season Six
Spike, Season Nine    Following Los Angeles new status as a literal hell on Earth, Spike and Illyria, an Old One reincarnated in the body of Fred Burkle, look over a group of citizens, while battling against a Non, the Lord of Beverly Hills and her band of female demon warriors. Killing Non, Spike became the new Lord of Beverly Hills, using this position as a façade to secretly rescue humans and benevolent demons and evacuate them into the care of Angel’s son, Connor. (Spike: After the Fall)

    Spike rallied with Angel in taking down the evil Lords of Los Angeles, and against the machinations of Gunn, now a vampire, while struggling to control Illyria's unstable powers in her new environment. Illyria periodically reverted to the form and personality of vulnerable Fred, in which times Spike tried to protect his friend from harm. After Gunn managed to unleash Illyria's true form by killing the remnants of the Fred personality, a gravely-wounded now-human Angel, Connor and Spike were the only surviving members of the team. (Angel: After the Fall)


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