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    Angelus, circa 1844Angel was born "Liam," a man who had caught the eye of an affluent woman that was actually a vampire named Darla, who transformed him into a vampire. For generations Darla and Liam, who was now known as Angelus, terrorized humankind, murdering and torturing anyone who crossed their path.Angel was born "Liam," a man who had caught the eye of an affluent woman that was actually a vampire named Darla. She lured him into an alley, and, promising him a world full of excitement and travel, transformed him into a vampire. For generations Darla and Liam, who was now known as Angelus, terrorized humankind, murdering and torturing anyone who crossed their path. (Angel: Cursed)

    During the 19th century, Angelus crossed paths with a renowned vampire hunter, Sir Andrew Landry. Angelus killed Landry's colleagues and friends, and turned his wife into a vampire. While in London one night, Angelus was taken down by the police and thrown in a jail cell with a window that looked out into the direction that the sun rose from. Come morning, Angelus managed to escape just in time, but was severely weakened from exposure to the sun and hid in the sewers till his strength resurfaced. (Angel: Surrogates)

    A year after his London arrest, Angelus paid a final visit to Sir Landry, who by now had committed himself to the Devonshire Sanitarium. Angelus revealed that his fascination with Landry was to provide a miserable existence for Landry's son to grow up in, with his father in an asylum and his mother in the ground. (BtVS: Past Lives)

    In 1860, Angelus sired Drusilla, a young woman driven that he drove insane prior to turning her. Drusilla, in turn, sired Spike, who became her playmate and whom Angelus largely served as a mentor and "role model" for. She also sired Catherine, who became a romantic interest for Angelus. In 1892, whilst in Vienna, Angelus and his vampire family were attacked by the Hollower, a powerful demon that preyed on vampires. Angelus managed to harm the Hollower badly enough to send it into hiding for over a century. (Angel: The Hollower)

    In 1898, Angelus slew the favorite daughter of a tribe of Gypsies, the Kalderesh Clan. To avenge her death, the Gypsies cursed him by restoring his human soul, which afflicted him with a conscience and condemned him to an eternity of remorse. Becoming isolated to avoid the temptation to feed, Angelus relocated to London in the early 20th century, where he tried to convince himself that his vampire thirst was for booze rather than blood. One night at a pub, Angelus met Perfect Zheng, a skilled vampire that claimed to be the owner of London, and fought Angelus to a standstill only to spare him when Zheng realized that Angelus had a death wish. (Angel: Long Night's Journey)

Year One

    A shadow of his former self, a reclusive and emotionally tortured Angelus eventually met a demon named Whistler in 1996 in New York, who persuaded him to join the fight against the evil that had corrupted him and to help the newly called Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers. While watching Buffy from afar, Angelus soon fell in love with her. He followed her to a casino in Las Vegas that was a breeding ground for vampires, where he took a job as a bodyguard for the manager to avoid suspicion. While snooping around, Angelus was caught by the manager and banished to limbo, a place where patrons of the casino from the 1930s resided. In order to free himself from the timeless dimension, Angelus was forced to drain and sire one of the trapped patrons in order to break the spell. (BtVS: Viva Las Buffy)

    After Angelus escaped the limbo, he watched as Buffy's parents' marriage dissolved. He followed Buffy and her kid sister, Dawn, to the Santa Monica pier, saving Dawn from a vampire when Buffy was busy elsewhere slaying vampires in the area. When Buffy returned to Dawn, Angelus quickly disappeared, as he still was not yet prepared to meet Buffy. (BtVS: Angels We Have Seen On High)

    After Buffy's parents separated, Angelus tried to help alleviate Buffy's grief through means of magic, but ended up releasing malignancy spirits that leeched off the palpable pain that Buffy was going through. As Buffy faced her literal demons, Angel sought to quickly rectify his mistake by casting an exorcism spell to banish the spirits. When Buffy moved to the small town of Sunnydale, which sat atop a Hellmouth, a ‘hot spot’ for supernatural activity, Angelus relocated there as well, changing his name to Angel. (BtVS: A Stake to the Heart)

Season One - Two
    Finally introducing himself, Angel’s feelings towards Buffy are reciprocated and the two quickly fell in love. When they finally consummated their relationship, Angel experienced the one moment of pure happiness needed to break his curse. Without the humanity and conscience that was instilled by his soul, Angel quickly returned to his former, evil self. Angelus once more, he allied himself with Spike and Drusilla, who had settled in Sunnydale to kill Buffy. Angelus found immense pleasure in tormenting Buffy and her friends. He went on to kill Jenny Calendar, who had been a core member of Buffy's group and the love interest of her Watcher, Rupert Giles.

    With Buffy in shock over her boyfriend's brutal transformation, Angelus resurrected the demon Kelgor in an attempt to bring about the apocalypse. Following the demon’s resurrection, Kelgor betrayed Angelus, which forced Buffy and Angelus to briefly become allies to put an end to Kelgor's reign of terror. Determined to stop him despite their deeply emotional history, Buffy fought Angelus in one-on-one combat, and was able to overcome him, but not before his soul was restored moments before Buffy killed him. (BtVS: Ring of Fire, flashback in Note from the Underground)

Season Three -  Four
Angel, Season Three    Less than a year later, Angel was unexpectedly released from Hell, and realized that his return was not accidental, and that he was meant to serve some higher purpose. While contemplating his situation, Angel's sire Catherine returned to warn him that the Hollower had resurfaced and was preying on vampires in California. Angel was forced to do battle with the vampire predator, realizing that the Hollower would set its sights on humans once it extinguished all vampire life. Angel killed the Hollower using an archaic ritual to banish the demon into a relic, which was then promptly destroyed. (Angel: The Hollower)

    Beginning to doubt that he would ever be able to give Buffy a remotely human life, Angel made the difficult decision to leave Sunnydale and Buffy, in an effort to protect them both. During his travel to Los Angeles, Angel was attacked by a demon that attempted to prey on Angel’s broken heart, but Angel’s love for Buffy gave him the strength to overcome to the demon and kill it. (BtVS: Double Cross)

    Angel arrived in Los Angeles, where he attempted to redeem himself by servicing others. He found support from Doyle, a half-demon sent by The Powers That Be, and Cordelia Chase, a former classmate of Buffy's who moved to L.A. to find wealth and fame. The trio formed Angel Investigations, a shoestring operation with the mission statement of protecting those who could not defend themselves. After Doyle was killed in the line of duty, Angel became even more protective of those he held dear. Former Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce came to assist Angel and Cordelia in their mission shortly afterward. (Angel: Hunting Ground)

    As Angel continued to help the helpless in Los Angeles he encountered infertile women becoming surrogates for demon hellspawn; fairies assuming the guises of battered wives to torture the husbands; an excommunicated priest who ran possession scams to make money; grisly murders in the sewers that put the police on Angel's trail; a vampire hooker murdering a political candidate and causing a media stir; mutated rats that eat anything including humans, and a girl cursed with uncontrollable pyrokinetic powers by her abusive step-father. Angel's past came back to haunt him when Alexa Landry, a descendent of Sir Andrew Landry, came to Los Angeles to seek revenge. Alexa attacked every demon clan in L.A. placing the blame on Angel to keep him occupied while she attacked his people. Catching word of Angel's troubles, Buffy came to L.A. and helped him take down Alexa and eliminate the warring demons. (Angel: Surrogates, Earthly Possessions, Autumnals, BtVS: Past Lives)

Season Five
    Angel operated from a small apartment that housed his agency, but when it was destroyed by enemies, he set up temporary shop in Cordelia’s partment, later changing location to the abandoned Hyperion Hotel. Street tough vampire-hunter Charles Gunn also joined Angel Investigations, adding more muscle to the group. Perfect Zheng also returned to Angel to claim what he believed was rightfully his: Angel's soul. After the night when Zheng had defeated Angel, gypsies attempted to curse Zheng with a soul, but it didn't hold. Taking Angel hostage aboard his flying warship, Zheng planed to extract Angel's soul, but was interrupted when Gunn climbed on board and tampered with the ship's controls, which caused it to self-destruct. Angel managed to escape intact but was haunted by Zheng's revelation that his cursed soul may not have actually been intended for him. (Angel: Long Night's Journey)

Season Six

    After receiving news of Buffy's miraculous resurrection Angel agreed to meet Buffy at a place between Sunnydale and LA. Upon returning back to their homes following the reunion, Angel and Buffy revealed little to their fellow friends/co-workers. Angel came to Sunnydale later on when he from the Powers That Be that the fascist demon group, The Scourge, had taken over Sunnydale and defeated Buffy. Angel, with help from another Slayer, Faith, rescued Buffy and helped her take back the night. (BtVs: Note from the Underground)

Season Eight
    Saving the world numerous times, Angel became entrusted to run the L.A. branch of an evil inter-dimensional law firm called Wolfram & Hart. The remainder of Angel Investigations also joined, and took over the various departments. Shortly after Angel assumed control of the law firm, matters were further complicated when Spike appeared as a non-corporeal entity, haunting Wolfram & Hart's hallways. (Spike vs. Dracula)

    When a popular children's show run by demonic puppets began to steal the life-forces of children, Angel went to the source to stop the demons but was turned into a puppet. In a race against time, puppet-Angel and company were able to save the lives of hundreds of children, but the spell did not wear off for a few days. While in his puppet state, Angel got over his fear of dating and asked out Nina Ash, a werewolf he had saved, out for coffee. (Angel: Smile Time, Masks)

   Understanding that he would never be able to completely stop the forces of evil, but could temporarily sever the Senior Partners' hold on Earth, Angel together with his comrades prepared to suicidally incur the apocalyptic wrath of the Senior Partners as a way of going out in a blaze of glory. They assassinated the members of the Circle of the Black Thorn, the Senior Partners' instruments on Earth for pulling all the political and economic strings. Angel, Spike and Illyria engage in battle with the dark armies that the Senior Partners have sent against them. (Angel: Not Fade Away)

Season Nine
    In retaliation to Angel's stance, Wolfram & Hart seemingly moved the city of Los Angeles to a hell dimension, and deprived him of his strength and immortality by turning Angel into a human, forcing him to rely on mystical enchantments to provide him with at least a measure of his old abilities. Based at the demolished Wolfram & Hart building and under the watch of the Senior Partners' newest liaison, Wesley, Angel planned to take the fight to the Senior Partners and free Los Angeles, first by destroying all of the demon lords of Los Angeles. (Angel: After the Fall)

    In his effort to win back Los Angeles, Angel stumbled upon Gunn, now a vampire, who removed the magicks keeping Angel alive and left him there to die. Despite encouragement from Cordelia's spirit, a vision Angel received of him reverted to Angelus nearly led him to resign himself to death, but Connor's encouragement urged him to keep fighting as he acknowledged that he would never allow himself to become what he saw in the vision. (Angel: After the Fall)

    Having their own plans for Angel, Wolfram & Hart resurrected Angel in order for him to stop Illyria from undoing time. Gunn killed Connor to halt Angel’s plan to stop Illyria, but nonetheless, Angel got a telepathic fish named Betta George to force Fred's memories back into Illyria's mind, which calmed her down from her rampage while Angel mourned the loss of his son. (Angel: After the Fall)


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