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 the sycthe activated potential slayers

Satsu: [Pictured at Right] An Asian Slayer, who is apparently one of the best Slayers in Buffy's squad, so much so that she is picked by Buffy to help her in a mission to rescue Willow. Though the mission was a success, Satsu has been seen to be unsure of her worthiness in helpung Buffy. Satsu has also been implied to possibly be the person who awoke Buffy with the "kiss of true love," when Buffy was put into a magical-induced sleep. As Buffy woke up, she exclaimed "cinnamon buns!", with Satsu later revealing her fondness for cinnamon-flavored lip gloss.

Leah: A Scottish Slayer with enormous puffy, red hair, and is one of the best in Buffy's squad along with Satsu and Rowena.

Rowena: A German, blonde-haired Slayer, who along with Satsua and Leah, serves as Buffy's third lieutenant at 'Command Central'.

Renee: Renee serves under Xander Harris at Command Central in Scotland, where she mans one of the computers and monitors Buffy and the various Slayers, should they need assistance or information. She has developed a crush on Xander, and has exchanged flirtatious banter about comic books with him. She was recently injured, but not fatally, during a siege of the castle by a zombie army.

Buffy DecoyBuffy decoys: There are two Slayers posing as decoys of Buffy lest she become an easy target; one literally underground and another in Rome publicly partying and dating the Immortal. The unnamed decoy [Pictured at Left] that went underground, discovered her status as a Slayer when she saves the lives of her schoolmates with her newfound powers. After seeing a commercial on local television recruiting newly activated Slayers, the girl finds the Slayer organization and undergoes training. Selected as a candidate to serve as a Buffy decoy in an underground society of demons, monsters, and fairies, this Slayer is ultimately killed by the demon she was sent to deter. Despite her death, the decoy Buffy was happy to have saved the world even if her own name would never be known.

Rona: An African-American Potential Slayer, who helped Buffy during the battle at the Hellmouth where she was activated byu the powers of the Scythe. Followig Buffy's relocation to Scotland, Rona now helps train new Slayers who are not aware of their new identities, and selects from those Slayers candidates to become serve as decoys for Buffy.

Lady Genevieve Savidge: A rogue Slayer. More information coming soon...