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 faith lehane

Faith was the second Slayer to be called following Buffy's brief death. Becoming a rogue Slayer, Faith developed an affectionate, emotional closeness with Buffy's enemy, the Mayor of Sunnydale, coming to see him as a father-figure. During a fight to the death with Buffy, Faith is stabbed in the gut with her own knife, later being brought to Sunnydale hospital in a coma. Later, while Faith is still in her coma, Buffy dreams of Faith, actually a guide for Slayers that on Faith's appearance to warn Buffy in her dreams that the deceased Mayor and was seemingly unstoppable.

Waking up for her coma, Faith moves to Los Angeles, where she rampages through the underworld, stealing and squatting in her victims' apartments. She is approached by Wolfram & Hart, who have learned that a "rogue Slayer" was in town, about killing Angel. She kidnaps her ex-Watcher, Wesley, and brutally tortures him to show Angel how bad she is, but in a fight with Angel, she begs Angel to kill her. Angel refuses and begins the task of saving Faith's soul, forgiving her and working to break down her emotional walls. Just as Faith begins to feel remorse for her crimes, Buffy shows up looking for revenge, insisting that Faith must go to jail. In the meantime, the Watchers Council also show up, intending to kill Faith. Faith decides to surrender to the police and face the consequences for her actions.

During a visiting session at the prison, Faith revealed to Angel that while she was in a coma, she shared a pyschic link with the Mayor's spirit. Through the Mayor's eyes, Faith had been able to see him possessing dead bodies and attacking Buffy relentlessly. When Angel asks if the Mayor's spirit is still active, Faith is unable to offer any answers.

While in prison, Faith's self-hatred fades into self-acceptance, having learned to accept the consequences of her past actions. She became temporarily released from prison under Angel's supervision to help rescue Buffy from a demon fascist group that had overrun Sunnydale. After helping to save Sunnydale, she and Buffy finally made their peace.