Buffy #56

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #56
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #56
Slayer, Interrupted (Part 1 of 4), Act 1

Plot: Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza
Pencills: Cliff Richards
Inks: Will Conrad
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Clem Robins
Cover: Brian Horton & Paul Lee

The story takes place before Buffy the Vampire Slayer's first season

Jeremy's Brief Synopsis:Torque Demon
    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Pike, Buffy has returned home to parents who no longer trust her (on top of the marriage problems they had to begin with!) and a little sister who has read her diary, and told her parents about it! Logically, they conclude that Buffy must be nuts.

Chad's Review:
    Back in season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the episode Normal Again, audiences across America learned that Buffy Summers had attended a mental illness facility. This huge secret was given to all of the fans of the Buffyverse, yet nothing else was given. There was no explanation of any kind as to what demonic activity crept around in the halls of that institution, but now we can all rest easy and await the answers in the new comic arc: Slayer, Interrupted.
    This first issue deals with the reasons that Buffy ended up attending the health clinic. As you know from the previous arc, Viva Las Buffy, Dawn scrimmaged through Buffy's belongings and found her journal. Dawn unlocked the book of privacy and read it. At ten years old, reading the material written on the pages of a slayer can be very frightening. Dawn, having this new evidence as to why her sister may have run away, didn't even second guess herself when she brought it to her parents. They awaited her return, hoping the thoughts that she has been experiencing hasn't gotten her into any trouble… or gotten her hurt.
    Buffy arrives from Las Vegas this issue, just after defeating the Sidle Twins (or one of them, anyway). She arrives from a bus, and strolls to her Los Angeles home. She walks up to her doorway and raises her fist, unable to knock. Joyce swings open the door and embraces her daughter after missing her for all of the days she was missing. Buffy's mother never thought she would have to feel that way again (little did she know she would have to feel that "I'm glad your back, but how could you run away like that" embrace in the episode Anne, in Season 3).
    When Buffy arrives home, she is confronted about her diary. The touch of Buffy knowing that her little sister was the one who gave her secret away was great…true sibling instinct. Buffy reveals her story, but knows that neither of them could understand. Buffy felt lost in this issue; alone and secluded. Nothing could pull her out of her slump. Not even SHOES, which was Dawn's backup plan for cheeping her up. Buffy reacted defensively when Dawn acquired that her sister was gone, and was shouted at for writing such weird stuff in her diary. After Buffy's much not-needed confrontation with Dawn, she really needed some alone time.
    Walking the streets of Los Angeles at night was no big deal for a slayer, but for one that has only seen vampires, it may be a little new. An attack takes place in an alley, which Buffy happens to pass. A scream is heard, and Buffy says this unforgettable line:
    Buffy: There's a sound you don't hear everyday…unless you're me.
    This shows that Buffy is getting used to her Slayer duties, but the following fight foreshadows a lot more learning to come. She runs into a Torque demon, which she believes is a "super-vamp." She tries to stake it, but is taken back when dust doesn't appear, but blue blood does. Buffy hasn't seen everything there is to see in the world of demons. Her former watcher, Merrick, didn't have time to teach her all that she needs to know. She needed some guidance at this time in her life. She needed…
    Giles, last arc, used forbidden magicks to show that his competitor was up to no good, but his act of goodness stabbed him in the back. This arc, he is taken to the Blackshed, in Ireland. In the Blackshed, Giles is to come to terms with his faults, and prove that he is once and for all ready to become the new slayer's watcher. In the Blackshed, Giles recites an incantation and is revisited by his old alter ego, Ripper. Ripper, being the gentleman that he is, knocks Rupert Giles in the head with a club (just call it his way of saying hello). A big confrontation in approaching, and I can't wait to see how Giles handles it.
    Buffy finally defeated the Torque demon, by cutting off its head (which is what the demon told Buffy to do to kill it…idiot?). Coming home with blue blood all over you may be easy to explain to your parents (or not?), but it wouldn't be as easy to explain to a psychiatrist. Buffy was met at home by her parents and Dr. Stone. Buffy is sent to a mental institution, her last sight of the outside world being her parents, and the person her put her there…her sister, Dawn.
    Buffy's world is soon to be rocked in the next issue, in which we will see her handling life inside of the clinic. But all in all, I say that this particular issue is a buy-worthy one. Although there isn't much fighting, it is a good beginning to what I am sure will be an awesome arc. I can't wait to see the story unfold.


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