Buffy #54

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1. How many vamps does Buffy dust on the roof?


2. What book did Giles utter his reversal spell from?

Tales of Omnius Pathos
Scriptures of Amadeus
Writings of Dramius
Scrolls of Idpa

3. What cushioned Pike's fatal fall from the roof?

A gigantic carnival balloon
A carnival top
A gigantic carnival clown
A fire escape terrace

4. How does Buffy dust the casino full of vamps?

Blesses the water sprinkler system
Burns the building down
Stakes every one of them
Opens the curtains, allowing sunlight to come in

5. What artist painted the portrait of Garner Sidle?

Jeff Matsuda
Brian Horton
Cliff Richards
Wayne Newton

6. Who did Garner Sidle want to get even with?

Mary Lou Sidle
Maruc Sidle
The Manager
Never Revealed

7. How does Angel prevent his death from the holy water sprinklers?

Uses a vampire as shield
Hides in a closet
Hides under a casino table
Smashes the sun roof

8. How do the council repond to Giles for saving them?

Send him to the Coven for punishment
Send him to the Blackshed for punishment
Appoint him as Buffy's watcher
Appoint Bryerdale as watcher instead of him


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