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Juliet LandauJuliet Landau is an American actress best known for portraying Drusilla on BUFFY and spin off show ANGEL. Most recently she brought back the infamous Drusilla in a 2-part arc she co-authored in IDW's Angel. The Comic Book Guide sat down with Juliet to discuss her experience as a comic book writer and what makes Dru tick.

QUESTION: How did your collaboration with IDW Publishing come about?

They approached me and I was very excited. I wrote a script with my ideas and they loved it!.

QUESTION: How did you know it was time for Drusilla to finally return? Was this a story you had wanted to tell for some time or did Brian Lynch come to you with the project?

I came up with the idea for the two issues. I wrote it in script form. Brian Lynch and I are collaborating and co-writing it into comic book format. He is amazing!.

QUESTION: Did you or Brian need to talk with Joss Whedon to make sure that he didn't already have plans for Drusilla in Buffy Season Eight? [A series of red herrings last summer almost made fans believe that she was going to pop up as the mad woman who had lasted hundreds of years and dressed very similarly to Dru in the Buffy Season Eight/Fray crossover arc.]

I believe he is aware of everything in the Buffy/Angel universe. I have always loved working with him because he has such a clear vision of the world we were a part of. He was involved with every aspect:  creating, writing, producing, directing, down to every wardrobe, hair, make-up choice. His attention to detail is fastidious, which liberates all kinds of creativity.

Juliet Landau's DrusillaQUESTION: It's been eight years, not counting the two flashbacks at the end of Angel Season Five, since we've seen Drusilla in action. Still, fan reaction went through the roof when it was announced that she would be returning in comic form - what do you think makes her such a compelling character that fans can't get enough of after all these years?

She was a very rich, dynamic character. That was one of the reasons I enjoyed playing her so much.  She was delicate and childlike, diabolical and sensual. She was a villain but there was this incredible love story, a torrid love affair that spanned 150 years.

QUESTION: Do you have a favorite memory from your time on either show?

I loved working on both shows. It was a truly creative experience. My favorite episodes were probably SCHOOLHARD, since it was Spike and Drusilla’s first, SURPRISE because Dru got strong and REUNION because it was a blast!.

QUESTION: Is this your first foray into comics? Do you read any titles now or had you growing up?

This is my first foray into co-writing a comic. I’ve read the Buffy and Angel issues.

Juliet Landau's DrusillaQUESTION: Were you aware of Buffy and Angel's continuation in comics form before this collaboration? Have you read either?


QUESTION: Did you know that James Marsters had also co-authored a Buffy comic, a "Spike & Dru" one-shot for Dark Horse Comics some years ago?

Yes, I did.

QUESTION: What is the collaborative process with Brian like? How do you write the script together?

I wrote the initial script in final draft. Brian wrote a synopsis for issue one from that. I reworked it and then we did the same process with issue two. We send script pages back and forth. I think we are up to page 13 completed at this point.

QUESTION: Was it difficult getting back into the mindset of Drusilla, or did her characterization come naturally?

I played Dru for so long, that it was cool to tap into her again. It came sort of fluidly and ideas flooded me.

Juliet Landau's DrusillaQUESTION: At the risk of being spoiler-ific, what can we expect to see when Drusilla pops back up in Angel's life. Will any flashbacks reveal what she's been up to since Buffy Season Five's "Crush"?

I am not at liberty to say.

QUESTION: Has her feelings for Spike changed since "Crush"? Will this arc serve in any way as a resolution on the state of their relationship or is she already beyond him at this point?

I definitely can’t discuss that.

QUESTION: Does she get to do anything that could not have bee done on the television show?

It is fun, that one doesn’t have the limitations of a budget or shooting schedule.

QUESTION: What has your experience as a comic book writer been like so far? Could you see yourself writing more comics in the future?

I am loving it and would absolutely be into doing more! I pulled all of these reference images that I sent to Franco in terms of the look and feel of these two issues. It is exciting!

Juliet Landau's DrusillaQUESTION: What other projects do you have coming up?

I have been really busy. I directed a short documentary film about Gary Oldman called TAKE FLIGHT. Gary loves the film! It shows him in a way he’s never been seen. The Official website for the film is: The site has had over 400 thousand hits in a very short time!  I co-directed the Godhead, HERO music video. I appear in it with lead singer Jason Miller. We shot it on the Red camera in black and white like a 1930’s movie. The Official site for HERO is:           The site houses the video, stills, the Behind the Scenes etc. 

I voiced the GREEN LANTERN film. It was really fun! It was the same producer that I worked with on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and now on BEN 10. I am doing another episode of BEN 10 this week. The feature MATERIAL LIES is in pre-production. I also played Natasha in a reading of the THREE SISTERS that Al Pacino put together at the Actors studio. It is an amazing role!

I am in pre-production for my short film, IT'S RAINING CATS AND CATS. I have been raising the funds from selling autographed merchandise on my Official site:

I followed the same model as Amber Benson did to make her two feature films. From the advance screening of TAKE FLIGHT, we have had all these amazing people sign on for CATS. 4x Academy Award winning, Drac Studios, Todd Tucker (DRACULA, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, HANNIBAL and BENJAMIN BUTTON) is designing and doing all of the make-ups. I am co-directing and will play 7 different characters in the piece.

Visit Juliet Landau's personal website, Miss Juliet Productions, for all the latest!


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