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Season One - Three
Xander, Season Two

    Alexander Lavelle Harris, or simply Xander as his friends call him, is the wisecracking sidekick of the Scooby Gang, providing much-needed comic relief to cheer up his friends during bad times. Despite his insecurities, Xander proved to be loyal, courageous, and endowed with a high degree of emotional intelligence. He had even saved the day a few times, most notably when he revived Buffy after she drowned at the hands of the Master. When Xander decided to take karate classes so as not to get his ass handed to him by demons, he was targeted by a vampire who sought a worthy fight opponent. Buffy got involved, but it was Xander who slew the demon and saved Buffy for a change. Xander managed to prove that he was no bully's prey, when he stood up to a school bully that also attracted the attention of a demon that preyed on cruel humans. With Buffy's help, Xander managed to kill the demon before it could feed off of the bully. (BtVS: False Memories, Wu-Tang Fang, Stinger)

    Xander harbored a crush on Buffy quickly, but it was not reciprocated. He gradually began a turbulent and ambiguous relationship with Cordelia Chase, who also happened to be the most popular girl at school and the queen of mean. Though the other Scoobies couldn't quite accept Xander and Cordelia dating, they summed up the explanation to raging hormones, and allowed Cordelia to join their inner circle. Xander's relationship with Cordelia ended when she left Sunnydale after high school graduation to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. Xander also shared a brief fling with Giles' niece, Jane Giles. (BtVS: Bad Blood, Haunted, The Dust Waltz)

Four - Six
    Xander, Season FourNever much of a student, Xander decided to forgo entering UC Sunnydale along with his friends, and instead pursued a career in carpentry. As his childhood friend Willow entered college and grew away from being the 'Jane' to Xander's 'Tarzan,' Xander found a new love interest with a former vengeance demon, Anya. Xander brought Anya into the Scooby Gang, and later moved into his own apartment with Anya. (BtVS: Blood of Carthage)

    Xander's construction job nearly cost him his life when his company was contracted to build near the site of the remains of the burned down high school. A Slayer-turned-vampire that resided there kidnapped Xander, in the hopes of using him as vessel to host the astral essence of Buffy's long-dead enemy, the Master. Luckily, Buffy and the Scooby Gang prevailed, and saved Xander moments from being possessed by the Master. (BtVS: False Memories)

    When Willow began a relationship with Tara, Xander worried whether she was good enough for Willow, while Willow occupied similar thoughts about Anya's role in Xander's life. Demon manifestations of jealousy known as Avendschrook ignited the couples' emotions, causing them to flare up and attempt to kill one another. After the Avendschrook's influence was removed, the couples returned to normal and settled their differences. (BtVs: Ugly Little Monsters)

    During an apocalyptic battle, Buffy sacrificed her life to save the world. Shortly before Buffy died, Xander proposed to Anya, who gladly accepted, but his doubts about their future together caused him to leave her at the altar on their wedding day. The two have remained estranged since, but in recent times of peril the two have shown that they both still care about each other. (BtVS: Death of Buffy, Note from the Underground)

Seasons Seven
    Following the closing of the Hellmouth and the subsequent destruction of Sunnydale, Xander has lost an eye and his ex-fiancé. Taking a leave of absence from the Scoobis to mourn Anya’s death, Xander spent some time under the thrall of Dracula as his manservant. Buffy and two new Scythe-Awakened Slayers summarily rescued him. (Tales of the Vampires: Antique)

Seasons Eight
    Establishing a home in Scotland, Buffy appointed Xander the role of commander of the various Slayer cells. From command central Xander monitors and advises his Slayers through state-of-the-art technology as well as through psychics and neophyte witches. He remains in contact with Andrew Wells and Giles, and maintains a close relationship with Buffy and Dawn. (BtVS: The Long Way Home)

    Xander began a flirtatious relationship with a Slayer named Renee, who he finally asked out on a date. When the Scoobies came under attack from vampires with powers similar to Dracula, Xander reluctantly visited his old master for aid in how to defeat them, bringing Renee to keep an eye on him in case he started to fall under the thrall again. During this adventure, Buffy leads the Scoobies into a trap where Renée is violently killed by the vampire Toru, impaled on the scythe they'd been attempting to retrieve, her blood splattered across Xander's face. Heartbroken by Reneé’s death, Xander killed Toru and swore off ever again being Dracula’s manservant. (BtVS: Wolves at the Gate)


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