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Daniel "Oz" Osbourne

    Daniel Osbourne, known to most people as "Oz," was transformed into a werewolf by the bite from another such beast, his cousin Jordy. Along with the girl he loved, Willow Rosenberg, Oz spent the time since then aiding the Slayer, Buffy Summers, in her battle against the forces of darkness. He soon came to believe that his curse put all those around him in peril and decided to set out on a quest to find a way to combat the beast - the darkness - within himself.

    Oz traveled to a Tibetan monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, where he hoped that the monks there would be able to rid him of his curse. Upon arrival however, Oz discovered that all but one of the monks had been killed or kidnapped by a legion of demons. The surviving monk informed Oz that there was no cure for his lycanthropy, but taught him to create a place of peace within himself in order to embrace the beast. While helping the monk to vanquish the demon army, Oz found his center and journeyed back home with the belief that his lycanthropy was now under control.

Editor's Note: Oz was scheduled to appear one last time during the "Note From The Underground/Hellmouth to Mouth" storyline set during Buffy's sixth season, but was replaced with the character of Pike instead. (see "Pike" biography below) However, Joss Whedon recently announced that he has plans for Oz's return in Buffy Season Eight.

Hank Summers
    Hank Summers is the father of Buffy and Dawn Summers and the ex-husband of Joyce Summers. The divorce tore Buffy apart, wondering who was actually responsible for the divorce. She became convinced that her father was having an affair, but was later assured by Hank that no one was to blame. After the divorce, Hank nominally tried to maintain a relationship with Buffy, but slowly stopped playing the role of father altogether.

Dr. Primrose
    Dr. Primrose is an ex-watcher who after losing her slayer, tried to reason with the Watchers Counsel that it is not their right to aid and abet the slaughter of all those who are called Slayers under the pretext that they somehow know better. She felt that the Watchers needed to do more than just explain to their charges that with 'great power comes great responsibility.'

    Quitting the Council, Primrose became a psychiatrist and worked at a psychiatric rehabilitation institute in Los Angeles, California. When Buffy Summers was called to be the next Slayer, her parents committed her to the psychiatric ward after discovering her ‘crazed’ diary entries of slaying vampires. Primrose was charged with helping Buffy to purge herself of her ‘supernatural delusions.’

    During their sessions, Dr. Primrose helped Buffy to realize she had a choice in being the Slayer and not to automatically accept her destiny. While residing at the institution, Buffy discovered a demon disguised as a psychiatrist who was turning his patients into his slaves. Primrose assisted Buffy in killing the demon, and sent her off back home

Todd Dahl
    Todd Dahl was a classmate of Buffy's at Sunnydale High, and performed in a band called Double-Cross, which made him extremely popular with the female student body. Setting his sights on Buffy as his next conquest, he was surprised to be rejected by her, but put out a rumor that he had slept with her in order to save face. Buffy's friend Amy decided to teach Todd a lesson about spreading nasty rumors, and used her magic abilities to transmute him into a girl. When Buffy deduced that the "new girl" at Sunnydale High was Todd, she asked Amy to change him back before the prank could get out of hand. A few weeks later, Buffy saved Todd from a vampire party, where he misread her intentions as a sign of affection and became smitten with her. Showering Buffy with gifts, Todd got himself killed when he surprised her during one of her nightly slaying patrols.

Quentin Travers
    Shortly after Buffy Summers was called to be the Slayer her Watcher was killed. Quentin Travers, a senior member of the Watcher's Council, was ready to assign the job of Watcher to Rupert Giles, but after Giles showed himself to be unworthy, Quentin sent him to Ireland to the Blackshed, to see if he could rise above himself to prove his worth or die trying. Giles passed the test and was sent to Sunnydale to serve as Buffy's Watcher.

    Buffy took orders from the Council of Watchers until they fired Giles for caring about her too much. Buffy never forgave Quentin, who personally fired Giles, or the Council itself. The Council's image tarnished, Quentin tried to save face by allowing a new kind of operative that wouldn't be constrained by the Council's rules and policies. The Council of Watchers gave the operative, Alexa Landry, access to great magical power. Quentin's arrogance made him ignorant of Alexa's true purpose -- getting revenge on Buffy's one-time lover Angel, who had tortured and killed Alexa's ancestors.

    Growing concerned after not hearing back from Alexa in weeks, Quentin traveled to the States to handle the matter personally. Discovering that Alexa had gone rogue and had set her sights on Angel and his people, Quentin confronted Alexa, was attacked when she saw him as an obstacle in the way of her vengeance. Alexa was later defeated by Buffy and Angel, and sent back to London in Quentin's custody to stand before a board of inquiry.

Oliver Pike
    A mutual dislike formed between LA High School students Oliver Pike and Buffy Summers, until she saved him from a vampire attack. When an ill-prepared Buffy came face to face with Lothos for the first time, Pike helped her escape on his motorcycle as her Watcher Merrick shot himself rather than be sired by Lothos. After Merrick's death, Pike tried to convince a demoralized Buffy that it was her duty to slay Lothos. Buffy, however, claimed that she only wanted to be normal and insisted that she was going to the school dance, which was crashed by Lothos and his vampires. Pike helped Buffy defeat Lothos, which resulted in burning down the school gym with the vampires trapped inside.

    After Buffy was expelled from Hemery High for setting the fire, she and Pike patrolled the streets for vampires at night. The two visited Las Vegas in an attempt to remove a vampire nest. Although Pike became attracted to Buffy, no serious relationship had time to form. Pike left Buffy, believing that the Slayer could not afford friends or loved ones. Pike showed up in Sunnydale six years after they went their separate ways, to help Buffy defeat a fascist demon group, the Scourge. Pike helped Buffy rescue her friends and save Sunnydale, later departing once again for parts unknown.

Riley Finn
    Riley was Buffy's rebound relationship after breaking up with Angel, the vampire with a soul. During their courtship, Buffy found out that Riley lead a double life as a soldier in a secret government organization called The Initiative. Buffy and Riley fought demons together and continued saving each other's lives and the world, although Riley was never quite let into Buffy's inner circle. When a rogue operative of the Watcher's Council set her eyes on Angel and his people, Buffy set out to Los Angeles to help him, but ousted Riley from the case, feeling that his involvement would only distract her. Riley took the matter personally, and felt even further detached from Buffy's life after she declined his desire to meet her mother for dinner. Riley sensed that Buffy would never truly love him, which led to their eventual break-up.

    Three years later, Riley joined a cabal of humans, as well as demons, that seek to destroy the Slayers. He is marked with Twilight's symbol on the chest. Pretending to be Buffy's "inside man", he arranges for their rendezvous in New York City.

Jonathan Levinson
    Jonathan Levinson attended Sunnydale High School where he was often bullied, ridiculed and ignored by his more popular peers. After graduation, Jonathan cast a spell on the town of Sunnydale to make everyone believe that he was a superstar. Shortly before this alternate reality dissolved, Jonathan recruited Buffy and her friends to help him save Sunnydale from Russian vampire mobsters. Traveling through the sewers to the Hellmouth where the vampire mafia resided, ‘Team Jonathan’ slayed most of the vampires, but the remaining ones managed to flood their own operation in hope of killing their attackers.

    A consequence of Jonathan's spell made Buffy and her friends forget that they could handle their own when it came to fighting the forces of darkness. They had become conditioned to believe that they could not handle ordinary fights on their own without Jonathan's help. The augmentation spell that Jonathan had cast left the Scooby Gang to be less prepared than usual for battle, which resulted in Buffy's Watcher nearly being killed during the battle with the Russian vampires. A week after the battle, Jonathan's spell was broken, and things returned to normal.

Allen Francis Doyle
    Doyle was a seer, who received prophetic visions from The Powers That Be, usually of people in peril. His half-Brachen demon physiology granted him the ability to shift from normal human to demonic appearance (red eyes and green skin adorned with blue spikes), in which he had heightened sense of smell and superior strength.

    After getting a vision about a young woman in danger, he rushed to try and save her from a grisly fate, but was too late. He discovered the murderer to be a woman who was running a shop that sold harvested human organs to demons. Stopping the killer and burning down her shop, his visions led him to Angel, joining forces to fight evil in Los Angeles. Doyle fancied Cordelia, Angel’s ‘Gal Friday’ but their relationship never really developed. Doyle proved himself a reluctant hero, when he sacrificed himself to save his friends, but not before he passed on his visions to Cordelia, which changed the course of her life considerably.

Rebecca Stansbury
    Rebecca Stansbury was a visiting librarian at Sunnydale who had a short romance with Buffy's Watcher, Giles during his brief period of unemployment. Though Giles fancied her quite a bit, Buffy and the Scoobies felt they could not trust her, and even suspected that she have been the mastermind behind the bug invasion in Sunnydale at the time. Realizing that her relationship with Giles would only be compromised by Sunnydale's demonic activity, Rebecca left Giles and returned back home.

Sid The Dummy
    Sid was a ventriloquist's dummy that was possessed by the soul of a demon hunter. In order for his soul to properly be laid to rest he had to kill a cadre of demons. When a malevolent force created an interdimensional bleed, a Sid from an alternate reality came to Sunnydale to help Buffy and her friends seal the breach. Sid went to the Magic Box where Buffy's watcher, Giles, was researching how to seal the dimensional bleed, leaving a book in plain sight for Giles to find, which contained spell that would stop the dimensional bleed and send him along with anything else that came through back to their original dimensions. Giles found and cast the spell, successfully sending Sid back, leaving Giles and everyone else to wonder what caused the bleed to occur in the first place.

Winifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria the Old One
    Sure, he tried to kill Buffy for a whole year, but Andrew always seemed a bit out of place with the villainous Trio. Andrew was captured and rehabilitated by the Scoobies, and he found a kindred nerdy soul in Xander. He currently heads over a Slayer cell in Southern Italy. He is transferred a difficult Slayer named Simone into his care, but Simone eventually goes rogue.

    Andrew left his post in Italy to assist Buffy, Xander, Dawn and the other slayers against a shrewd cabal of Japanese vampires, instructing a giant-sized Dawn on how to destroy a mecha version of her. Andrew returns to Italy with Buffy in town to track down Simone.

    Satsu is an Asian Scythe-Activated Slayer whose abilities quickly earned the respect of her mentor, and in turn, she began to have romantic feelings about Buffy. When Amy Madison put Buffy a mystical sleep that only a kiss of true love could break, it was Satsu who secretly awakened her, proving that her feelings were far more than just a crush.

    Though sincerely flattered, Buffy initially rejected Satsu, citing that she was not gay but the pair's close friendship eventually became sexual. When Satsu asked Buffy what had happened between them and how to deal with it, Buffy claimed that she had a "wonderful night" but that things wouldn't go any further. Satsu believed she needed to stay away from Buffy and took the position of leader of the Slayer cell in Japan.

    Kennedy is A Scythe-Activated Slayer in a romantic relationship with Willow Rosenberg, having helped her move on from the death of her previous girlfriend, Tara Maclay.

    At some point, Kennedy suffered a month-long mystical death and she and Willow started taking their relationship more slowly. She confessed to Willow her concerns that Willow was keeping her away from her friends due to shame, which prompted Willow to reveal that she blamed herself for Tara's death by keeping her close to Buffy and therefore danger. Willow then states that she refuses to let that happen to Kennedy. Based in New York, Kennedy directs the Slayer cell there along with Vi.

    Connor, also known as Connor Angel, Steven Holtz and Connor Reilly, is the half-demon son of Angel and Darla. After the infant's painful estrangement from his father, he returns as an emotionally inexperienced and mentally unstable teenager who has grown up in a hell dimension and harbors resentment towards Angel. Angel makes an enormous sacrifice to rewrite Connor's memories and give him a normal life. Part of his new reality, Connor becomes Connor Reilly, the son of Laurence and Colleen Reilly.

    While working on a genealogy project for one of his college classes, Connor becomes increasingly torn between his conflicting sets of memories and what his true nature is - the average son of a normal couple or the super-powered offspring of a pair of vampires. When a series of murders of suspected criminals occurs on Connor’s campus, he suspects that he is the vigilante on account of the fact that he cannot remember his whereabouts during the time of the murders. He eventually uncovers the true culprit, and manages to defeat him without giving into his primal urges.

    Connor eventually reconciles with Angel, revealing that he knows Angel is his father and is grateful for all he has done for him, but prefers to leave it at that. Connor stays in Los Angeles after it goes to hell, providing humans and good demons sanctuary with the help of the benevolent werewolf Nina Ash and the mutant Gwen Raiden. Connor enters a romantic relationship with Gwen, which ends when he discovers Gwen has betrayed him and the team. He also actively kills multiple demons, sometimes alongside his father, the now-human Angel. Connor was mortally wounded by Gunn, but not before he tells his father that he is a good man.

Nina Ash
    Nina Ash is a young woman, who after becoming a werewolf, voluntarily came to Wolfram & Hart every month during the full moon in order to be caged. Angel realizes, with the help of Wesley, that it is time to pick up the pieces of his shattered love life and ask Nina out for coffee. This is hindered by the fact Angel has morphed into a puppet, but regardless, he overcomes his fear of dating and invites her to breakfast. Their relationship was short-lived ending right before Wolfram & Hart sent Los Angeles to hell.

    Nina currently provides humans and good demons sanctuary with the help of Connor and Gwen Raiden. In the hellish Los Angeles, the sun and the moon are out at the same time; while the sun keeps Nina from transforming, the moonlight makes her more primal in her attitude and actions.

Gwen Raiden
    Gwen Raiden was a superpowered mutant with the ability to funnel electricity. She managed to obtain an experimental device, which allowed her to touch others without killing them. When Los Angeles suddenly went to hell, her chip malfunctions and she accidentally kills the guy she’s out on a date with. Angry, she joins Angel in his battle for control of all of Los Angeles, while entering into a romantic relationship with Connor even though they cannot be physically intimate since her control device is ineffective. Gwen betrays Team Angel to their enemies when she believes they can save Los Angeles from hell, but atones by sacrificing herself against Wolfram & Hart’s dragon army.

    Krevlornswath "Lorne" of the Deathwok Clan, also known as The Host, is a peace-loving Anagogic demon. When Angel took over Wolfram & Hart, Lorne found himself the new head of their Entertainment Division, at first fitting into the job with relative ease and making various business deals in the film industry. As time went on however, his kindness was slowly replaced by a growing cynicism and self-loathing of his position of "cheerleader" for Angel and his friends.

    He finally planned to leave Los Angeles after carrying out his part in Angel's plan to destroy the Circle of the Black Thorn, to betray and murder longtime enemy-turned-ally Lindsey.

    When all of Los Angeles was banished to hell by the Senior Partners in retaliation for Angel's attack on the Black Thorn, Lorne became the Lord of Silver Lake, with the Groosalugg as his champion. He tried to make his territory a Heaven in Hell, and held a neutral status in Angel's war with the other Demon Lords. However, when Angel went up against the other Demon Lords' champions, Lorne rallied Angel's other allies to even the odds, and it was he who reformed the Angel Investigations team.

Kate Lockley
    Kate Lockley was a young, skeptical detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, whose subsequent encounters with Angel lead her to trust him as a helpful stranger, and she, in turn, assisted him, using her position on the police force to provide him with information about some of his cases.

    When she discovered that Angel was really a vampire, her black and white view of the world was shaken, and she delved into the darker side of Los Angeles. When a series of mutilations pointed her towards Angel as the culprit, Lockley made the mistake of assembling a squad to track him down in the sewers, stumbling upon the real killer, a demon with a mad-on for Angel.

   Kate returned years later on the first night Los Angeles was sent to Hell, saving Connor from a group of demons, unaware that he was Angel's son. She established an antiquities business after her departure from the LAPD, and had been using her business connections to learn more about the supernatural and the occult, as well as stocking her hideout with an arsenal of weapons, from ancient to modern. She was last seen leaving to blow up a demon army, leaving her survival uncertain.


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