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Year One

Buffy, Season One    In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. In this generation, her name is Buffy Summers.

    At the age of fifteen, Buffy started having violent dreams about women from different period of history slaying monsters. She eventually approached by Merrick, her first Watcher, who revealed her destiny as the Chosen One. As Buffy's increasingly strange behavior alienated from her peers, she befriended fellow social outcast Pike, relying on him for support after Merrick shot himself to protect her from Lothos. Despite little training, Buffy managed to defeat Lothos and his minions at her school dance, burning down the high school gym in the process, for which she was subsequently expelled. (BtVs: The Origin)

    To avoid the burden of her school expulsion and her parents' disintegrating marriage, Buffy ran away to Las Vegas with her sort-of-boyfriend, Pike, tracking a vampire nest to a casino. In Vegas, Pike broke up with her, seeing himself as a burden that would only slow her down from her duties as the Slayer. (BtVs: Viva Las Buffy)

    Returning to Los Angeles, Buffy discovered that her sister Dawn had read her diary and told their parents about the strange things Buffy had been writing about. Worried that Buffy was losing her mind, her parents sent her to a mental institution. At the rehabilitation facility, Buffy encountered a demon that was feasting on the tormented souls of the hospitalized girls. After vanquishing the demon, Buffy accepted the responsibilities and dangers of her calling as the Slayer, but realized it was futile to persuade anyone else. Keeping quiet, Buffy was eventually released from the institution after a couple of weeks. (BtVS: Slayer Interrupted)

    Coming home, Buffy was forced to deal with the repercussions of her parents' separation. Matters were made worse when her secret admirer, Angel, a vampire with a soul, tried to alleviate her emotional turmoil through means of magic. Malignancy Spirits were accidentally unleashed, exacerbating all of the palpable pain the Summers' family is going through: Deceit, which hovered over her parent's frayed marriage, Guilt, which blanketed their emotions, and Abandonment, which gutted Buffy with a growing sense of abandonment. Buffy moved with her mother and sister to Sunnydale for a new start, where a final spirit laid waiting for them: Trepidation, which creeped into their minds with a fear of the unknown. After laying all the spirits to rest, Buffy managed to settle down, putting her parents' divorce behind her. (BtVS: A Stake to the Heart)

Season One
    Enrolling at the local high school in Sunnydale, Buffy became friends with Xander and Willow, and was appointed a new Watcher, Giles. She also finally met Angel, the vampire with a soul who had been keeping tabs on her prior to Sunnydale. Learning that the town was located on a Hellmouth, Buffy and her ‘Scooby Gang’ investigated the various supernatural mysteries that occurred on there. During her first year as guardian of the Hellmouth, Buffy fought a powerful vampire, the Master, who overpowered her and left her to drown in a pool of water in, but Xander found her in time to resuscitate her. (flashback in BtVS: False Memories)

Season Two
    No longer able to deny the feelings that she had for Angel despite his vampiric nature, Buffy found forbidden love with him, which unwittingly ended the Gypsy curse placed on him a century earlier. Losing his soul to their act of passion, Angel reverted back to Angelus, the most notoriously evil vampire in history. Hating Buffy for making him feel human, Angelus became obsessed with destroying Buffy's life and killed Giles' girlfriend, Jenny Calendar. Angelus joined forces with Buffy's enemies, Spike and Dru, putting forth in motion a plan to destroy the world by resurrecting Kelgor, an ancient samurai demon. Buffy failed to stop the demon’s resurrection, lost without Giles' guidance, himself lost in grief because of Jenny's murder. Buffy was able to save the day when Giles managed to finally recover, and helped her with an enchantment spell to halt Kelgor’s apocalypse plans. (BtVS: Ring of Fire)

    Buffy's senior year in high school pit her against vampire ninjas, ice elementals, hellhounds, Hellmouth demons, a flesh-eating models, even an undead movie actor. As Buffy began to think about pursuing a career in modeling, Selke, a vampire who Buffy hoped had been killed at a mausoleum fire, returned and recruited a plastic surgeon to help facilitate her revenge. Buffy was forced to put her modeling on hold to face her old enemy, whose powers were now dangerously increased as a result of a supernatural ingredient called 'bad blood.' Buffy faced the mutated Selke on Mardi Gras, and got the upper hand, slaying Selke, whose death triggered a chain reaction that killed that killed the rest of the vampires who also digested the bad blood. (BtVS: Bad Blood)

    High school graduation saw Buffy battle the Mayor of Sunnydale, who ascended into a purebred demon, culminating in an explosion that destroyed the Mayor as well as the high school. Guilt-ridden and saddened by all the lives lost at graduation, Buffy became haunted in her dreams by Faith, a rogue Slayer that sided with the Mayor and was left in a coma by Buffy. In the nightmares, Buffy was brutally stabbed by Faith who would then leave Buffy with the enigmatic message, "You're already dead," before she woke up. Buffy realized that her nightmares were actually prophetic dreams to alert her that the Mayor’s ghost had survived and was now in possession of a seemingly invincible host that was unkillable. With help from her magically inclined friend Willow, Buffy cast a spell to evict the Mayor from the host and prevent him being able to possess anything else. (BtVS: Haunted)

Season Four
Buffy, Season Four    With High School behind her, Buffy began her freshman year at UC Sunnydale. Buffy initially experienced some difficulty adjusting to life as a college freshman along with her slayer duties, contemplating dropping out. Attempting to deal with such issues, she overly involved herself in her slaying with catastrophic results. Killing what she thinks is just another random demon in Sunnydale, Buffy learns that the demon was actually a sentinel that stood watch over a great evil called Ky-Laag that resided beneath the rocks of the Sunnydale Quarry. (BtVS: The Blood of Carthage)

    Learning of the sentinel’s death, the demon’s masters, the Blood of Carthage, were outraged with Buffy's carelessness and traveled to Sunnydale to prevent Ky-Laag's return. Buffy was forced to form an uneasy alliance with the Blood of Carthage to reforge the barrier and trap Ky-Laag again. The Blood of Carthage then departed Sunnydale, leaving Buffy in charge of watching over the Quarry. (BtVS: The Blood of Carthage)

    Deciding to give college another shot, Buffy attracted the sincere attention of Riley Finn, who also happened to be a member of the Initiative, a U.S. government task force created to research mystical and demonic creatures. As her relationship with Riley became serious, Buffy's past came back to haunt her. When monsters from L.A. begin to seek refuge in Sunnydale, Buffy learned that her past love, a new re-ensouled Angel was in danger from a covert Watcher’s Council operative with a grudge against him. With Willow's help to disable Alexa magically enabled advantage against them, Buffy and Angel defeated Alexa, handing her over to the Watcher's Council for punishment. (BtVS/Angel: Past Lives)

    During one of Sunnydale's hottest summers, the town suffered from a severe infestation of demonic insectoids. The insects were transforming men with parasitic agents that turned them into drone slaves, and planned to conquer the surface world. Buffy and the Scoobies discovered their lair and used a magical pesticide to destroy the remaining Hive drones. (BtVS: Out of the Woodwork)

Season Five
    As Buffy's mother suddenly became ill, a younger sister named Dawn mysteriously appeared in Buffy's household. Her existence was seamlessly integrated with the memories of Buffy, her friends, and her mother. Buffy eventually discovered that Dawn was not really her sister, but instead The Key, a cosmic energy that could open interdimensional portals that had been shaped by a group of monks into the form of the sister Buffy never had in order to be protected. (BtVS: False Memories)

    Upon discovering the truth, Buffy was forced to sort out the truth from the false memories implanted by the monks, while also dealing with the fall out from her recent break-up with Riley. Meanwhile, Yuki Makimura, a Vampire Slayer turned 'Slayer Vampire', journeyed to Sunnydale to resurrect her fallen Master. Yuki kidnapped Xander as the vessel for the Master's corporeal form to occupy, knowing full well that Buffy would come to save the day, and planned to slay her to please the Master. Yuki’s plans came undone when amidst the fight between the Scoobies and Yuki's Congregation, Dawn used a vapour blade to destroy the Master’s, which distracted Yuki long enough for Buffy to slay her. (BtVS: False Memories)

    Meanwhile, Yuki Makimura, a Vampire Slayer turned 'Slayer Vampire', journeyed to Sunnydale to resurrect her fallen Master. Yuki kidnapped Xander as the vessel for the Master's corporeal form to occupy, knowing full well that Buffy would come to save the day and plan to slay her in front of the Master to please him. Amidst the fight between the Scoobies and Yuki's Congregation, Dawn used a vapour blade against the Master, which destroyed his essence. (BtVS: False Memories)

    Shortly after Buffy's mother died of complications from a brain tumor, Avendschrook, demon manifestations of jealousy, were released, manipulating the emotions of Buffy's friends, Anya and Xander and Willow and Tara to attack one another. Meanwhile, Buffy was repulsed to discover that her sometime vampire ally Spike had developed an obsession with her. Despite Buffy's spurning of his advances, Spike continued to pester her and helped lock the Avendschrook up, as he was immune to their powers since he lacked both soul and compassion. (BtVS: Ugly Monsters)

    During an apocalyptic battle, Buffy sacrificed her life close an interdimensional bleed that threatened the lives of her sister and the world. (BtVS: Death of Buffy)

Season Six
    Buffy was resurrected by her friends, who worried that she may have been in hell due to the mystical circumstances of her death. Buffy's transition back to her life was difficult; she experienced an overwhelming sense of loss after being ripped from heaven, as well as the added everyday responsibilities of raising Dawn and paying bills. She attempted to keep her problems secret from her friends, not wanting them to share in her grief, and confided only to Spike that she had in fact been at peace while dead, beginning a violent sexual relationship with him. Buffy's emotions clouded her ability to stop a lone vampire, requiring help from Spike to stop the demon before any real damage could be done. Buffy finally ended her self-destructive behavior in order to be there for her sister. (BtVS: Creatures of Habit, Withdrawal)

    When a group of demon fascists took over Sunnydale, Buffy and the Sunnydale's residents became their prisoners. Using the abandoned laboratories of the Initiative to harvest souls to be sold on the black market, the demons were stopped by Buffy with help from Pike and Angel. (BtVS: Note From the Underground)

Season Seven
    During an apocalyptic battle, Buffy succeeded in closing the Hellmouth, while having Willow use her powers to activate every potential Slayer in the world. Following the destruction of Sunnydale, the Scooby Gang scattered around the world to locate and train newly-activated Slayers. When Xander fell under the thrall of Dracula and went to live with him as his manservant, Buffy was forced to break into the vampire's castle and convince Dracula to let Xander go. (Tales of the Vampires: Antique)

Season Eight
Buffy, Season Eight
    Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and a passel of Slayers relocated to a Scottish castle. Now the leader of a global organization which recruits and trains Slayers to deal with demonic threats worldwide, Buffy and her organization became viewed as terrorist cells by the American military in the wake of Sunnydale’s destruction. To combat the threats that have followed Buffy's new visibility, two other Slayers were scattered around the globe, serving as her decoys. (BtVS: The Long Way Home)

    Failing to experience the feelings of connection that the other Slayers did, Buffy began to employ ruthlessly aggressive tactics against the Slayers' enemies, demon and human alike. Feeling lonely, Buffy shared a one-night-stand with one of her Slayers, but the other Slayer leaves the squad when she realizes Buffy is incapable of returning her feelings. (BtVS: Wolves at the Gate)

    On a mission to New York, Buffy was transported several centuries into the future, where she discovered that the thousands of Slayers had been reduced to one individual, Melaka Fray. Fray and a future version of Willow tried to prevent her from returning home, prompting Buffy to kill future Willow just as present Willow brought her back to her own time. (BtVS: Time of Your Life)


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