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Collecting Harley Quinn

Welcome to 'Collecting Harley Quinn', dedicated to Paul Dini & Bruce Timm's creation: Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is not the story of an honorable woman and her quest for justice. Instead, it's a love story gone horribly, horribly wrong. Harley Quinn is the Joker's lovable, but dangerous moll, and she'll do anything for her puddin to get his way. But when she declares her independence from "Mister J." she will embark on a fun but dangerous journey. This site is 100% Harley, and has everything about her, starting from her debut during No Man's Land all the way to her her recent return as a member of the Secret Six! If you have any comments, suggestions, or contributions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

Harley Quinn


Red Point Real Name: Doctor Harleen Quinzel
Red Point Known Relatives: None Known
Red Point Occupation: Psychiatrist at River View Mental Health Facility, formerly the Joker's moll
Red Point Base of Operations: Gotham City
Red Point Alias: Doctor Jessica Seaborn
Red Point Education: Master's degree in Psychoanalysis, two years of medical school
Red Point Schools Attended: Gotham City High School, Gotham University
Red Point Martial Status: Single
Red Point Mental State: Denial
Red Point Height: 5' 7"
Red Point Weight: 115 lbs.
Red Point Eyes: Blue
Red Point Hair: Blonde
Red Point First Appearance: Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (October 1999)
Red Point Group Affiliation: Justice League of Anarchy, Quintetts, Secret Six
Red Point Current Status: Active

Harley's History


The love of a bad man made Dr. Harleen Quinzel what she is today: CERTIFIABLE. While researching Arkham Asylum's lunatic fringe, the ill-fated psychiatric intern met the model murderer, the Joker, and fell head over heels. When the authorities discovered that Harleen aided the Clown Prince of Crime's all-too frequent escapes, her medical license was revoked...and Harleen was given her own padded cell from which to pine over her "Puddin'." Freed from Arkham after Gotham City's cataclysmic earthquake, Harleen made herself over in greasepaint and tassles. As Harley Quinn, she was the perfect partner-in-crime--a curvy jester who delighted in mayhem as much as the Joker. However, the Ace of Knaves quickly tired of Harley's affections and gleefully shot her off in a rocket. Crash-landing outside of Robinson Park, Harley was nursed back to health by Poison Ivy, who administered an herbal concoction which significantly enhanced Harley's strength and agility, while making her immune to most toxins. Recently reconciled with her "Mr. J," Harley hopes to lead him to the altar...if the Joker doesn't kill her first.

Allies & Enemies


Listed below are the profiles of Harley Quinn and her allies and enemies during the Andy Lieberman and Mike Huddleston run on the Harley Quinn monthly title, which ran from issues #26-38.


Framed for killing a Gotham City undercover cop named James Seaborn, HARLEY QUINN found herself on the run from a psycho detective known only as Bishop, Seaborn's former partner, who won't rest until Harley's six feet under. Starting a new day job, as psychiatrist DR. JESSICA SEABORN (who's no relation to James, the name is her idea of a cruel joke), Harley is forced to deal with obsessed lunatics, while also trying to avoid an assortment of soldiers-for-hire and deal with the Joker, all while relentlessly tracking the fiend who framed her.



When DETECTIVE SEABORN was killed, his partner BISHOP believed that Harley was the killer. Though she had been framed, Bishop refuses to believe her, and will hunt her until she's dead. Funnily enough, due to GCPD department regulations that require Bishop to attend psychiatric counseling, Bishop spills his guts to Harley's alter ego, not realizing that the two are one and the same. Falling head over heels for her, Bishop has asked Harley on a date, a plotline left unresolved by the series' cancellation.


Holding Harley responsible for the death of his father, OWEN DANE swore to uphold revenge. Framing her for the murder of undercover cop James Seaborn, Owen then hired one of Harley's patient, DARRYL to kill her. When Harley figured out that Darryl was involved in the attempt to kill her, Owen killed Darryl before she could find out who he was. He later revealed his identity to Harley and attempted to kill her by drowning her in a bathtub, but was taken down with two bullets by Seaborn's partner, Bishop. Dane is currently incarcerated in Arkham Asylum.



THE JOKER'S lapdog for years, Harley finally called it quits, declaring herself an independent woman. The Joker though, wasn't through with her. Needing to acquire discs from Nova tech that were worth millions, Joker hired HARRY THE MOLE to give Harley the Nova Tech gig, knowing she'd never take the job if it was offered from him. Unfortunately, an undercover cop was also at the scene and murdered there, framing Harley for the crime. Harley got back at the Joker, nearly killing him by leaving him dangling above an open elevator shaft.



DOC used to be a surgeon and a drug addict, until he lost his medical license and now runs an illegal gambling den in Chinatown. Framed for a murder she didn't commit, Harley turned to Doc sanctuary, using his den as a safe haven from the cops, while confiding in him. THE TAILOR is an associate of Doc's, whose job is fixing and improving the costumes of Gotham's freaks. Though he betrayed her to the cops for money during her hunt, the Tailor customized her costume to be coated with kevlar, making her bulletproof theoretically.




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