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Collecting Harley Quinn

In 2002, a live-action television series called Birds of Prey, loosely based on the comic of the same name, included Harley Quinn as a psychotic psychiatrist and main villain. The character was portrayed by actress Mia Sara, who replaced Sherilyn Fenn (originator of the role in an unaired pilot episode). The show aired only 13 episodes. In this show, Harley is portrayed as a far more calculating and sinister character than her bubbly comic and cartoon personas. She also does not wear a costume, although she does wear an outfit that is reminiscent of her cartoon costume in the series finale, "Devil's Eyes".

Birds of Prey


Red Point Real Name: Doctor Harleen Quinzel
Red Point Known Relativs: None Known
Red Point Occupation: Psychiatrist
Red Point Base of Operations: New Gotham
Red Point Education: Master's degree in Psychoanalysis
Red Point Schools Attended: Gotham City High School, Gotham University
Red Point Martial Status: Devoted to the Joker
Red Point Mental State: Denial
Red Point Meta: Hypnosis
Red Point Height: 5' 4"
Red Point Eyes: Brown
Red Point Hair: Dyed Blonde
Red Point Birthday: August, 29th
Red Point First Appearance (Episode): Birds of Prey: "Pilot" (October 9, 2002)
Red Point Current Status: Incarcerated (Birds of Prey: "Devil's Eyes")

Birds of Prey History


Unlike her comic book counterpart, very little is known about femme fatale Doctor Harleen Quinzel. Picking up where her the Joker left off, Harleen used her day job as a therapist to achieve her savage purpose - to take control of the city of New Gotham. Quinzel carried out her sinister agenda from afar, manipulating others into doing her dirty work for her.

In the midst of her plans, Quinzel met regularly with Helena Kyle, secretly the vigilante Huntress, who was under court mandate to see Quinzel for anger management issues. Quinzel discovered Helena's secret, when Helenda blew her cover to save hostages from the Gotham gangster Clayface and his goons. Feeling that she could trust Quinzel with her secrets, Helena let her guard down and told Harleen everything about her secret identity, including information about her crime-fighting partners, the Birds of Prey.

After Harleen Quinzel gained metahuman hypnotic abilities, she set a plan in motion to take over New Gotham and destroy the Birds of Prey. With Helena in her thrall, she managed to infiltrate the clocktower and from there broadcast her hypnotic commands all over the city, creating chaos. Only Barbara remained unaffected, and was able to create a device to reverse the effects of Quinzel's hypnotism to rescue Helena and put a stop to Quinzel's madness before New Gotham tore itself apart. Barbara fashioned reflective contact lenses to block her hypnotic gaze, and a reversal to Quinzel's insanity broadcast. Though Quinzel is defeated her ultimate fate is left unrevealed. Presumably she would have been imprisoned, quite possibly in Arkham Asylum.

Allies & Enemies



THE HUNTRESS: The daughter of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Helena Kyle is a metahuman, and possesses cat-like abilities inherited from her mother: enhanced agility, strength, healing and a sixth sense for danger, as well as the ability to shift her eyes to a feline form. This change is usually triggered by strong emotion, but can also be used to grant Helena enhanced night vision. She was raised by her mother, without ever knowing who her father was until the night Selina was murdered as an act of revenge by the Joker. After this she was taken in by Barbara, who raised and trained her to become New Gotham's resident vigilante.


ORACLE: Once Batman's protegé, Batgirl, Barbara was caught in the crossfire in the war between Batman and teh Joker. Now she fights a crime a different way as Oracle, master of the cyber realm and trainer to heroes. Taking in Helena Kyle as a child after her mother was murdered, Barbara trained Helena to become New Gotham's protector. Quinzel discovered Barbara's dual identity, after manipulating Helena into revealing all her secrets. Occupying Barbara's base of operations, the Gotham Clocktower, Quinzel killed Barbara's boyfriend, Wade Brixton. In battle, Barabra managed to overpower Quinzel and attempted to exact revenge by killing her, but was brought back to her senses by Helena.


THE JOKER: The Joker cameod in an episode of Birds of Prey in which Batgirl is caught in the crossfire between Batman and himself. In the series, the Joker not only paralyzes Barbara, but hires a thug (who later turns out to be Clayface) to kill Selena Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. His attacks caused the Batman to leave Gotham, feeling helpless to save the ones he loved. Joker is said in another episode to be locked up in a prison far from New Gotham, however his old partner Harley Quinn intends to take over the city and avenge him.


THE SCARECROW: Larry Ketterly was one-fourth the owner of Phoenix Industries, a company set up to cover the purchases of vast real estate. Hired by Harleen Quinzel to purchase land once used by the Joker, Ketterly used his metahuman powers to tap into the fears of one's subconscious to assassinate his partners which would allow him to assume full ownership of the real estate. Attracting the attention of the Huntress, Ketterly delved into her mind to use her fear of not being able to save people against her. Ketterly nearly succeeded,but was overpowered by Huntress and left in an incapacitated state. Ketterly now resides in a cell in Arkham Asylum.


SLICK: Slick, a metahuman assassin who can turn himself into water, was sent by Dr. Quinzel to murder Jesse Reese and the other honest cops of New Gotham that proved a threat to her taking over New Gotham. Slick attempted to highjack a truck full of weapons, but was stopped by Reese and the Huntress. Slick was seemingly killed hin his liquid form when Huntress used a fire extinguisher on him, which caused him to dissipate into the air.


GUY: A genetically engineered metahuman baby masterminded by Harleen Quinzel, Guy escaped and was taken in by the Birds of Prey. The baby aged at an accelerated rate due to a neuromesh embedded in his brain that accelerated his pituitary (aging) gland. The Birds raced to find a cure before the child reached old age and dies, but to complicate matters, the neuromesh also provided the child with built-in programming to be a killer assassin, and gradually became overwhelmed by the urge to fulfill his directive. Guy managed to overode his "assassin" program before he died due to his taking a liking in Huntress.

Animal Gang

ANIMAL GANG : A motorcycle gang of thieves led by Colin (pictured left), they wore animal masks to conceal their hidden identities while pulling off various heists for their boss, Dr. Quinzel. The Huntress went undercover at the request of Detective Reese to bring down the gang. Once joining their ranks, the Huntress quickly discovered that the gang was part of a larger infrastructure. Helena decided to go after the gang's big boss until her cover was blown, putting herself and Reese in grave danger.


THE CRAWLER: The Crawler was a psychotic serial killer who abducted young women and killed them. After he killed The Crawler, Darkstrike developed a split identity, operating as both himself and the villain he had murdered, physically changing to match the personality in control. When his crimes brought him to New Gotham, the Birds of Prey deduced that the Crawler and Darkstrike were the same, and brought him to Arkham Asylum for mental treatment. Knowing Quinzel led a dual life herself, the Crawler struck a deal with her to let him go in exchange for information on the Huntress.

Wade Brixton

WADE BRIXTON: Wade was a guidance counsellor at New Gotham High, where he met and courted Barbara Gordon and subsequently began a relationship with her. Their relationship was put through many hurdles because Wade did not know of Barbara's dual identity until her butler Alfred felt it was appropriate for him to know and exposing her secret to him. Their romane was short-lived as Wade was killed by Quinzel when she took over the clocktower.






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